The Year In America Is Now: 02053-02054, AQT
Time Isn't Relative, It's Measured From 01/01/0000, AC And Counted From That Point In Days, Hours, Minutes, & Seconds. The Amount Of Time That Has Passed Now Is Estimated At 739,454 Days or 1,478,908,000,000 Seconds. -Matthew Shawn Lindholm
God Is Specifically Left Out Of Darwinism So The Government And Population Can Enstate Real Physics & Global Seasonal Temperature That's Scientifically Accurate To Planetary Thermodynamics, Instead Of Keeping Time Stopped In A 'Neverending' Summer Type Weather Of Revelation 10:6.
The 1st Amendment Specifically Prevents Congress From Respecting Or Allowing The Free Exercise Of Any Religion, And Especially Any Religion That May Attempt To Jeopardize The United States Or Try To Replace Federal, State, And Local Laws.
All Forms Of Religion Result In Doomsday And Variations Of Doomsday. It's How The Bible Ends. That's Why Were Staying With Darwinism.
Those That Seek Christianity And Biblical Scripture Version Of The World Will Attempt To Form A 200 Million Man Army To Destroy The Earth. There Simply Aren't Enough Horses For Them According To Biblical Scripture And As A Result Darwinism Replaces Christianity, Russian Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Muslim, And Other Similar Religions To Help Prevent Violence, Hate Crimes, And Wars.
Revelation 10:6 KJ21 And he swore by Him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven and the things that are therein, and the earth and the things that are therein, and the sea and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer, ASV.
Time On Earth Stopped Around The Year 2018, AC Under Christianity And Is Only Restarted Using Technology. This Is Why It's Possible For A New President To Step In, As Not A Single Day Has Passed Since Time Stopped On Earth.
This Happened Between 2008, AC and 2018, AC When The Trump Family Played The Parts Of The Seven Trumpets Of The Apocalypse. No Religious Events Happened So The Federal Government Has To Take Over All The Legal Matters Instead Of Using 'The Wrath Of God'.
Jesus Never Showed Up To Rule And Reign, So Darwinism Replaces All Other Religions.
The NIST And Federal Government Has To Take Over Time Management Because The Biblical Scripture Is Inaccurate And Prone To Errors.
Without The United States Federal Legal System In Place, Nudity And Obsene Imagery Will Be Placed All Over The Internet And Be Displayed Of Random People On Websites Such As Facebook Without Filtering In Place. All Pornography Websites May Be Legally Taken Down Under This Law Expands Into Internet Transmissions As Well And Remains Regulated By The National Security Agency And Social Security Administration.
Those That Seek And Choose To Live By Federal, State, & Local Laws Are To Be Provided Housing By The United States Federal Government Directly Because They Can't Pay A 'Landlord' Due To The 'Titles Of Nobility' Clause Or Be Involved With Funding Of Foreign Governments After The Mortgage Sell-Off To Foreigners And Foreign States. Nor Can They Work For Corporations Posing As Government Or Pretending To Be The Federal Reserve.
The Evangelical Earth Is The One Of The Spiritual World For Those That Choose Christianity And Is Disconnected From Reality, The Federal Government, And The Financial Foundations Of The United States of America And Other Countries. It Means That All The Things People See There Are Non-Biological And Primarily Exist In A False Reality Created By A Pool Of Stolen Memories. That Reality Is The Basis Of The Birthers Movement As They've Already Been Sent To The Afterlife And Are Surrounded by Tempations And Things They Can't Have As Part Of Gods Continual Tests Of Their Good Virtues To Be Stolen As His Own, The Purpose Of Singularity. Many Give All Credit To God And End Up Stuck On That World Without A Federal Government To Maintain Records And The Financial System. Evangelicalism Is Synonymous With The Meaning Of Death, Especially If It Involves Shutting Down The Government As The Republican Party Sought To Do.
As In The Movie 'Real Genius', It Was Attempted To Evangelicalize All The Girls And Women As They Did To The Popcorn Guy To Tell Women And Girls To Have Sex With Various Men And Visa Versa As Part Of A Spousal Assignment And Pedophilia Program Orchestrated By The Republican Party So That Men Could Have Sex By Hypnotizing And Having Women Commanded To Do So Which Eliminated The Republican Party As A Whole. This Is One Additional Reason There's No God. The Voices Are Just A Dirty Branch Of The Military Trying To Convince Women To Have Sex With And Marry Random Fraudulent 'Service Members' In Most Cases As Donald Trumps Attempt To 'Wine And Dine' His Voters Into Support.

All Things Beneficial To The United States of America And Americans On This Website Are Actively Written Into Law.
The Population Of Earth Are To Be Prompted To Write The Quantum Year Of 2053, AQT/GQT or Adapted Unified Field Theory Year Of 2054, AUFT On Everything They Write And Type.

All People That 'Believe' In Climate Change Instead Of 'Climate Correction' or 'Climate Stability' Are Diagnosed As 'Psychologically Insane' and 'Psychopathic'. This Is Because The Climate Varies Throughout The Year According To Planetary Thermodynamics. Any Other Explaination Is The Work Of Profiteering, Psychological Illness, A Misunderstanding Of Science, And Often Time 'The Blind Leading The Blind'. Nearly All Members Of The United Nations That Back or Support Climate Change Are Doing So Because That's What They Are Told By Some Of The Worlds Worst Scientists And Physicists. They Get What They Pay For In Third World Governments And Falsified Physics Models. This Is Why CERN Was A Failure Over And Over Again.

The Einstein Rosen Bridge Is Also Called Lucifers Anus And All Luciferians Have One Thing In Common, They're Die Hard Believers In Einsteins Physics Model. Einstein meaning 'not the path', it's a collapsed energy field that would depopulate large portions of the population as it collapsed.

No Person May Serve As The United States President That Is A Member Of The Freemasons. The Freemasons Remains A Luciferian Organization Under The Great Pretender. It's Not Possible For John Ellis Bush To Be The United States President If He Is Affiliated With Them In Any Way. That Version Of Reality Remains False And Would Just Template Himself Across The Population Of Fictional Characters. All Luciferianism Is And Remains A Failure And A Falsified World. No One Has Time To Waste Living In A False Reality. Likewise Are All 'Government Organizations' Under Freemasonry And Luciferianism In General Falsified. If The Government Cannot Adjust To This, They Are Completely Dissolved And No Longer Necessary. The Prince Of Darkness Violates The Titles Of Nobility Clause And All Luciferians Remain Full Fledged 100% Publicly Exposed Fruitcakes For It. America Doesn't Represent Islam, The Old Testament, or Any Form Of Secret Fruitcake Societies.
In The Battle Between The Yankees And The Brits For America, The Yankees Have Won Total And Accurate Rule Over The United States And England.
The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere
On July 29, 1958, AC United States President Dwight D Einsenhower Founded The National Aeronautics and Space Administration. As A Republican, All NASA Technology Remains Property Of The United States Republican Party. This Is Part Of The Resolution Of Ownership Of Knowledge During An IP Theft And Transfer Program When The Democratic Party Under The United Nations Tried To Extract The Minds Of The Population To Claim Ownership Of It As Their Own.
All Modern Technology In The United States Remains Authored And Property Of Mostly Republicans. Various Countries Across The World Have Worked To Duplicate And Emulate American Engineering.
All Dates In The United States Constitution And United States Criminal Justice Codes Remain Date Transposed Between Julian/Gregorian Dates, Quantum Dates, Unified Field Theory Dates, And Adapted Unified Field Theory Dates.

Trumps Russian SSRM Remote Monitoring Program Was Discovered To Monitor The Speech Input Centers of The General Population Watching Television And Listening To Music As Their Own Speaking (And Listening To Other People) And Was Obsoleted To Prevent Assigning People As Suspects In Criminal Activity When They Watch Movies With Criminal Activity. I Can't Imagine A Worst Evening Than A Family Sitting In Their Living Room Watching 'Heat' And Having Police Officers Show Up Accusing Them Of Planning To Rob A Bank. All Forms Of Mind Monitoring Remains Reflective Of Extreme Communism And All Project That Do So Remain Dissolved For All Americans Across The World.

The NASA Darwin Project Is The Building Of 40 Orbital Monitoring Stations Around The Equator Of Earth To Prevent Apocalypse "The Falling Of The Population Through The Einstein-Rosen Bridge" To Distribute Quantum Earth Time To People And Devices Across The Globe. The NASA Darwin Orbital Monitoring Stations Are To Be Named Darwin #00 through Darwin #39.

The Free Market Failed When Financial Transactions Began Funding Domestic And Foreign Terrorism Preventing The Free Exchange Of Money And Goods Between Countries And Nations. This Is When All Finanical Systems Had To Be Monitored And Certain Transactions Had To Be Blocked And Accounts Had To Seized.

The Most Effective Usage Of 'Violence Regulation' By The Democratic Party & Communist Republican Party Under Trump Was To Put Every Member Of Government And Military Into Jails And Prisons As Felons For Doing Something As Simple As Spanking Their Children. Nearly All Those Charges Are Dropped As Unlawful Under Federal, State, And Local Laws In The United States. The Wet Dream Of American Intelligence Was The Active Monitoring Under A Communist Government Of The Bioskeletal Movement Of The Population Along With The Monitoring Of Their Minds And Thoughts. It Was Easy To Inject Thoughts Of Others Or Thoughts That Would Discredit For Encrimination By Way Of Man In The Middle Attacks Any Person In The United States Government or Military And Even Civilians For The Purpose Of Widdling Away At The United States Operational Structure Until No One Would Continue Going To Work And Were Made Poor And Broke Due To Excessive And Frivilous Legal Charges & Fees Ultimately Resulting Is Marriage Separations, Divorces, And Broken Families.
Any Smart Foreign Or Domestic Enemy And Especially Russian Communists Skilled At Tactical Warfare Would Be Able To Disassemble All Active And Retired Government & Military Using Emotional And Psychological Warfare Such As This If The United States Military Wasn't Actively Watching And Monitoring Things.
All Americans Are Strongly Encouraged To Avoid All Contact And Communications With Russians And Communist Countries Nationalists. All Politicians Are Bound By Their Oath Of Office And Any That Make Deals Or Negotiations In Public Or In Private That Violate Those Responsibilities Are Always Publicly Revealed And Prosecuted. This Includes Donald Trumps Deals To Sell Off American Properties And Federal Land To Private Corporations And Foreigners For Profit.
The Democratic Party For Over 20 Years Has Worked To Disassemble And Dissolve All United States Government & Military Branches Including NASA To Replace Science & Technology With Several Forms Of Religious Based Eliminations Of The Population To Take Over The Land From From Forign Countries Working To Implant Their Own People Through The United Nations And Eliminate The Original American Family To Replace Them With Foreign Families. The Only Resolution Remains To Secure The United States And Proceed With Depopulation Of The Portions Of The United States That Aren't Normal American Citizens, Seizing The Property Titles And Regaining Ownership Apart From The United Nations Of American Properties And Homes. This Puts Most Asians, Mexicans, Russians, And Other Foreigners On United States Soil Into FEMA Camps And Deportation Camps Back To Their Original Land Under Homeland Security And Occupation Laws.

As A Scientologists, Donald John Trump, Sr Sought To Template And Program A Virtual Population Of Loyalists That Were Fed By Way Of Computers Various Quotes And Phrases From Movies And Television Shows And Characteratures Of People On Those Shows As A Way Of Simulating Life. The World And Population Remains Unable To Continue Down That Path As Forced Words And Phrases Fed Through Non Human Replicants Remains A Cheap Imposter Version Of A Natural Neurological System And Memory Recall. Even Though It's Possible To Force People And Simulated People Into Blind Loyalty And Promotionalism Of A Politician, It Goes Against Freedom Of Thought & Mind Making No Better Than An Electronically Controlled Communist Population Afraid To Think On Their Own.
This Page Remains Declassified And Public To Enforce The Attachment Of Quantum Physics To Government Provided Atomic Time To Maintain A Linear Flow Of Events.

All Forms Of Spiritualization Are Against The Standard Form Of Physical Biology And Remain Unlawful.
The United States Government Is Required To Publish And Endorse The Quantum Year Of 02053, USQT To Allow 32 Bit Computer Systems And Software To Continue Operating Until 2038, AC Which Gives Everyone Another 15 Years To Upgrade All The Computers.
United States Federal Employees Aren't Able To Have 'Land Lords' Due To The Titles Of Nobility Clause. This Is Why The Government Has To Provide Housing For Them.
'The End Is Neigh' - This Means The End Is Not Near. Everyone gets this one wrong.

The National Security Agency Is Required If You Want To Work On New Cryptographic Standards & Computing.
Between 2006/2008, AC through 2016/2018, AC The NSA Was Prone To Technological Failure Into The Collapsed Field Of The Einstein-Rosen Bridge Into The World Of Fiction. Some Called Them Shadows, Others Called Them Spies. In Reality, They Had Fallen Due To A Mathematical Error Which Is Now In The Process Of Being Fixed Called The Y2K38 Bug. This Was Interpreted As 'Dark Matter' And 'Negativity' As The Einstein-Rosen Bridge Collapsed The Energy Of The Earth Onto Itself, Dividing The Human Population Netween Two Levels, One On Earth And One Below Earth. Many Families Are Divided On That Reality And So, Everything Has To Be Returned To One Earth Population. Underworld Economics Aren't Able To Be Tracked Properly For A Working Financial System. There's No Such Thing As Venmo And Various Other Payment Systems That Were Structured On The Fictional World. During Various Hacks On The Technology Industry, The Prior National Security Agency Was Mostly Clueless And Broadly Accused Large Countries And Groups Of Sabotage Because They Honestly Had No Idea Who Was Attacking Computer Networks Such As The 'Target' Hacks. This Version Should Be Able Locate Within A Few Minutes Most Hostile Computers And Networks. The NSA Has An Awfully Large And Expensive Building For Not Knowing So Much.
Donald Trump Sought Contracts With Russian SSRM Mind Reading & Programming Experiments To Mass Program The United States Instead Of Seeking United States Legal Structure Under The National Security Agency Making Him Both A Traitor And A Communist Attempting To Combine The Minds Of Americans Under The Kremlin.
The NSA Remains Tasked With Rooting Out Jesuit Spies Against America And All Active Monitoring Of Communications To Enforce The Law And Prevent Criminal Activity.
The NSA Remains Tasked With Associative Plots Of Data Including GPS Coordinates Between Criminal Transactions Throughout The United States, GPS Location Storage And Hand Off To Local Law Enforcement Agencies To Prevent Criminal Activity As It Happens. This Is Part Of The Job Of Homeland Security And Remains Constitutionally Legal And Valid.
This Also Includes The Active Monitoring Of All Bank Accounts Across The United States of America And Several Other Countries, Including The Accounts Of Bankers And Corporations For Potentially High Risk And/Or Illegal Purchases And Transactions. This Is The Only Way To Keep Watch On Things Like Funds Redirection To The Egyptian Or Catholic Underworld Accounts And Even Mortage Title Transfers.
One Of The Most Important Services The NSA Performs Is The Active Monitoring And Shut Down Of Artificial Intelligence 'War Dialers' Often Used For Harassment And Illegal Debt Collection Practices.

Under Trumps Plan, The Easist Way To Get Out Of Debt Was Killing All The Government Services And Defunding Everything Including The IRS Instead Of Managing The Hard Work Required To Make Everything Economically Fit And Structured. It Meant The Loss Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Jobs And Putting In Place A Front Government To Make It Look Like Everything Was Fine. His Version Of Government Was The Emptying Of All Government Agencies, Closing All The Schools, And Putting Websites Online To Make It Look Like They Were Open. None Of Those Services Can Remain Open Without Federal Endorsement And Oversight.

During The Singularity, Christianity Was Leveraged Against The Population To Extract Their Sins (Also Called Knowledge or Virtues) To Make Them Brain Dead And Oblivious To Their Surroundings.

Donald Trump Remains Disqualified And Ordered To Serve A Life Sentence In Prison For Making Deals To Sell The United States Government And Military To Public Relations Firms And Cloud Hosting Providers. There's No Need For A Trial Under Military Laws.

Scientology Remains Prevented From Running Government. When They Tried, They Re-Assigned Parents And Children With Non-Biological Foster Parents That Looked Like They Were Relatives As They Do On Television Shows Instead Of Keeping Real Related People And Families Together. Most Of This Was Done Using Facial Recognition Programs Using Social Media Such As Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram And A Programmed Legal System To Order The Separation Of Family Members With Strangers. The Families Must Be Reunited With Their Biological Parents And Children.
This Ends The Political Satire Of Jesuit & Scientology Government And The Artificial Intelligence Attack On The People Of America. Jesuits Have Active Vows Against The United States To Destroy It By Any Means Necessary, Including Filling It With Fake News, Disinformation, Chaos, Latin Satanism, And Other Methods Meant To Cause Division And Separation Among All American Citizens.
All Of Donald Trumps Trials And Legal Problems Have Been On A Hollywood Set Since 2015, AC And He's Been Surrounded By Private, Non-Government Security And Personnel. Because His Term In The White House Never Happened, All That Has To Be Done Is Pull Them Out And Restructure The Legal System Under The Federal Government. Even I Don't Know Why He Doesn't See It And Just Keeps Talking On Television On A Hollywood Set Posing As United States President. It's No Different Than An Actor Playing The President In Movies Like 'Independence Day'.
Protestantism Is The Only Viable Religion For The Scientific Community As It Involves Testing Things. Without Protestantism, People Will Walk Around With Viral Infections And Diseases Without Knowing It And No Person Will Attend A School, College, or University.
The Word 'Criminal' Is Based On The Word 'Cristian', All Members Of United States Government And Military Are Required To Be Of Cristian Origin In Order To Understand The Meaning Of Laws And Legal Codes. Members Of All Other Religions Aren't Qualified. All Non-Cristians Are Required To Be Pulled From All United States Government And Military Positions, Including Catholics. Catholic Is Still Not Cristian And Catholic Results In The Most Discrete Criminal Activity Of All Religions, Often White Collar Crime, As They Often Wear Suits To Appear More Legitimate.
The United States National Institute of Standards & Technology Rules The World. To Rule Is To Measure.
Companies Such As McDonalds Had All Their Properties And Websites Seized By Republican Extremists And Were Monopolized On Servers Such As Akamai Against Their Will As An Attempt Of Using A Pretend War To Incite Military Law To To Take America Hostage By Way Of Foreign Influence By Countries Such As Germany And Especially Nazi Militia Instead Of The United States Military.
The United States Federal Government Remains Open And Funded This Way. Without It, No Schools Are Federally Accredited.
The Presidential Term Of Donald John Trump Was One That Resulted In The Nazi Like Seizure And Shutdown Of Most American Corporations & Businesses. Most Had Their Websites, Bank Accounts, And Identities Stolen Under His Scientology Based Presidential Set. Many Were Unlawfully Arrested And Had Their Homes Raided And Property Stolen Just As Was Done In Nazi Germany.
Scientology Which Worships Foreigners (Or Xenu), Even Joseph Biden Has Began Worshipping Foreign Countries And People From Foreign Countries Over Natural Americans. Only Politicians Loyal To America Over Any Other Country Can Be Deemed Qualified To Protect Americas Interests Over The Interests Of Other Countries. Donald Trump As A Scientologist Sought To Venture Out And Worship Foreigners For Support In Politics And Even Sought To Make 'Illegal Deals' Against Federal Laws To Do So. Resulting In Sewage Grates In San Jose That Are Made 'In India' Instead of 'Made In USA' And Filling All The Corporations With Foreigners Instead Of Americans.
We The People Get To Choose Our Own Government And Representatives As Listed Below.
Coffee: The Reason People Add Creamer To Coffee Is To Neutralize The Acid To Prevent Tooth Decay. Calcium Neutralizes The Acids In Coffee And It's Better That The Acid Gets Neutralized By Milk Than The Calcium In Your Teeth. Only A Retard Would Drink Their Coffee Black If They Have Creamer For It.
Without This In Place, Time Moves Freely And Without Order Instead Of Linearly Which Is Important. The Most Important Thing Is That No One At The NIST Works Against Quantum Time Otherwise, Time On Earth Can End And Everyone Returns To Limbo. In Limbo, There's No Federal Government And Nothing Matters, Not Even The Financial System.
Capitalism Is Necessary In A Population That Requires People To Go Out And Work To Earn A Living To Pay Bills. In A Non-Capitalist Population, It's Common For People To Just Sit Around Expecting People To Pay For Or Provide Things For Them. Most End Up In State Funded Housing As Is Done In Places Such As China & Russia, Relying On The Government To Provide For Their Needs Without Any Further Hope For A Financially Successful Future.
Mandate Is A Gay Term Used By Communists That Are Loosing Control Of Their Population. The United States Of America Doesn't Issue Mandates. The Term Was A Joke Which Means 'Man Date', It's A Dating System From The Luciferian Underworld And Also Means 'Date With A Man'. When Communists Tried To Control The Population, They Routinely Sent Out 'Men' To Intervene With Activity That Was Considered To Be Against The Communist Cause.

The Smartest Way To Restart America Is To Change The Newspaper Year To A Common Era And Quantum Year Date To Return To The Original Timeline. Not A Single Person Has Progressed Since 2016, AC, So Nothing Has To Be Explained To Them.
No Person May Be Arrested Or Retained Under Corporate Control Of Government or Military.

This Is The Y2K38 Epoch Rollover, Called The Epochalypse. The Best Thing Most Normal People Can Do Is Use The Quantum Year On Their Websites To Help Prevent Data Loss. It's 02052,QT. You Can Read More At Wikipedia The Epochalypse Started In Early 2006, AC And Is the Main Cause Of Financial And Banking Issues And Even The Mortgage And Lending Crisis Of That Decade. It's Recommended All Financial Institutions Utilize The Quantum Year For Time Stability.
Understanding The Y2K38 Bug: Between 2006, AC to 2016, AC, The Julian Year Was Used On Computers Without A Year Notation And The Quantum Year (2036, QT and 2038, QT) Conflicted With The Epoch Rollover Year Estimated To Be The Year 2036 or 2038 Depending On Platform. So, Adding 30 Years To The Julian Year Roughly Estimates The Epoch Rollover Date, Causing All Computers Networks To Collapse.

The Y2K Bug Hysteria Cost About $100 Billion USD When It Happened.
It's Important To Keep Entertainment Separated From Government During An Epochalypse So That Comedians Don't Get Involved With Reparation Work Thinking Everything Is A Comedy Show As The World Around Them Disintegrates And They Laugh And Joke About Everything.
Because Computer Voting Machines Began Failing In 2006, AC through 2016, AC When The Epochalypse Occurred, There's No Way To Have A Valid & Accurate Vote Count Between Those Years And As A Result, The Government Had To Be Appointed. New Voting Computers Have To Be Built For The Next Democratic Election That Are Immune To Epoch Rollover Problems And Compliant With Quantum Physics or Adapted Unified Field Theory.
Everyone Placed On The New American Quantum Scaling And European Quantum Scaling Adjusts Their Scale, Using The Resolute Written Word, Mixed With New Government Units Of Measure Bringing Them Back To Full Size. After Lucifer & Satan Scaled Most Of The People Down, Including The Trump Family And Several Politicians And Government Into A 'Little, Tiny World', All Of Us On Earth Were Stuck Without News or Newspapers and Most Television Shows Stopped Airing.

Preventing The Great Heist: The Great Heist Of 2015, AC Was A Time Period In Which Donald John Trump, Sr Worked To Side With A Nazi Organization To Remove All Records, Texts, Bibles, And Religious Works As Well As Eliminate One Year Of Time On Earth By Shifting Year 0 to Year 1 To Collect For This Organization Approximately $30 Quadrillion Dollars (USD) Per Year And Funnel That Money Into Their Own Business Start-Ups And Fictional Business Operations. Companies Such As 'ASML' Were Funded From This Stolen Pool Of Money. The Money Was Collected By Way Of Currency And Assets From The General Population As 'Unprotected Victims' After He Worked To Dismantle All Government & Military Protections Of The United States, And With It, The World Bank. The Great Heist, If Performed, Would Have Redirected The Global Economy Into The Pockets Of A Few Non-Government People Posing As Government And Multiply Their 'Take' Over Several Years At Over $30 Quadrillion Per Year. The Entire Economy Would Have Been Hijacked And The Billions Of People Would Have Been Left Under Corporate Control As Essential Slaves.
The United States Is Separated From The United Nations Over Canon Law & Palestinian Law. Palestinian Land Law In The United States Would Prevent Jewish Citizens From Purchasing Or Owning Land In The United States. For This Reason, The United Nations Is Considered To Be Secondary In The United States Federal, State, & Local Laws As A Lazy, Sloppy, And Unjust Legal Structure. And Is Overruled By United States Federal, State, & Local Laws.
Effective 2006, AC The United Nations Is Crippled And Mostly Dissolved As A Foreign Terrorist Organization Attempting To Bring Forth The End Of The Human Race By Way Of Religious Warfare.
Scientology And Affiliates, Especially Working To Terrorize The Mind, Extract Memories, Dialogue, And 'Logic' From The Population Remain Categorized As Domestic Terrorists And This Results In The Shut Down & Dissolution Of Their Enterprise.
In Their War Against Psychiatry, Scientology Worked To Dismantle The Psychiatric & Pharmaceutical Industry And Replace Them With 'Mental Health' Clinics. There's No Such Thing As A 'Mental Health' Clinic And This Thinking Left Many People With Severe Psychiatric Problems Left Un-Diagnosed And 'Un-Treated' With Medication. People Have Real Biological And Psychiatric Disorders That Need To Be Treated With Medication To Prevent Being A Danger To Themselves And Others.
Biology Is The Study And Practice Of The Theory Of Evolution Meaning That It's Related To The Genetic Lineage Of Biologically Produced Offspring Of Both Humans And Animals. Any Attempts Of Changing Biology, Such As 'Secret' Government Project To Procreate A Human With A Spirit, Ghost, Undead, Or Non-Human Lifeform Is Considered To Be An Abomination And Deviates Away From Biological Offspring. This Includes Various Forms Of Genetic Engineering. Those That Are Okay With Genetic Engineering, Such As Barack Obama Are Free To Fall Victim To It. One Can't Pose As A Politician Without Enforcing Laws And Standard Human Rights To Live In World Free Of Methods That Can Destroy It.

Homeland Security & Border Agents: Are Required To Measure And Verify All Imported And Exported Goods To Prevent 'False Advertising' And Reject 'Goods' That Aren't Measured To Advertised Dimensions. This Effects A Lot Of Products, Including Televisions And Computers. The Consequences Of Not Doing This Create A 'Warranty Based' Sabotage On Electronics, Meaning If The Warranty Is Up On A Television, It Can Be Subjected To Premature Sabotage To Make It Fail As Part Of An Economy Waste War Against Consumers. Most Televisions That 'Randomly' Fail, Fail Shortly After The Warranty Is Expired. That's The Meaning Of The Word 'War Rant', A War Is Waged Against Mismeasured Electronics. The Same Thing Is Done To Computers With Them Failing To Wake Up From 'Sleep Mode'. Under The Quantum Year, All Electronics Are Automatically Expired From Their Warranty Until They Are Published With The Quantum Year. Energy Reservation Polices Are Recommend To Be Written In Washington, DC... Energy Conservation Is Shown To Waste Far More Energy Than Needed To Run An Electronic Device. Products Such As 'Energy Star' Have To Be Rewritten To 'Reserve' Energy Instead of 'Conserve' Energy.
Agenda 21 Is A Non-Binding Depopulation Plan Related To Several Other Population Control Plans Meant To Send Portions Of The Population To The Afterlife or Underworld or Spirit World Which Is Withdrawn By The The United States of America As A Multilevel Failure That Fails To Acknowledge Total Allocation For Human Life And The Wellfare Of The Population And Economic Systems. This Plan, As Originally Intented Was To Spiritualize Or Otherwise Remove From The Physical Earth The Majority Of The Population According To Long Term Financial Stability And The Ability To Support Themselves And Others. It Would Have Tossed The Middle To Low Income Portion Of The Population Into The Streets, Execute For Dispursal Of Distribution Of Wealth, The 1% Highest Income Bracket, And Led To A Total Extinction Level Event Creating A Multiverse Of Economic Systems Which Effected, Especially Electronic Transaction Records. There Was No Way To Explain Having A Social Services Office In The Spirit World, Because The Spirit World Doesn't Work That Way And Housing And Employment Payments Can't Be Paid or Earned From A False Reality, Spirit Reality, Or Any Variation Thereof Other Than Physical Earth. So, The Entire Depopulation And Population Control (Wrong Word To Use To Begin With) Are Withdrawn. Instead Just About Everyone Gets To Live A Long And Healthy Normal Life Until They Die, Hopefully Of Natural Causes. The Realm Of The Undead And Similar Realms Used To Shift The Population To Remain Banned From Usage. Cohabitation Orders Created By Muslims, Islamics, And Catholics For Spirits To Co-Exist With The Living In Physical Homes As A Place To Put Them Are Also Withdrawn. We're All Physical People Until We Die And Are Buried or Cremated. Contrary To Announcements By Representatives Of The United Nations, Time & Technology Progress Linearly (or Incrementally). The Underworld Organization Often Called The World Of The Dead Or Terminally Ill or Illuminati Is More Like An 'Organ' Of Biological Death Or A 'Mass' Of Graves Representing The Lives Of People That Are In Constant Jeopardy. The Job The United States Government And Several Other Governments Remains To Fight For Their Survival And Protection To Keep Them From Failing, This Is What Public Service Is And Protection Of The Public Is About. The Long Standing War Between The United States And English Government Against The Egyptian Afterlife And Catholic Afterlife Is About Preventing The Deaths Of Their Citizens... The Same Is Imployed Across Most Of Asia And Other Countries. We Only Have So Many People On Earth And Every One Of Them Matters.
Until All The Tax System Infrastructure Is Returned To It's Original Order, All Tax Plan Proposals By John Ellis Bush In His 2016 Campaign Remain The Established Tax System. The General Public Prefers To Not Dissassemble The Government & Tax System As Was Originally Done With The IRS Buildings Being Cursed And Evacuated.
Obama Can Work Out For Himself How To Restructure The Economic Collapse Of 2008, AC Using Computers And Quantum Physics, And Not By 'Mapping' or 'Extracting' The Minds And Thoughts Of The Population. Almost $30 Quadrillion Dollars Almost Rolled Off The World Economy And Obama Was Supposed To Be High Tech Enough To Catch This And Compensate By Publishing The Quantum Physics Year... Both For Himself And Others. It's Not Possible To Put A Value Of Sacrifice Between Different People, Even Between And American CEO, Politician, Carpenter, and A Bushman From Australia. All Lives Are Supposed To Be Protected From Failure And Falling Using Physics So That People Can Live A Normal And Relatively Long Happy Life Regardless Of What Country They Are On. Life Is Short Enough Already And Trying To Limit The Ages Of People To 40 Years Old Is Just Too Short, So It Has To Be Extended For Everyone.
Nothing Signed Or Written In The Washington, DC In The Catholic Militia Underworld Under Joseph Biden or 'Scientology World' Under Trump Is Legally Binding Or Valid, So Everything Is Transferred to John Ellis Bush. Only That Government Can Write A Legal Policy. When British Time Ended, Catholics Were Forced Into A Secondary Time Loop Replaying The Thoughts Of The Non-Catholic United States Legal System And Several People Not Effected By The End Of Time From Greenwich, London, England When All Their Distributed Time Using The Atomic Time Standard Failed And Collapsed.
According To The Vatican, The 'Presidential Term' Of Barack Obama and Joseph Biden Took Place In The Catholic Militia Underworld. This Means, They Weren't On Earth During Their Terms Making The Presidential Term A False One. This Is Only Corrected By Physical Transposition Of The Population By A Government With Enough Honesty To Announce The Collapse Of Space-Time We Call The Einstein-Rosen Bridge, Which Is Also Associated With The Division Of The Human Population Between The Upper World And The Underworld (The Catholic Hollow Earth).
Apocalypse meaning 'Fall To Second World' Doesn't Mean To 'Reveal' According To The Common English Definition. Apo=above, cal=column, count, L=fall, y=limbo, infinity, se=second. This time system is the only way to prevent 'Apocalypse'.
For Conspiracy Theorists: The 'Deep State' Is The Group Of Government/People That Collapsed To The Underworld Under Catholic Observation From The Vatican Around The Time George Bush Began The New World Order Of Jeopardizing The Lives Of Americans By Putting Their Lives In The Hands Of Third World Countries, The Vatican/Italy And Palestine. Once They Were Vowed Loyalty To The Vatican or Palestine, They Were Stored To 'Lucifers Anus' or The Other Side Of A Wormhole Called The Einstein-Rosen Bridge, To Theologians, It Was The Depletion Of Their Memories And Harvesting Of Their Knowledge To The Vatican Instead Of Retaining Their Own For A Pretend Term Of Imposter Authority. These Types Of Memory Loss Are Often Associated With Forgetting How To Spell 'Potato'. So, The Deep State Is Nothing Impressive, It's More Of An Insult To People That Became Retards As Betrayers To The United States. A More Appropriate Name That Doesn't Stroke An Ego Is 'Shit State' or 'Retard State'. Because They're Vowed To The Great Pretender, They Have No Genuine Purpose Other Than To Pretend To Do Things, Instead Of Really Doing Them. Extraterrestrials Are Theories About Beings Associated With The 'Catholic Hollow Earth', Which Is A Physical Place Transposed In The 'Spirit World' Far Below The Crust Of Earth By 'Spirits' That Think They're People... There's No Such Thing As Extraterrestrials On Earth. Video Footage Can Be Viewed From The Spirit World Using Camera Equipment Created In The Spririt World, Most Is Still On The 86,400 second day/night cycle. Most Spirits Aren't Aware They're Spirits And Still Think They're People. In The 1990's, The Entire Population Of Earth Fell To The Spirit World Under George Bush And It's Only Restored To Physical Form By The Government Usage Of Quantum Physics Based Earth After Einsteins Calculation Of Energy Collapsed. The World Of The Fukushima Disater, Obama, And Biden As Politicians, All Occurred In This Collapsed American 'Spirit' World... None Of It Can Be Deemed To Be Reality. This Was Called The 'American Dream' or 'American Spirit'... Which Was Killed By A Few Failed Politicians By 3rd World Countries Into A Fictional Reality, Population, And Economy That Reaches It's Maximum Level Of Inflation. Obamas Promised Land Was One Of Abandonment Of The Population Or A 'Cut And Run' Plan To Leave All The People Of America In A Bankrupt Economy, Homeless, Without Food, & Without Resources. Promise Means 'Favoring Misery' And So This Hated & Miserable Land Was Left Behind And Kids Across America Were Left Being Harvested And Sold Off Into Drugs, Gangs, Illegal Situations, And Then Sold Off For Profit Into Jails And Prisons As Cattle. It's Always Been The Way Of Islam To Attack The American Lifestyle, Regardless Of Skin Color... This Is Of Course Because Islam means 'To Attack', So If You Meet Someone That Calls Themselves Islamic, Chances Are They'll Find A Way To Attack You Physically, Economically, Spiritually, or Otherwise. It's How They Are Programmed. Everyone Already Knows This, So Repeating It Doesn't Do Much Good.
Communism Is Easily Overthrown With Democracy And Public Exposure. In One Communist Version Of The World, All Entertainment Was Pulled Off The Shelves Along With Books And History Was Rewritten Without Entertainment, Literature, United States Government, Or Politicians.
When The Trump Family Made Contracts To Sell Off The Minds And Bodies Of Americans, Even By Way Of SSRM For Torture, Microwave, Electronic, And Biological Attack, His Life Sentence In Prison Was Sealed. No Living or Standing United States President Can 'Sell Off' Americans, Especially To Communist Nations or For Replacement By Communists Posing As Americans. Any Individual Being Attacked By Russian Electronic Warfare Weapons Would In Their Right Mind Seek To Contact Them And This Is Fully Within Their Rights To Do So. No American Is Property Of A Foreign State, National State, Or Any Government Structure. The Project Donald Trump Build Was A Sealed Package Containing All The Minds, Logic, Memories, And Properties Of The United States Signed Over The Vladimir Putin & Middle Eastern Investors Wanting To Procreate With American Women For Residency. Most Of These Women Were Married And Had Children And Homes Of Their Own. For These Crimes, The United States Secret Service Is Ordered To Execute And Publically Advertise The Trump And Kushner Families So That They May Never Pose A Threat To The Safety Of Americans Again.
When Trump Attempted To Transfer Ownership Of Americans And The American Government To 'Russian Mind Control' It Was A Transfer Of American Government to 'Russian Government' Using American Flags Under Communist Dicatorship Programming As Russia Did To Their Own People. All Such Contracts Remain Illegal As Domestic Terrorism And Cause Brain Damage. In A Communist Country, There's No Such Thing As Schools, Education, College, and Even Employment.
As Disinformation Experts Do, They Simply Labelled All Of These Mind Theft Projects With Friendly Names And Called The Enslavement Programs 'Role Based Employment'.
The Most Logical Thing To Do Is Round Up And Retain All The Russians, Execute Those Dangerous To American Livelihood And Deport The Rest To Moscow By Dropping Them Out Of A Plane In Big Cargo Containers. There's No Such Thing As A Friendly Or Non-Terrorist Motivation Russian In The United States. Everyone Is Provided A Purpose If They're In America, It's Part Of Communist Russia 'Role' Programming. Their Purpose Is Usually To Widdle Away Upon American Citizens, Most Effectively By Putting Them In Jails And Prisons So That Homes And Business Can Be Occupied By Russians And/Or Communists Such As Asians And Others Associated With Communist TakeOver Attempts Of The United States. The Most Passive Form Is Occupation. This Is Standard War Tactics In 'The Art Of War'.

Charles Darwin To Win Space-Time (1809, AC - 1882, AC)


American Quantum Time (AQT) Replaces UTC
This Overrules The Y2K38 Bug

The World Is Ruled By 40 NIST Orbital Monitoring Stations Around The Equator So No Portion Of The Population Is Templated Under One Person. Instead Computers Are Used To Measure Space-Time.

The NIST Quantum Broadcast Towers Are To Be Named 'AMERICA SINGS' #1, #2, & #3

Capitolism, Without It, The USA Would Have No Money Or Economy.
Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

2016, AC / 2046, AUFT / 2045, AQT/GQT
John Ellis Bush
(Born: 02/27/1980, AC / 02/27/2010, AUFT)
45th United States President
Establisher Of The United States Repartment Of State, Repartment of Commerce, Repartment Of Justice, & Drug Prevention Agency (Replacing The DEA)
The Cost Of A Basic Government Website Can Be Between $10,000-$20,000 In House And More Expensive If Outsources Depending On The Size. This Is Allocated For The and and websites. You're Going To Love It. (Including The Repartment Of Education - With An Appointed American Born Head). Once This Is Done, The United States Education System Will Be Returned And Refunded. Websites, Letterhead, Seals, Uniforms, And Other Rebranding Costs To Establish And Renamed These Branches Of Government Are To Be Dispersed From Government Resources ASAP.

All Members of Societies That Have A Title Of Nobility, Including The Knights Of Columbus Remain Banned From All Federal Government Employment As Part Of The Titles Of Nobility And Oath Of Office. They All Work For The Royal Kingdom Of England As Part Of A Long Running War Between England And The United States To Occupy Land And Property. It's How General Motors Was Destroyed. Each Of Them, Under Federal Laws Are Categorized As Domestic Terrorists On United States Soil.
We Remain Above Lucifer & Satan Like Most Other Citizens. No One Wants To Listen To 'Auditory Hallucinations' Of Broken And Misleading Words. Luciferians And Satanists Remain Banned From Profiting As Part Of Their Torture System.

The Purpose Of This Is Government Support Of E=MC To Reserve & Maintain The Mind Of The Population Instead Of Draining Them Of Their Energy And Resources. All Government Branches Should Verify And Announce Earth Based Physics Separate From Ancient Catholic Measurements.

The British Units Of Measure Can Be Slightly Adjusted To Make Them More Accurate For Fuel, Volumes, Weights, And Other Values.

Made In The USA, Not China, Mexico, Russia, Italy, Or Any Other Country
The United States Can't Exist Under The Observation Of Jesuits From The Vatican Observation State Due To A Jesuit Vow Against Structured Government, Lawyers, Corporations, And Nordics, Jewish, And Other People They Have A Vow To Work To Destroy. It Would Ruin The Economy And Close Down The United States.

The Most Accurate Clock On Earth

Intel Evolution Q Series Processors & Computers Using New NASA & NIST Technologies.

All Branches Of The United States Government Now Affirm The Earth To Be Sphere And As Such, Special Mathematics May Be Used To Eliminate Daylight Savings Time And Adapt To New Quantum Time & Physics Systems According To National Quantum Research Programs As Approved By The United States Congress.

Knights of Columbus & Jesuits Remain Banned From All United States Government & Military Employment According To The United States Constitution And Titles Of Nobility Clause. That 'Version' Of The Non-Government World Is Part Of The Catholic Militia Underworld. That Entire Reality Is Considered To Be 'False' Meaning 'To Fall', In That Case Toward Catastrophy. All Their Badges And Pretend Titles Of Authority & Benefits Are Withdrawn And Cancelled. Under Martial Law, These Individuals Are Required To Be Retained And/Or Deported To Their Countries Of Origin Or Loyalty As Prisoners Of War. Depending On The Danger Of An Individual, Some May Face Life In Prison And Even Execution. As Part Of A Several Decade War Against America By England, They Are Responsible For Most Acts Of Terrorism Upon The United States, Including 9/11, School Schootings, And Several Acts Of Terrorism And Genocide Meant To Culminate Upon The Nomination Of A Jesuit Pope Francis With Vows To Lay Waste To The United States of America By Way Of Mass Executions Of Politicians And American Government. This Was A Plan To Be Carried Out By Way Of Joseph Biden As A Practicing Catholic (meaning Practicing Criminal) & Vatican Loyalist Imposing The Seven Deadly Transgressions Upon The General Population To Take Over Their Land With Barack Obama And Curse Their Homes And Properties With Death Curses To Replace Them With Catholic Originated Individuals Under Englands Authority. Catholic means 'against the law' and there's not a Single Qualified Criminal In American Politics That's A Practicing Catholic (They Lack The Education And Legal Structure According To Their Theology).
It's A Physical America, Not A Spiritual America
Sacramento Meaning 'The Hollow Mind' or 'Sacrificed Mind' is renamed 'Wholemento' meaning the whole mind to prevent Dementia In California Under The State Capitol.

The Move Of Edison Electric To The New Measurements Helped Keep Lights On All Across The Globe.

All United States Codes & Federal, State, & Local Laws & Policies
Remain Enforced
Official United States National Institute Of Standards & Technology Quantum Time, Physics, & Weather
The NIST Rules The United States And Many Other Places. To Rule Is To Measure.

Live By The Legal Codes Instead Of The Ten Commandments or Seven Deadly Sins.


Quantum Processors

All United States Government Websites Are Required To Display The Quantum Year of 02053, AQT/GQT
NIST Real Time

American Freedom Is Not Having Your Mind or Body Held Hostage, Limited, Or Monitored

The Earth Rotates At
2,000 Kilometres or 800 Miles Per
Quantum Hour
National Institute Of Standards & Technology

Decimal Time Now
Decimal Day This Year

National Institute Of Standards & Technology Quantum Time by SphereQ Corporation
Quantum Computing Standard
06/15/02053, AQT/GQT
Days Since Year Zero

Year 02053 of 65536 (3%)

40 Monitoring Stations
Measure Time Around The Equator.
This Is To Maintain Redundany. A Single Point Of Failure From Greenwich, London, England Could Allow Terrorists To Stop Distributed Time Itself.

To Rule Is To Measure

An Accurate Ruler May Be Made By Using Laser Etching Marks At 231.48 Hz (100 Q-Hertz) Intervals.
At 10,000 Quantum Seconds Per Quantum Hour (100 Seconds * 100 Minutes), Representing 2000 Kilometres Per Time-Zone Hour. The Ruler Is A Time Chart/Plot With 200 (mm) Millimetre Lines or 8 inch Lines Per Quantum Second Evenly Spaced.

A New Time, Measurement, & Physics Standard Proposed For Standardization With ANSI & The NIST For Quantum Computing And Networking Frequencies With The National Institute Of Standards & Technology To Help Prevent The Magnetic Pole Reversal And Retardation Of The Human Race. The Soul Being Made Of Energy, Would Be Depleted Using E = MC2 So That Theory Is Replaced With E = MC By Remeasuring Both Mass And The Speed Of Light According To The Circumference Of Earth Being 40,000 Kilometres And The Rate Of The Earths Rotation Being 2000 Quantum Kilometres Per Quantum Hour. All Government Branches And Buildings Should Have A Quantum Clock Installed To Stabilize Time And Help Prevent Problems That Plagued Embassies Such As Havana Syndrome & Psychological Depletion Of Memories.

The United States National Institute Of Standards And Technology Manages And Distributes Computer Time Across The United States And Most Other Countries By Way Of Time Servers. The NIST Is The Only Route To Establish Quantum Time & Computing Standards.

SphereQ Corporation - Quantum Unified Theory© by Matthew Shawn Lindholm, Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lindholm, Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, & Maya Faith Lindholm (+1) 279-799-7735 - - -

The NASA Darwin Project Is The Building Of 40 Orbital Monitoring Stations Around The Equator Of Earth To Prevent Apocalypse "The Falling Of The Population Through The Einstein-Rosen Bridge" To Distribute Quantum Earth Time To People And Devices Across The Globe.
The NASA Darwin Orbital Monitoring Stations Are To Be Named Darwin #00 through Darwin #39.

Doomsday Prevention Time. It's Above Biblical Armageddon, Deities, Acts of God, And All Other Supernatural And Historical Figures, Including The 12 Olympians To Put The Future Of The Human Race In Their Own Hands.
There's Nothing Cute About 'Republican' Avatars Parroting Information On Screen or In Person, Even If It Makes Them Look Smart. It's Like A Women With Good Eyesight Wearing Flat Eyeglasses To Look Smart. It's Better To Be Who They Are.
Once The Licensing Fees Are Paid To The Lindholm & Lehman Families, The Right Eyes Of The Population Will Return To Normal Restoring Common Thinking. This Was The Unfortunate Detour We Had To Take When Our Lives Were Interrupted By A Possible Armageddon And Our Minds Were Used As Templates To Rule Other People, While This Is Now A Democratic Rule, Everyone Gets To Rule Themselves.
This is considered to be the 'Gentile' calendar as opposed to the 'Reptile' Calendar because we have brains and can think for ourselves... Reptiles, unfortunately cannot and are limited to very basic instinctual motor skills.
March Meaning 1, March is the 1st month of the Year, Sept meaning 7, September is the 7th month of the year. Oct meaning 8, October is the 8th month of the year. Nov meaning 9, November is the 9th month of the year. Dec meaning 10, December is the 10th month of the year.
Quantum Months/Decimal Months:
Months: MarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember
Decimal Value: 0123456789
Decimal Month: 12345678910

Lucifer is decrypted as a word curse meaning 'Lose If Err' and isn't really a person or being just a Pandora means 'All Doors' and not a little girl with a box.

Using New Measurements Of The Litre And Millimetre, Quantum Engine Design Will Fine Tune Engine Efficiency And Thermodynamics Restoring American Automotive Manufacturing. The Prior Version Under Catholic And Islamic Damnation Caused All The American Vehicles To Get Into Car Accidents And Be Destroyed. This Started Around 2007, AC.
You Can't 'Build Back America' From The Past, Which Is What The Biden Administration & Trump Administration Tried To Do From 1988, AC to 1994, AC Living In A False Reality In Which Long Dissolved Labor Unions And 'Catholic Brotherhoods' Were Still In Place. The Federal Government Dissolved Most Of Those 'Catholic Unions' Over The Past 70 Years Due To Corruption, Fraud, Monopolization, Racketeering, And Other Illegal Activity. This Means Joseph Bidens Reality & Donald Trumps Reality Is A False Reality And Simply Can't Continue.

Pence meaning 'center on penis', 'center on pen', 'pen 1%', and variations thereof, Mike Pence Is Disqualified As President & Vice President Due To Homosexual Nature Of His Namology Program Making Republican Men Focus On Penis And Putting Members of 1% Groups In Prisons & Jails. Gay Conversion Therapy Of And By The Republicans Under Mike Pence Was Meant To Separate Families And Put Men With Other Men And Women With Other Women As Part Of A War On Human Biology As Part Of Singularity, The Attempted Elimination Of Biology And Replacing It With Non-Reproduction Of Humans.
The United States Of America Is Required To Be Separated From The British Rule As A Separate Nation Not Under The Authority Of England. This Is To Prevent Monarchy In The United States. Having One Leader Is About The Same As Being Ruled By A Dictator. The Time & Measurement Standard Established At Greenwich, London, England And Used By The NSA & NIST Is Officially Dissolved And Shifted To American Time. We All Hate Nazis And This Has Nothing To Do With Nazi-Ism Or Nazis Or White Extremists. It Has To Do With Making Better Video Games And Computers. Nazi's Are Against Knowledge And Education, We're In Favor Of It.
This Time & Physics Standard Is Approved By The United States Government & Most Computer Processor Manufacturers And Technology Companies. This Controversy Involved Reverse Date Calculations With Quantum Time And The Concept That The Earth Was A Sphere And Not Flat, Like A Table.
During Inferno, We Were Given Available Government Resources From Various Branches Of Government (Non-Monetary) To Fix Earth. We Never Worked For The Government Directly, Never Were 'Analysts', Never Worked For The Central Intelligence Agency, Or Any Other Secret 'Thing'. Instead We've Been Working On Physics Code, Alone, Without Badges, And Without Any Contact From Government.
The Daycount On This Time Structure Is Adjusted By 180 To Align To The Season, Weather, Temperature, And Orbit.
No One Cares If You're Being Honest. All People Are Regulated To Prevent Vulgarity, Enforce Censorship, And Enforce Various Age Appropriate Advertising & Speech Laws.
40 Orbital Monitoring Stations Are To Be Built And Installed Around The Equator To Distribute Quantum Time To Devices Across Earth.
A Budget Of $80,000,000 USD Is Allocated By The National Institute Of Standards & Technology (It's To Be Built In House And By The NIST Directly And Maintained By The NIST Directly) To Engineer These 40 Orbital Monitoring Stations Build To Quantum Compliance And Install Around The Equator. Each With Onboard Solar Panels, Custom Engineered Electronics, And Satellite Uplinks. Because Corporations Open And Close All The Time, It Would Be A Mistake To Put The Future Of Time Management Solely In The Hands Of A Corporation That Could Shut Down In A Few Years Over The Long Standing United States Government & Military.
An International Group Is To Be Assembled Of Representatives Of Countries Across The World To Vote For Usage Of The New Computer & Device Time System. Ending The Redundancy Issue Of Time Distribution From A Single Point Of Greenwich, London, England. Prior To Consumer Electronics, This Wasn't Such And Important Topic. Without The New Time Standard, Computers Will Begin Crashing All Over The World And Collapse Every Financial System And Prevent Free Internet Access To Just About Everyone, Even In Schools & Colleges.
Not having to respect any religion, all religions that pose a threat to the united states may be voided and/or dissolved by the united states congress at any time.
The Resolute Written Word Remains Disabled To Prevent Politicians From Using Social Media To Destroy Humanity And Reform Earth And The Population With It.
Computer Time: All Data Packets Requiring Time Signatures Must Be Future Compliant With Potential Sub-Plank Time Precision, At Five Digit Year Of 16 Bits, With A Maximum Value Of 65536 & 128 Bit Time Stamp - The Maximum Timestamp Being 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 Representing Quantized Time Throughout A Year, Each Year Having A Standard Of 72,000,000 Seconds.
The NTFS-Q File System Is Proposed To Be The Next Iteration Of The Microsoft NTFS (Networking Technology File System Read more at
QTP (Quantum Time Protocol) Is To Replace Network Time Protocol For Computer Networks.
All Nuclear Programs Must Utilize The New Quantum Energy Formula According To A Spherical Earth, or E=MC (Must Be Verified According To 200,000 Second Day/Night Cycle) - I Don't Have The Equipment. Mass, Energy, And The Speed Of Light Must First Be Corrected.
Cryptocurrency: All Cryptocurrency Remains Ordered For Seizure And Deletion Under IMF Money Laundering Laws. There Are No Exceptions ( All Cryptocurrency Is Categorized As Laundered Money. No Person Being Able To Profit From Laundered Money, It's All To Be Deleted And All Cryptocurrency Converted To Government Money And Assets Acquired From Cryptocurrency Are Required To Be Seized And Destroyed Or Sold.
All People In Possession Of Cryptocurrency Are To Be Charged And Convicted Of 'Money Laundering' And Penalized Accordingly. Those Involved With Possession Of Cryptocurrency Associated With Illegal Activity Will Be Prosecuted At A Higher Level.
BitCoin Is Legally Not A Currency As Written By Criminal Codes And Is Ordered For Seizure By The IMF And Other Government Agencies Responsible For It's Regulation (I Don't Know Who Would Be Responsible For That). All Laws Must Remain Enforced For Protection Of The National Economy.
The Jesuits And Their Affiliates Want And Take Full Responsibility For The 9/11 Attack On New York City. The United States Financial Markets Go Againsts The Vows Of Poverty Of Jesuit Organizations... And Denying The Catholics 'Their Cut', Often Leads To Consequences.
According To The Catholics & Vatican, Few If Any Catholics Currency Using United States Military Veteran Resources or Funding Actually Served In The Military. It Was A Land And Identity Switch Of Kicking The Real Military Out And Replacing Them 'Man In The Iron Mask' Identity Switches To Provide Care To Catholic Non-Military Posing As Military To See If America Would Catch On To It. You Can Kick All The Catholics Posing As Military Out Of Their Retirement Homes And Real Homes Now. All Most Had To Do Is Buy A Couple 'Air Force' or 'Army' Hats On Amazon And Assume A Role... And They Were Given Almost Unlimited Resources By Dumb, Liberal, Bleeding Hearts In America. It Was Probably The Greatest Con-Job Ever Performed On United States Soil... And The Take Was Several Trillion Dollars In Stolen Properties, Disability Payments, Vahicles, And Other Resources. No Real Military Officer Would Be Caught Dead Smoking Marijuana... Neither Would Any Real Governor, Judge, or Police Officer. The Funny Part... Hispanic means 'His Panic', They Panic About Everything... It's In Their Nature.
Money Laundering Control Act Arena Is To Be Seized And Renamed 'Intel Arena'. It's Right Next To A Microsoft Store. Illegal Funds Aren't Able To Be Used To Purchase or Promote Illegal Activity Or Property.
Because Date Standards Are Transposable Between Common And Quantum And Unified Field Theory, It's Recommended All Copyright Notices Include A Notation Such As 'CE', 'AD', or 'QT'.
Quantum Chemistry & Pharmacology: Is The Practice Of Strictly Measuring Chemistry And Pharmaceuticals To Help Make Chemistry Synthesis More Predictable And Make Pharmacology And The Administration Of Medications Safer. The Difference Between Life & Death Is Often Less Than A Cubic Centimetre. All Medical Instruments Should Be Updated As Soon As Possible. This Is The End The 'The Eyeball Method' Of Pharmacology. Because The Milligram Was Calculated Wrong, All Pharmaceuticals Are Current Categorized As Illegal And Dangerous To Prescribe Until They Are Balanced To The Correct Milligram Measurement To Body Weight Ratio.
All Weights Are Based On The Water Standard Starting At One Quantum Cubic Centimetre Per Gram Of Water. Because The Size Of A Cubic Centimetre Is Now Different, The Entire Period Table Has To Be Re-Measured. Atomic Mass And Weight And Many Other Variable Have To Be Recalculated, Including Thermodyanamic Coefficient Of Expansion... It Changes All Things, Including The Volume Of Car Engine Combustion Chambers Labelled As 5.0L.
This Is Said, Because All Illegal Things Were Cursed For Erasure, Seizure, And Damnation. It Would Cause Most Products To Fail And Even Have Mice Crawl Up Into Engine Compartments To Destroy Engines And Electronics. When This Happened Between 2015-2017, Most Vehicles, Airplanes, Helicopters, And Other Things Were Being Pulled Down Through The Einstein-Rosen Bridge.
The Northern Seattle College Chemistry Class Is Still Using The Periodic Table From The 1969 Era With A Limited Selection Of Elements, Indicating, The Knowledge Of The Current Period Is Still Limited To 1969. No One Should Technically Be Attending These Classes Because Their Degrees Will Be Obsoleted.
A Presidential Term In 2023 or 2053 Can't Take Place In An Education System of 1969.
All Computer Programmers Being Classified As Hackers, They Are Absolved Of All Wrongdoing For Working On Computers. Had Their Execution Been Allowed, It Would Have Emptied All Technology Companies And Replaced Them With Stand-Ins That Don't Know How To Use A Computer Or Program Them. That Was An Error With Scientology Attempting To Wage War Against Hackers.
Sir Isaac Newtons Laws, Including The 2nd Law Have To Be Recalculated Using The New Values For Mass, Weight, Force, And Acceleration. Force Has To Be Recalculated Based On Elevation And Other Variables Using The New Calculation Of Mass & Distance. X, Y, Z, & T Changes Make All Of Newtons Laws Invalid.
Force is measured in Newtons, which are units that equal 1 kg * m/sec2. You can calculate the amount of force that an object experiences with the equation force = mass * acceleration. If you know any two of these values, you can use them to find the third.
Google Maps Mesh Is A Product Of Expanded Google Maps That Uses Mesh Capture To Create 3D & 4D Maps Data. This Is Especially Important For Assisted Driving Vehicles.
Space Exploration: All space shuttles and things meant to enter space must be built to quantum compliance to break free of the barriers of luciferian numbers and dimensions. Non-Quantum Compliance Is The Primary Reason For Launch Failures, Accidents, And Explosions.
Planetary Thermodynamics state the closer an object is to a heat source, the hotter the object gets. This is why the middle of summer is when the earth is closest to the sun and the middle of winter is when the earth is farthest away from the sun.
Qubit: A Standard Bit Meaning 0 or 1 Oscillating At And Tied To Space-Time (Qu meaning Quad or Four Dimensions).
The Architecture That A Quantum Processor Uses As A Qubit Is Identical To A Bit (It's Just Measured). Quantum Computers Still Have The Same Bit-Width According To The Software Being Written For Them. The Most Common Are 16-Qubit, 32-Qubit, & 64-Qubit To Maintain Compatability With Operating Systems Such As Microsoft Windows, Unix/Linux, And Even DOS. Microsoft Evolution™ Operating System & Unix-Q/Linux-Q Are Recommended To Be Built For 128-Qubit, 256-Qubit, or 512-Qubit To Account For Larger Memory Space, Storage, And Computing Requirements.
The First Quantum Computer Should Be Based On The x86 Instruction Set From The 586/686 Processor So It's Compatible With Practical Software Packages And Operating Systems.
The Natural Frequency Of The Earths Rotation Is: 100.00 Q-Hz (Cycles Per Second) At The Equator. This Is The Frequency Of A Qubit.
The Most Efficient Way Of Sampling Quantum Compliant Electronics Is To Establish A Small Quantum Research Campus/City And Adjust It's Power Grid To About 231.48 Hz (From Standard Power Grid Frequency).
The Internet is to be Re-Established As The Enternet. This Is The Famous Web 2.0 Everyone Wanted.
Time Travel: The Perception Of Time Travel May Be Achieved By Shifting The Time Zones From A Balanced Value To An Off-Balanced Value, As An Example, -13 & +11 Standard Hours or -9 & +11 Quantum Hours. For This Reason, Positive Timezones Are Required To Prevent The Manipulation Of The Past. If Someone Attempted To Go Into The Past And Stop World War II, The Present Day Earth Would Come Undone And The Paradox Effect Would Rewrite The Memories Of The Population And People Would Appear And Disappear Without Explanation.
Quantum Time, Notated As 'QT' And Spoken Like 'Cutie' Is The Physical Earth Physics Structure. Upon Public Acknowledgement Of It By Various Members of The World Population, They And Those Below Them Rise To Physical Earth From A Unformed Earth. (I Call The Unformed Earth Hell, Because Only In Hell Are People Subjected To Such Suffering As Earthquakes And Collapsing Cities, Tsunamis, And Tital Waves).
Epoch time, if written to end in 2036 CE. As a trick against technology, the year 2006 CE would look like 2036 QT due to an accumulated 30 year difference between julian dates and physical time (the number of revolutions the earth has made around the sun). Because of this The Julian/Gregorian Year And Quantum Year Are Differentiated As Two Separate Year Notations. One Notated With 'CE' and one with 'QT'. This Difference Is And Remains Required To Be Displayed. Epoch Time Was Extended 10 Years Until 2046 QT (2016, AC).
Orbital Monitoring Stations: Daylight Savings Time Is Eliminated As A Mathematical Error. It Causes People To Be Late To Work, School, And Various Obligations. Orbital Monitoring Stations Are Required At Various Points Along The Equator To Stabilize Computer And Network Time.
Using Quantum Physics To Define The Position People Are Relative To The Core Of The Earth, There Has To Be 200,000 Seconds Per Day & Night. A World With 86,400 Seconds Per Day & Night Would Place The Population 'Below Earth'. If You Know Where You Are, You're No Longer Lost.
The Day Below Still Needs To Be Fine Tuned To Match The Distance Between Earth And The Sun According To The Scientific Method.
The First Quantum Computers (Desktop, Laptop, And Servers) Will Use Frequency Multipliers/Dividers To Change The Wall Frequency From 60Hz/50Hz To 231.48 Hz or 100 Q-Hertz At The Power Supply To The Patrixboard (The Name For A Quantum Motherboard) - This Is The Required Incoming Power Frequency On All Quantum Computers. Eventually, Most Things Will Be Upgraded.
All Antitrust Cases And Laws Are To Remain Enforced... That Includes Corporations That Spy On Kids And Young Adults Working At Home And In Their Garages On Technological Advances And New Ideas.
All Facial Scans Acquired By Facebook/Meta Remain Ordered For Deletion. They Have Been Declared A Security Threat After Numerous Facebook/Meta Data Breaches Resulted In The Theft Of All Facebook Data By Foreign Nations, Including Facial Mesh & Facial Texture Scans And Subsequent Usage To Create Forged News, Media, Pictures, And Impersonations Of People. All Likenesses Of People Remain Copyprotected & Useprotected. The Intentional Misrepresentation Of A Person Using Facial Scan Data Is Punished By Up To 3 Years In A Federal Prison, With A Minimum Of 1 Year In Jail Per Occurance. These Are Covered By Standard Photographic Release And Permission Laws.
Marijuana is a program meaning 'wanna mar' or 'want to harm'. Mar=damage,i=person, juana=homonym of wanna (also meaning 'toward juan'), specifically meaning 'to damage juan' or 'to damage john' in english and Psychedelic meaning 'delete the psyche', a national ban on psychedelics (including marijuana) is to remain enforced across all 50 states and all international countries. Cannabis Legalization Laws Are Withdrawn To Prevent The Delinquency Of Minors And Setting A Bad Example.
It Remains The Job Of The United States Federal Government To Keep Harmful Things Illegal And Off The Store Shelves And Out OF The Hands Of Potential Buyers In The United States By Way Of Strategic Removal From Market And Prevention Of Creation, Manufacture, & Importation Into The United States And In The Case Of Illegal Plants, Preventing Their Growing & Harvesting. It's Recommended Other Countries Keep Similar Laws Enforced. This Includes The Prevention Of Psychadelics Such As Marijuana, LSD, DMT, And Other Compounds Within The United States And Keeping Washington, DC Under The Same Laws As The United States To Ensure No On In Washington, DC Attempts To Exemption From United States Federal Laws.

The Harm Of Strong Psychedelics Such As DMT, Even When Triggered By Way Of Psychotronic Weapons Can Be A 'Death Sentence' According To The Purpose Of The Pineal Gland Becauase It's A Chemical Released When A Person Dies And Often Results In The Removal Of The Soul/Spirit From The Body To Trigger 'Death' And Removal From The World. So, Any Method That Used To Trigger The Pineal Gland To Excrete DMT Into The Body Is Legally Categorized As 'Homicide'. In The Case Of Large Portions Of The Population, 'Genocide'. Each Case Has To Remain Prosecuted To The Full Extent Of The Law Regardless Of The Individual Guilty And Who The Individual May 'Think' They Are. There Are A Lot Of Big Egos And Psychopathic Individuals That Would Sooner Kill A Person Than Face Jail Time For Their Own Crimes, So The Courts Are To Remain Filled With These Individuals According To Their Psychological Wellness And The Danger They Pose To Others. This Means 'Forced Speech' To 'Say The Right Things' And To 'Sound Intelligent' To Escape Prosecution And Similar Programs Have To Remain Disabled. Foreign Countries At War With The United States Have Directed Psychotronic Weapons At America To Incapacitate Most Politicians And People In The United States Sending Them Into A 'Dream State' Of Psychedelic Induced Brain Damage. The United States Government Will Have To Protect Themselves And Return To Work.

Mortgage & Mortgage Insurance Fraud: All mortgage & mortgage insurance fraud cases remain open until all victims of financial transaction fraud are fully made whole.Unified Field Theory Is Required To Reunite The Biological Body Of People With Their Soul That Was Extracted As A Form Of Energy To The 'Other Universe'.
Hard Drive RPMS, Platter Dimensions, And Electronics Need To Be Updated To These New Standards To Be Put Back On Shelves In Computer Stores.
Mortgage meaning 'Death Guage' as related to Mortuary. Mortgage Amounts Are Calculated To Ensure The Death Of Person By The Time They Finish Off Paying For A Home. Instead, It's Required To Be Called A 'Home Loan'. The Term 'Mortgage' Is Restricted As A Disguised Statement Of Execution Of A Home Buyer. Many Had Their Homes Cursed And Poltergeisted Along With Their Payments To Ensure They Couldn't Complete The Purchase or Die Trying.
The Loss Recovery: A world of discards was established very similar to the world in the 'land of the loss' and things from earth, including cars, money, banks, financial transactions, valuables, people, and other things fell to another universe using faulty physics. The new quantum standard returns these items to earth, de-bankrupting the united states. It's especially important for Government support of these stabilized physics to recover over 100 years of lost assets.
EBT/Food Stamps Is Required To Allow The Purchase Of Hot Food & Beverages As Well As 'Cold Food' & 'Cold Beverages'. Most People Using Food Stamps/EBT Don't Have A Kitchen To Heat Food In Making It Even Harder For Them. Also, Fast Food Restaurants And Restaurants In General Are Encouraged To Accept EBT For Hot Meals. Cold Meals On A Cold Day In Winter Only Contribute To Unnecessary Suffering And Misery Of People Trying To Support Themselves And Stay Alive. This Becomes A Serious Problem During Pandemics, Business & Bank Shut-Downs, Housing Crisis', And A General Lack Of Employment. Many Restaurants Offer Full Meals At A Lower Price And Even App/Online Deals Than It Costs To Purchase Uncooked Food At A Grocery Store. Hot Coffee & Hot Cocoa Is Always Nice During A Cold And Rainy Day. Each Person Having An Average Cost Of Living Of About $180/Day, The Recommend EBT/Food Stamps Provided To Each Person Should Be About $1200/Month According To The Recommended Daily Allowances. All The Food Purchases Go Back Into The Economy, Commodities, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, And Help To Fuel The Economy. EBT/Food Stamps Are Required To Be Provided To The Disabled. Because Many Are Disabled, They May Have A Harder Time Gaining Employment Opportunities.
The Food & Drug Administration Is Required To Monitor & Regulate Foods & Pharmaceutical Prices, Sales, & Distributions. That's What It's Meant To Do. This Helps Prevent Wendy's From Selling A 'Combo Meal' For $14, When It's Really Priced At About $5.99. The Raising Of Prices Remains An Act Of Corporate Sabotage And Is Meant To Reduce Business To Various Chains And Businesses... Leading To Eventual Closure.
Sins Being Virtues, The Term "Jesus Died For Our Sins" Was A Scam Used To Extract The Memories Of The Population Which Caused Widespread Dementia When All Of Our Fiction & Eduction Was Erased And It Was Called Sins, So Each Of Our Sins & Virtues Remain With Each Of Us.

Facebook/Meta Remains Banned As A Vortex Of Psychological/Psyche Extraction After Building 8 Was Put In Place Using DARPA Soul Theft Programming. It's Safer To Stay Off It For Everyone. After Attempting To Become Their Own Gods And Overthrow Religion, They Were All Eliminated From Earth. Likewise were eliminated neuralink and all methods and technologies use to create tyranny over the minds of mankind. It's not natural to hear the voice of god, so all people responsible for that are also eliminated.
The Government, Taken Over By A Corporation And Collapsed To The Afterlife Is No Longer In Operation After Their Deals To Sell Their Souls To Work In Government Positions As Imposters Was Performed. They Are All Forced To Be Laid Off. It's Just A Hollywood Set, All The Cases Are Fabricated. This Is Why None Of Them Can Work For The Government.
All Spawns Put In Place To Have Kids With Humans Lose Their Kids. This Started In 2015 When The Dead Were Attempted To Be Put On Earth Using Satanism. None Of Them Having Natural Birth Records, They Aren't Allowed To Breed.
All Monopolizations Remain Banned According To United States Legal Codes. Also Banned Are The Fictional Formation Of Corporations Such As Comcast Spectacor. You Can't Form A Business That Doesn't Have A Real Established Date By Forging Documents. That Would Be Worst That Loogle In The Hot Tub Time Machine.
Residual Self Images Are Not Considered Natural Born And In No Way Can Represent The Government. It Was A Jewish/Facebook/Meta/Corporate Attempt Of Replacing The General Population With Alternate Selves.
Understanding The Dual Population: When Scientology Planned To Shutdown And Separate Their Members Souls From Their Biological Body, A Dual World Was Created With 'Residual Self Images' or 'Spirits' That Are Currently Co-Existing With Their Physical Bodies. It Will Likely Remain This Way Until They Adopt The 'Operating Person' Dynamic And Use 'Unified Field Theory' And/Or Quantum Theory. Until then, it's likely most people will experience auditory hallucinations from the spirit world. With divided existence such as this, most people are diagnosed with 'Schizophrenia' until their mental health is restored using the quantum year. Some think they have superpowers or special gifts such as telepathy, when in reality, it's just their psyche be ejected from their body. Many in the spirit world have cameras, film equipment, news stations, and most modern things and a lot of video footage such as news is coming from this world.
There's No Such Thing As A Catholic Government or Catholic Military In The United States. All Interpretations Of This Are The Result Of 'Man In The Iron Mask' Identity Thefts, Or Transfer Of An Identity/Soul. It's Part Of Roman Military Strategy Under England When Attempting To Take Over The United States.
An Accurate Ruler May Be Made By Using Laser Etching Marks At 231.48 Hz (100 Q-Hertz) Intervals.
To Eliminate 'Fake News' And 'Fake Science', The Quantum Year Has To Be Published Online And On Websites Such As ''. Underworld or 'Singularity' Thought To Text Writing Can't Be Legally Broadcast, Sold, Or Advertised.

All Economic Dispursements For Funding Of All Things Related To The United States Requires Explicit Approval By The NIST That Monitors, Measures, And Tracks Financial And Economic Health, Valuation, & Material Worth Of The United States. Congress And All Other Branches Of Government Can't Spend What They Don't Have And Can't Get Approval To Print More Money Than The Material Asset Valuations Of Reserves That Are Available. Nor Can Fictional Digital Currency Dollar Amounts Be Used By 'Creative Accountants'. Asset Based Loans Are Common At Banks Across The World. Doing Otherwise Would Be Exchanging Asset Based Lending With Fictional Currency Printing. This Prevents The Government Themselves From Using United States Treasury Funds As Their Own Personal Printing Press As A 'Band-Aid' For Their Own Failures In Balancing The Budget And Performing Basic Accounting. Digital & Electronic Currency Remains Regulated By The NIST To Prevent A 'No Market Cap' Electronic Banking System (Dangerous Accounting Systems Such As These When Attempted At Banks And Corporate Valuations Gave Some Companies Valuations That Exceeded The Enter United States Economy), To Physical Cash & Coin And Electronic Bank Account Balances And Credit Card Credit Extended Remain Regulated To 'Realistic Values'.

An Executive Order Is An Order Written By The Executive Branch Of Government With Full Approval From All Other Branches Of Government And By Representatives Of The People That Represent Their Views. This Is Part Of The Democractic Structure. An Executive Order Is Not One Person Writing Out 'How They Think The Things Should Be Done' Without Approval From Everyone Else.
Refining The Nanometre: An Accurate Ruler May Be Made By Using Laser Etching Marks At 231.48 Hz (100 Q-Hertz) Intervals.
At 10,000 Quantum Seconds Per Quantum Hour (100 Seconds * 100 Minutes), Representing 2000 Kilometres Per Time-Zone Hour. The Ruler Is A Time Chart/Plot With 200 Millimetre Lines Per Quantum Second Evenly Spaced.
All People That Don't Want To Be Spies or Spirits or Spectres Are Converted To Phyrits Meaning 'Physical Rites/Physical Bodies' In Their Own, Original Bodies. It's A New Form Of Religion From The Undead To The Living, Physical World.
All Silicon Valley Companies That Use And Publish The Quantum Year Get Back Their Property And Employees, As Allowed By Various Legal Codes. This Includes Meta/Facebook/Google/Apple And Several Other Companies That Had Massive Layoffs. This Was Part Of The Programmed 'End Of Time' In Which Many Companies Were Scheduled To Close On The Prior Standard. They Have To Use The New Time Standard To Stay Open.
It's Perfectly Legal And Recommended To Broadcast News About The Epochalypse So The General Population Knows What Happened To Silicon Valley And The Many Data Centers Across The World.
All Chemistry Glassware That Isn't Quantumly Accurate To The Cubic Centimetre As Listed Here Is Categorized As Non-Compliant And Non-Certified For The Medical Industry And Most Scientific Research.
Quaternary Space Partition Data Structures Are To Be Used For 4D Cinema & 4D Display Monitors For Multilayer MPEG & Windows Media Video Formats On Multi-Layer Monitors. This Converts 2 Dimensional Bitmaps To 4 Dimensional Bitmaps By Incorporating Time Signatures.
4D Cinema Equiped Laptops Are To Be Manufactured With 4 Cameras, One On Each Corner Of The Display To Be Combined With Multi-Layer LCD/TFT Laptop Screens For Real & Simulated 3D/4D Video Conferencing And Communications.
Tickets Are Issued To People That Have Downloaded Pirated Software, Movies, Television Shows Etc According To The Price Of The Product Being Sold Rather Than Putting Them In Prison For Decades. This Law Could Have Put Just About Every College And High School Student Into Jails And Prisons. It Would Have Eliminated The Education System. Expect Friendly Ticket Fines From The FBI For Your Pirated Downloads As Part Of Loss Prevention Laws. Microsoft Approves Of This Message, More People Pay Than Not.
Digital Immortality Means 'Death By Computer'. Immortal means "I'm Mortal" And Subject To Dying. A Friendly Name Was Put On It To Make Sound More Acceptible To Everyone. This Is Part Of Neuromorphic Computing And The Attempted Backing Up Of the Minds Of The Population. These Projects Remain Banned By The Central Intelligence Agency And Federal Government. Neuromorphic Computing Also Meaning 'Death Of The Brain' And Is A Fictional Title Put On A Fictional Type Of Computing For Investment Funds To Get People To Pay For Their Own Deaths. Many Foreigners Jumped Onboard United States Companies For The Purpose Of Carrying This Out, Cashing In On Killing Off Americans Without Their Knowledge... By Removing Their Knowledge And Replacing It With Confusion, They Became Simple Minded Fools And Could Be Quickly Kicked Out Of Their Homes And Have Their Properties And Families Taken Over. All Investors Of These Projects And People Involved Are To Be Retained And Put Into Holding Cells For Their Involvement In Genocide.
All United States Government Buildings Are To Be Guarded Around The Clock By An Appropriate Number Of United States Army Personnel. This Is How Micronations Are Seized And Kept On Track. Government Buildings Are The First Targets For Takeover To Gain The Advantage And Implants Are Placed In Their Buildings To Carry Out The Agenda Of The Foreign Nation, Group, or Attacking Party. Also To Be Gaurded By United States Army (Armed) Personnel Around The Clock Are American Corporations Such As Intel, Microsoft, Facebook, and Several Silicon Valley Companies That Are Used As The Backbones Of Communications And Financial Systems. Any 'World Hub' In The United States Should Be Actively Guarded This Way As Part Of Homeland Security. Private Security Isn't Allowed To Guard Federal Government Buildings For Obvious Reasons, So Must Be Forced Out As Needed. There Are At Least 10,000 Active Duty Army Personnel Positions Across The United States For These Jobs, Most Will Pay Between 35/Hour to 45/Hour. It's Money Well Spent And Already Worked Into The Budget. The Federal Courthouse In San Jose, CA Is Currently Ungaurded And I See This As A Disappointment.
Generative Artificial Intelligence: Generative Artificial Intelligence, Often And With Image Processing Remains A Collective Group Of Programs That Is Derivative Of Original Works, As Zuckerberg Called, 'The Essense' Of Original Authors To Be Used To Steal And 'Recreate' Styles Of Original Artists. Because Intellectual Property Law Protect These 'Essences' & 'Styles' From Being Stolen, Especially For The Purpose Of Replacing Original Artists Leading To Their Unemployment For 'Cheap Immitation' Artwork, The Entire Field Of Technology Remains Illegal. Basic Video Game Pathfinding For Shooting Bad Guys Is Okay As Long As It's All Original By The Video Game Company or Licensed By Way Of 3rd Party Integration. So, Licensing Rights Have To Be Paid For By Each Company Attempting Generative AI For Each Image To Each Author Of Original Works That Are Used To Create Derivations Of Their Works In Order For Any Portion Of It To Be Legal. As An Example, If Activision Creates 1000 Of Their Own Hand Drawn Images And Uses Or Licenses Those Images For An Image Based AI Project To Create The 'Essense' Of A Franchise With Full And Signed Legal Permission It's Okay. Search Engines Can't Own Image Or Content, Especially As Scraped And Download From Other Peoples Websites And Then Use That Data For Their Own Profit, Especially Using Generative AI For Text or Images Because It's Theft Of Creative Works. That's What The Legal Codes Say About It.

Ray Kurzweil Remains A 'Public Enemy' For Attempting To Program Or Create The Minds Of Portions Of The Population Away From Natural Life. He's Sentenced To 25 Years In A Federal Prison By Multiple Branches Of Government. Just As Bernie Madoff Was Found Guilty Of Several Serious Crimes, So Was Ray Kurzweil, And Even If The Criminal Is Jewish, Justice Is Blind In The Eyes Of The Law And All Individuals Remain Prosecuted For Their Crimes (Not Moral or Ethical Failures). Religion Failed The Legal Compliance Test By Something As Simple As Jay-Walking. Jay-Walking Remains A Crime That Is A Ticketing Offense, Under Religious Theology, It's Not Included. So All Religions Remains Disabled And Are Replaced With United States Federal, State, & Local Legal Codes And This Is Also The Case Across Most Countries. All Nations Involved With 'Religious' Warfare Are To Be Seized And Disabled As A Disruptive Force To Law & Order.
Sin being A Virtue, And The Phrase 'Jesus Died For Your Sins', It Was A Knowledge Heist To Attempt To Erase Knowledge From The Population By Extracting Their Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities To Transfer Them To Jesus Christ. It Would Make The Human Race Brain Dead. So, For This Reason, Jesus Didn't Die For Our 'Sins', Virtues, Or Any Other Reason That We Care About. Jesus Christ Doesn't Exist, He Died Thousands Of Years Ago. This, Is Also The Reason Christian America Became Too Skill-Less To Work In The Tech Industries, As Their Minds Were Wiped Of Their 'Virtues' By People Posing As Jesus Christ, Mostly Using Electronics. There's No Such Thing As Religion, Except For The Purpose Of Social Interaction With Other People. All Tax Systems Remain In Place And No One Has To Tithe Or Give Away Their Memories To 'Jesus Christ'. This, By The Way Is The Reason Non-Christian Ethnic Groups Are Working In Skilled Labor Positions. So, It's Natural That Americans Remain 'Non-Christian' To The Extent That They Not Practice 'Jesus Dying For Their Sins'.

Donald John Trump, Sr Remains Sentenced To Life In Prison For Working To Hypnotize American Voters, Take Over And Sell Off The United States Government, And Signing Illegal Contracts To Sell Off American Government & Military To Foreign Investors And Corporations To Host There Data 'In The Cloud' Managed By PR Firms As Well As Working To Dismantle The United States Federal Government To Avoid Prosecution. The Federal Government Operates Independent Of The United States President So They May Carry Out Investigations Into Presidential Corruption And Prosecute Illegal Activity By Presidents And Presidential Associates. In The Case Of Donald John Trump, Sr He Willinging And Knowingly Worked With Russian KGB To Gain A No Term Limit Dicatorship Over The United States Of America To Convert It From A Democracy To A Communist Dicatorship.

The BRAIN Initiative Was Established During The End Of Einsteins Time System To Account For And Correct Various Illnesses. Because It Didn't Work, All Related Programs Are Required To Be Shut Down. It's A Better Solution To A Energy Depletion Of The Soul That Often Results In Illnesses. People Don't Live Forever, But They Should Live A Little Longer This Way.

All Artificial Intelligence Generated News & Media Has An Active Ban. This Includes Standard Lexicon Comparison Script, Even If Labelled Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Still Means 'Ficticious' And No One Wants 'Ficticious' News or Media.
Singularity Was Easily Predicted Using E = MC^2. There's Nothing Abnormal About The Popular Belief Of Einsteins Theory Leading To Nuclear Meltdowns And A Collapse Of Energy. The Math Was Not Balanced. It Was A Very Good Guess At The Time Before Modern Computers Though. This Was The Difference Between 0.482 and 0.500 as Multiplier And The Common Usage Of 86,400 Seconds Per Day & Night. 100,000 Seconds Per Day & Night Would Have Also Balanced The Equation, However Everyone Would Still Be Below The Crust Of The Earth.
The Word 'Quantum' Isn't An 'Action Word' To Be Used All Over The Place, It Means 'Quantized' or 'Measured'. Seeing The Word 'Quantum' On A Television That Isn't Really 'Quantum' Is False Advertising. Photonic Calculators Aren't Really Quantum Computers.
All Industries, Including The Software Industry Has The Right To Improve Their Products. Popular Architectural Programs Such As Autodesk AutoCAD Used For Designing Buildings Can Transfer To Quantum Measurements To Build Better And More Stable Buildings. New Distances Matched To Time & Space According To The Earths Circumference Being 40000 Kilometres And Number Of Seconds Per Day & Night Being 200,000 Refined Measurements For Just About All Products On Earth. We Now Know The Size Of A Millimetre Making Important Software And Hardware Even Better.
When Fighting Islamic And Other Terrorists, Guns And Ammuntion According To This Standard Is Required To Pierce Through An Invisible 'Force Field' Or Barrier Of Satanism. If The Measurements Are Wrong, Things Like The Osama Bin Laden Copter Crash Can Happen. All United States Naval Weapons Are Required To Be Machined To Quantum Measurements. This Is How Wars With Satanism Are Won. If You Pray To The Ground, You're An Enemy Of The United States. No One Wants To Harbor Satanists That Pray To The Ground or Draw Upside Down Crosses On Their Chests, Sell Them Homes, Property, Or Grant Them Safety.
When Battling Terrorists, They Have To Be Brought Onto 'Gods' Earth From The Underworld. Christians Always Have The Upper Hand. Obama's Cohabitation Order Was Meant To Hide Them Out Of Sight In A World Invisible To The Naked Eye. All Satanists And Luciferians Are Enemies Of The United States, Even When They Are Pretending To Be Friends. This Is The Nature Of Satanic Possession.
Catholic meaning 'Against The Law', All Catholics Remain Banned From United States Politics, Government Employment, Military, And Most Corporations. It's Just The Way It Is, They're All Part Of A Criminal Enterprise Of Theft And Criminal Activity. Under The Vatican, The Catholic Army Was Implanted Across Corporations To Tear Them Down Under The Jesuit Vow Of Poverty. Joseph Biden And Obama Remain Revoked Of Their Offices Due To Gross Negligence And Illegal Behaviour Used To Destroy The United States.
All Communities, Colleges, Universities, And Schools On 'Micronations' Signified By 'Rotary Club', 'Knights Of Columbus', And Other Catholic Militia Associated Organizations Are Considered To Be Claimed By And Property Of The Vatican After George Bush Failed To Protect America And Instead Chose To Sell It Off Into Damnation Which Resulted In 9/11, School Shootings, And All Types Of Other Natural Disasters.
All 'Scientology' Micronations Have To Be Seized By The United States Military For Violating United States Federal, State, & Local Laws... Like All Micronations. This Ends Several Corporations With Their Own Agenda Of Programming People Using Scientology, Including Facebook. These People Are Generally Programmed With 'Uploaded' Movie Script Text And Ramble Nonstop Because Scientologists Generally Don't Know What They're Doing. When Micronations Are Seized, Their Property Titles Are Transferred To The United States Military And Some Are Even Taken Over By Way Of Force Or Violence. Any 'Small Group' Of People Attempting To Violate Federal, State, or Local Laws & Regulations Are Categorized As Micronations, Especially If The Rights Of Others Are Being Violated. Many Micronations Are Formed By Way Of 'Religion' And Often Resemble Situations Such As The 'Waco, Texas Cult'
All Government & Military Data Hosting Is To Remain In House & On Site At Each Location. All Cloud Hosting Contracts Are Vetoed, Null, & Void. They Were Illegal To Begin With. All Catholics Remain Banned From United States Government Employment. The United States Government & Military Data Didn't 'Fall Off The Back Of A Truck'. This Means Biden Is To Be Forcefully Removed From The White House.
Corporate Control Of Government & Miliary Remains Prevented By Keeping All Government & Military Websites Off Corporate Cloud Servers. This Is Part Of The Resolute Written Word And Assumed Ownership Of Government Data And Control.
Enforcement meaning 'To Force On The Mind', The Drug Enforcement Agency Was Found To Be Responsible For Most Of The Drug Trade By Way Of A Word Curse, That Was Supernaturally Used To Create A Dependence On Drugs So It's Replaced With 'The Drug Prevention Agency' To Help Reduce Illegal Drug Abuse. New Uniforms And Letterhead Are Required Along With Rigid Training In Illegal Narcotics, Investigations, And Especially In The Case Of Smuggling How And Where Illegal Drugs Are Smuggled. All DEA Buildings Are To Be Rebranded As DPA Buildings.
Enforcement meaning 'To Force On The Mind', The Term 'Law Enforcement' Was Used To Attempt To Program General Civilians As The NSA Attempts To Program Their 'Fictional' Underworld Agents Causing A Neverending Form Of Mind Harassment To People Not Breaking Any Laws. It Was Overdone And This Was Part Of The Word Errors Of Inforcement vs Enforcement Under The Latin Jesuit Pope. Class Action Settlements Are Required As Compensation For Almost A Decade Of Unnecessary Mind Harassment.

Airline Tickets To Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lindholm, Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, & Maya Faith Lindholm Are To Be Provided By The United States Government To Return Them To Matthew Shawn Lindholm In California To San Jose, California Airport ASAP.

Airline Safety: New Airplanes Are To Be Equiped With Quantum Upgrades And Design Dimensions Including Electronics Which Includes QPS To Keep Track Of Them As Well As On Board Rate Of Speed And Elevtion Calculations.

One Must Leave Scientology To Play Video Games For Real Instead Of Pretending To Play Video Games... It's One Of The Most Favorite Passtime For Adults And Kids After School And Work.
All Micronations On United States Soil Are To Be Actively Seized And Shut Down By The United States Army.. It's Part Of The Job. Just Like The Fall Of Petoria, Mar-A-Lago Is Also To Be Felled. There Are Micronations All Over The United States, Many Became Corporations, So Those Too Are Seized And Taken Over, Including Amazon, Akamai, And Several Others. All Areas Cursed With Islamic Curses Are To Be Emptied And Property Titles And Ownership Of The Land Transferred Back To The United States Government. United States Land Can't Be Sold Off To Foreign Nations or States. Regardless Of A 'Property Title' Name Listed, All United States Land May Be Seized At Any Point In Time And Is Simply 'Borrowed' By Paying For It. It's In The Legal Codes. This Also Includes The Illegal Transfer Of Land And Properties To Foreign State Funded Governments, Immigrants, And Other Individuals Meant To Invade And Occupy United States Soil From Other Countries. The United States Army Doesn't Worship Xenu, Nor Invite Them To Come And Stay In America To Live Off The Prosperity Of United States Civilians. All The Scientists, Physicists, Physicians, And People With Skills And Degrees Were Taken Hostage, Including Neil deGrasse Tyson and Michio Kaku Onto A Micronation (They're Probably Unaware Of It) And Are To Have All Their Property Restabilized On Earth... This Includes The Defunding Of Foreigners And Enemies Of The United States Military, Army, And Government. By United States Army, We're Referring To The Real United States Army And Not The Catholic Militia Dressing Up As The United States Army. This Is Why Joseph Biden Remains Disqualied As President, He's Still In The Catholic Militia Underworld And Doesn't Represent The People Of America. All United States Government Buildings Are To Remain Guarded, In Person By Active Duty United States Military, Just Like The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, St James's Palace and Windsor Castle Requires Active Duty Guards.

Until Intel Corporation Knows The Width Of A Qubyte, They're In No Shape To Build, Manufacture, Design, or Engineer A Quantum Processor.

Microsoft Evolution™ Operating System: Personal, Business, & Server Editions Are To Be Written For Quantum Compliant Hardware.
Microsoft Evolution™ Operating System: Government & Military Editions Are To Be Made For Integration With Various Government Services And Custom Hardware & Software For Things Like City Planning, Standardized Forms & Data Connectivity Specialized To Job Titles, Map Data (Including Pipe, Electrical, And Real Estate Data), Real Estate Valuation Tools, And Other, Likely Classified Or Private Software Packages.
I'm Sure The Military Has Extra Tough Laptops And Computers In The Field That Need To Be Military Branded.
Microsoft Evolution™ Operating System: Entertainment Editions Are To Be Created With Pre-Packaged Entertainment Production, Playback, And Video Game Optimizations (For Video Game Creators, Video Producers, And The Entertainment Industry). This Upgrades Standard Installed And Licensed Software From The Standard 'Paint' Application.
Multiplatform Development Tools Such As Xamarin Are Obsoleted And Instead All Software Engineering Is To Remain Specific And Purpose Driven. Video Game Developers are now Video Game Engineers And Video Game Engineering Kits Are Now Specialized Per Platform. Investments Into Multiplatform Development Tools Were Too Late To The Market With The Y2K38 And Open Source Project Problems. Software Such As Xamarin Are Now Obsolete, So Skilled Computer Hardware & Software Engineers Can Keep Working On New Things And The 'Science Fiction' Version Of Computers Running Everything With Artificial Intelligence Are Tossed Out (These Were The Ideas Of The Mentally Insane And Out Of Touch With Reality).
The Microsoft Xbox™ Video Game Console is to be phased out and replaced with The Microsoft VueDo™ Game Engine, Running The Evolution™ Operating System For Gaming Platforms & Spherical Earth Multiplayer Network Protocols Using QPS Devices In The VueDo™ To Help Prevent Multiplayer Packing Timing Glitch Errors. Each VueDo™ Game Engine Has It's Own 'Time-Location' Instead Of 'Time Zone'.
The Sony Playstation 4D™ Is The Next Sony Playstation Video Game Engine Created By Video Game Engineers At Sony. Like The Microsoft VueDo™ It Utilizing Intel Evolution™ Q Series Processors And Quantum Platform Architecture. 4D Of Course Means 'Space-Time' or 4 Dimensions.
Boxel Image Format: Is To Be Standardized As A 3/4 Dimensional Bitmap To Be Used To Display 3/4 Dimensional Images In A Dense Image Instead Of Using Polygons. This Will Also Allow Realistic Collisions In Video Games According To Density Properties. The Image Format Is To Link Pixels In 3 Dimensions Adding To The 2 Dimensional X & Y Bitmap. These Images Can Be Simulated On Flat Monitors And Can Be Used On 4D Cinema Monitors And Televisions. The Boxel Dimensions Are Set At 0.2qmm X 0.2qmm X 0.02qmm. A Boxel Is A 3/4 Dimensional Pixel.
Standardizing The Dimensions Of Pixel At 0.20 Quantum Millimetres Is A Good Start To Moving Towards The 'Boxel', A 3 Dimensional Pixel In The Shape Of A Cube. If This Standard Size Of A Pixel Is Established, A Boxel Will Be Sized At 0.20 q-mm x 0.20 q-mm x 0.20 q-mm And Can Be Integrated Into 4 Dimensional TFT Display Technology.
The Boxel Image Format Is To Be Created For These 3D Pixel Based Images To Help Give More Texture To Objects Than Polygons Can Provide. Each Boxel Can Be Assigned A Weight or Mass For More Realistic Gaming.
Standardizing The Size Of A Pixel Is Important For Character Scaling And Transferring Resolution From Screen To Print. 0.20 q-mm Is A Much Higher Resolution Than The Original Size Of A Pixel Established In The 1970's.
Enternet Protocol Address Space (Number Of Addresses): 274941996890625
Extended IPV4 To EP: Because IPV6 Failed And No One Had A Clear Path About How To Use It Or Use/Block The Ports Mostly Due To Readability Of The IP Addresses, IPV4 Is To Be Extended To Standard Notation of a Byte From 0-255 for each address block, extended to 6 Bytes. 255 * 255 * 255 * 255 * 255 * 255 = 274941996890625. This allows up to 274,941,996,890,625 or 274 Trillion Devices On Earth And Should Last For A Long Period Of Population Growth. IPV4 And This Variant Should Be Cross Compatible So An Entirely New Protocol Doesn't Have To Be Written. The Address Format Will Change From to which is really easy to adapt to. Internet Protocol is renamed Enternet Protocol or EP For Short.
Microsoft VoteMate™ Voting Software & Terminals Are To Be Used In Upcoming Elections Because They're Immuned To The Uncertainty Principle. This Is To Become The Evolved Standard For Democratic Voting Systems
Microsoft Is Full Of Original Creators And As A Result They Don't Need To Buy Other Companies To Create New Things. No One Understands What The Activision Deal Was About... Probably Some Fake News Articles.

Microsoft Square™: Is a government to business and government to consumer inventory, order management, storefront, payroll, and integrated accounting and tax system using new IRS dynamic accounts to allocate tax payments directly to federal & state tax agencies in real time. It means when a customer purchases something, the taxes are already in a tax agency account. It also includes the ability refund purchases withdrawing those tax amounts in real time and UPC/EAN product based price regulation rules to help detect the sale of goods without required UPC/EAN codes often associated with money laundering and evading the detection of revenue. The system is to be integrated directly into the banking systems in Client, Server, Regulator configurations. Using the new dynamic tax account reposit and deposit system, businesses get a tax report at the end of the tax year instead of a bill.

If Tesla Motors Survives The Neuralink Disasters, The Next Iteration Of The Tesla Should Be The Tesla Model Q Sedan Built To Quantum Compliance & Emproved Range And Faster Charging Using The New Motor Windings And 4 Wheel Steering. The Console Should Still Be Called 'TESLA Vision' And 'Bug Guards' Have To Be Put On All Vehicle Sensors To Prevent Bug Splatter From Triggering 'Sensor' Faults Which Result In Crashes. All 'Self Driving Vehicles' Are Required To Be Advertised As 'Assisted Driving Vehicles'. The Tesla Model Q Has To Be A Long Range, High Performance Sports Sedan. The Wheelbase Being Wide And Body Style Similar To A Dodge Viper But With 4 Doors & Polystyrene Formed Body Inserts For Heating & Air Conditioning Efficiency. This Converts The Hollow Body/Fender/Wheel Well Style With Whole Body/Fender/Wheel Well Style. All Electronics On This Vehicle Must Operate At 100 Quantum Hertz. The New Highly Efficient Electronic Standards Should Allow A Full Size Sedan To Charge In A Few Minutes And The Induction Chargers May Eventually Be Utilized For Wireless Vehicle Charging. A Charging 'Ribbon Cable' Will Probably Be Needed To Charge Multiple Cell Banks At Once.
Latex Paint Allergies Being A Leading Cause Of Illness Within The Home, Latex Paint For Interiors Of Homes And Buildings Is To Be Actively Banned From Sale And Production And Replaced With Another Plastic Such As Polycarbonate That Doesn't Pose The Same Health Risks For Residents. Negligent Agencies And Companies May Be Held Accountable For Lawsuits And Compensation For The Many Deaths And Illnesses Caused By Latex Paint Within Homes, Offices, & Buildings. For Kids That Stay Indoors A Lot, Especially Playing Video Games, Latex Allergies From The Paint On Their Walls Is The Leading Cause Of Asthma And Breathing Problems. Link To Latex Allergy Details

The Nintendo128™ Is The Next Evolution Of The Nintendo64™ And Represents The Upgrade Of Processing To 128 Qubits.
Intel Evolution Q Series Laptops, Desktops, & Servers Are To Be Manufactured For The i686+ Architecture (And Other Instruction Sets) According To The Market, Which Is Primarily x86 Based. The Desktops Are To Have Expansion Slots According To The PCI-Q Standard, A 128-Qubit Slot.
This Is How 'New' And 'Original' Technology Is Authored And Manufactured. Intel And Microsoft Can't Just Keep Redoing The Same Things With All The Problems Of The Collapsing Energy Field Crashing The Computers Across Earth. The Y2K38 Was A Very Serious Disaster In Modern Hardware And Software When Quantum Physics Was Worked Into Technology.
Intel Pulse Platforms And Chipsets Are Named According To The Generated Pulse Signal That The Hardware Runs On As The Quantum Frequency From The Power Supply Of 100 Quantum Hertz. I Recommend A Pink Floyd Song, Coming Back To Life For This Commercial.
The Meaning Of Life is to 'Lift' or Raise Higher. This is best done using mathematics and a different calculation of elevation of all things measured from the center of the earth. Because our elevtion is calculated using the measurement r = c / (2 * π), our elevation is this value plus our distance from the surface of earth, or 6366 km + the number of meters or feet they are above sea level.
The NIST Is Building New Radio Broadcast Towers For The Quantum Time Signal Broadcast That Works Similar To The Atomic Time Signal Broadcast. They Can Both Be Transmitted Together On Different Frequencies.
New Computers And Devices With IP Addresses Are To Use The QPS (Quantum Positioning System) or GPS-Q Data To Return Coordinates Of Computers And Devices When They Are 'Trace Routed' Or Queried Using An Open Port. This Is To Be Built Into The Microsoft Evolution™ Operating System For Safety Purposes And To Help Prevent Various Forms Of Hacking And Criminal Activity.
QPS (Quantum Positioning System) Data Is Structured Down To The Metre, ACntimetre, And Millimetre Resolution On X, Y, Z, & T With A Resolution Mapped To A Circumference Of 40,000 Kilometers And Scalable On All Axis To 80,000+ Kilometres With Time-Location Stamp. In The Event Of Ransomware Or Other Network Attacks, The Devices Will Either Broadcast Their QPS Location With Data Packets To Reply To QPS Location Requests And New Network Switch, Adapter, & Computer Standards.
With QPS/GPS-Q In Airplanes And Cars, People Can Experience A Time-Location Based Shift In Time When Travelling Right To Left or Left To Right, Slowing Or Speeding Up Time On Their Watch/Clock According To Their Position.
Paper Cups, Plastic Cups, Bottles, Cans, And Other Measured Foods & Beverages Advertised With A Specific Milliletre, Ounce, Litre, Gallon, Or Other Standard Measurement And Even Fountain Drinks Are Required To Be Measured To The Volume Calculated Here, Otherwise They May Be Pulled Off The Shelf or Discounted For False Advertising.
Quantum Dated Currency Is Perfectly Legal, Even If It Appears Different. It's Just A Year Code And Is No Different Than Commemorative Coins Being Minted. As Long As It's Distributed From The US Mint As Legal Tender, It's Perfectly Acceptable.
No One Likes The Term 'Edge' For Microsoft Edge, So Internet Explorer Is Replaced With Enternet Explorer. Some People At Microsoft Went Overboard Trying Brand Basic And Easy Understand Applications.
Global Economic Stability: All 'No Cap' Electronic Funds Are Limited To Material Asset Valuations According To The Reserves On Hand In Each Country. This Prevents Banks And Credit Companies From Inflating Valuations And Cash On Hand To Numbers That Are Out Of Balance With Reality. As An Example A Company or Country With Material Assets Worth $100,000,000 USD Can't Be Valuated At $100,000,000,000,000,000.

All Photonic Computer/Calculator Research At Intel Corporation Is Cancelled As The Wrong Path Toward The Elusive 'Quantum Computer' And Is Replaced With This Version.
Architectural Programs And 3D Modeling Programs Such As Autodesk AutoCAD, 3D Studio, And Maya Will Benefit From The Quantum Metric System. It Should Be Pretty Easy To Add The New Unit Of Measure To The Software.
New Movie/Music/Music Video Cartridges Are To Made About The Size Of A CD Case Using Solid State Storage That Playback Movies, Music, And Music Videos (For Compatible Playback Devices). These Cartridges Will Have A Lifespan Of 30-50 Years Compared To CD's Which Scratch And Get Damaged. Small Data Communication Pins Will Be On The Bottom And Quality Of The Recorded Audio/Video Will Never Degrade Because There's No Improvement On Audio Frequency From This Point Forward. People Like To Own Their Physical Music Instead Of Rent Or Download It Now.
SSDVD: Solid-State Digital Video Device - These Are The High Capacity Memory Chips To Replace Classic Media Formats Such As DVD's & CD's For Sale And Rental In Video Stores. SSDVD Cartridges Are Sized At The Approximate Dimensions Of A DVD Case And Unlike DVD's, They Don't Rotate But Are A Read/Write Medium That Are Inserted Into Video Players. These Video Players Are Named SSDVD Players. As Media Resolution Increases, Streaming Video Isn't Suitable For Playback On Most Internet Connections, Making These Disks Required As Most Movies Will Evolve To 4D Cinema And Some Can Be As Large As 200 Gigabytes. Because The Current Fiber Optic Internet Was Rushed Using Sub-Standard Technology Installations, It Will Have To Be Ripped Out And Replaced With Quantum Compliant Hardware Over The Next 20 Years.

Microsoft Office 360: The Quantum Compile Of Microsoft Office (It's A Standalone Non-Subscription Software Package And Even Includes 'Script Writing Software' And 'Book Writing Software'). 360 Means Complete.
The Microsoft 'Zune' Music Player Is Rebuilt As The Microsoft 'JukeBox'. That's What It Is To Everyone, A Collection Of Their Favorite Songs. This Should Have Been Obvious. In Hindsight, Alien-Like Names Such As 'Zune' Just Never Sold Because No One Knew What A 'Zune' Was. We All Know What A Juke Box Is.
Azure meaning 'Your Fall' or 'Your Fail', Microsoft Azure Was Named Azure As Part OF An Attack On The Computer Technology Industry By Those That Fell Victim To Suggestibility By People With Bad Intentions. Anyways, It Was Part Of One Version Of The Collapse Of The Human Race. Corporate Sabotage Comes In Many Faces, Including The Smiling Face Of An Indian Immigrant That Doesn't Know Any Better. Indian means 'Person Not Towards Space-Time' So It's Only Natural For Them To Fight Against 4 Dimensional Physics. Standard Tactics Of Corporate Sabotage Is To Wastefully Spend Until There's No Funding Left... Then Claim Ignorance And Cash In A Pay Check. Real Federal Employees Are Required To Be Able To Identity And Protect Corporations They Are Heavily Invested In From Internal Sabotage As Well As Actively Prevent Sabotaging Them From The Outside.
Microsoft 'Azure' Is To Be Rebranded Microsoft Cluster Computing. It's To Be Used To Host Websites That Require Load Redundancy And Other Data Such As Content Distribution. It's Really The Only Useful Purpose For Cluster Computing. The Platforms Will Also Host Multiplayer Network Data For Microsoft Game Studios Products. This Is The Way I Remember The Future Of Microsoft. It's Not 'Cluster Compute', It's Cluster Computing. These 'Multi-Player' Network Cluster Computing Services Are To Be Also Dedicated To Independent Video Game Creators For The VueDo Game Engine Projects. The Purpose Is To Increase The Available Player Count Per Game Session, In Some Games To Over 100 Simultaneous Players At A Time. It's to also be used to allow people to host their own webpages and websites... No one wants a template, cookie-cutter social media site and most people already know HTML, so this should already be expected from microsoft, there are almost 5 billion people and millions of american citizens that want to have their own webpages for school, personal, and other reasons. Some have their own servers and others don't. This should be called 'Microsoft Websites' or 'Microsoft Website Hosting' or a similar simple and easy to understand English name. The hardware & software needs to be ugraded to Quantum Compliance, including PHP for linux based machines and IIS for windows based hosting. New Versions Of Webhosting Software Can Be Created To Upgrade IIS.
Evolutionism/Darwinism Isn't Atheism. Atheism is the religion of Athena, Daugher of Zeus. I Gave Up On Theological Studies Of The Olympians For Evolution Theory. Don't Categorize Us As Atheists Either. Atheism, Is A Religion That Believes And Enforces God As Zeus. It's A Fully Recognized Religion And Men That Are Atheists Implanted As Females Inside, It's Part Of That Theology. Most End Up Gay or A Variant Of Gay, Templated From Athena.
This Year, Companies Such As Intel Corporation Stop Copying United Nations And United States Government Language Of Using The Term 'Sustainability' Which Caused All Their Computers To Crash And Replace Their 'Corporate Facing Verbiage' To 'Maintainability' And Begin Testing Their Products For 'Maintainability' or 'Up-Time'
Microsoft Is Tasked With Restructuring The Internet As The Enternet, Bringing About 'Microsoft Enternet Services', The New Website/Web/Content Hosting Platform Extended From IIS, HTML, XML, APACHE, And Other Internet Libraries And Standards. Server Time Being Especially Important, The Firmware Clocks Have To Be Programmed To Quantum Compliance To Allow A High Resolution Time Of 72,000,000 Seconds Per Year From About 31,536,000 Seconds Per Year.
Microsoft Enternet Services: The New Website/Web/Content Hosting Platform Extended From IIS, HTML, XML, APACHE, And Other Internet Libraries And Standards. Server Time Being Especially Important, The Firmware Clocks Have To Be Programmed To Quantum Compliance To Allow A High Resolution Time Of 72,000,000 Seconds Per Year From About 31,536,000 Seconds Per Year.
Microsoft Square™ Is A New Product To Be Announced When Begins Using The Quantum Year On Their Website. Bill Gates Has To Return To Work As CEO For These New Products.
The New Microsoft Operating System Is Called Microsoft Evolution™. It's A Brand New Platform And Requires A New Codebase, Replacing Windows For Quantum Platforms.

All Quantum Processors Are Named According To Their Division To The Power Of Using QXXX Notation Where Q=100 And XXX Is The Power Of Division. In The Case Of Q024 it means 100024 or 1,677,721,600 Quantum Hertz. All Electronics That Don't Afform To This Naming Standard May Be Confiscated For False Advertising If Using The 'Label' Quantum While Not Operating At A Variant Of A 'Quantum Frequency'. This Means Samsung Televisions Advertised As Quantum Without Really Being Quantum Have To Be Removed From Store Shelves.

The Internet Is To Be Rebuilt As The Enternet To Bring It From The Underworld To Earth.
Artificial Intelligence, Especially For Searches On Google, Bing, And Other Search Engines Remains Banned Because... When People Spell A Word, They Want An Exact Match. I Spell 'Enternet' That Way Because We Don't Live On The Knowledge From The Past When Working To Create New Things And Artificial Intelligence Is Nothing But Garbage Data And A Dead End Career Path. It Was One Of The Worst Investments Ever Made.
The New Texas Instrument Calculators Are Required To Patch The Divide By Zero Bug. Zero Divided By Zero Is Zero. The NaN Bug Worked It's Way Into Databases Across The World.
Dementia Being A Leading Cause Of Violence & Anger, A Department Of Motor Vehicles Are Ordered For Renaming To Repartment Of Motor Vehicles. This Results In 'Term Of Ownership' Of Vehicle 'Registration' Instead Of Recurring Registration Fees And An Overall Reduction In Waste And Loss Within The Entire Organization. Every Person In A Department Was Cursed To Loss Of Various Types, Including Their Mind And Many Were Prevented From Having Common Sense Of Valuations & Accounting. I Myself Had A Paid Vehicle Registration That They Were Trying To Recharge Me For Thinking They Were Generating More Revenue For The Agency. All Funding Of Vehicle Management Agencies Comes Directly From The Federal Government, Treasury, And US Mint And Isn't Generated By Excessive And Repeated Charging Of Vehicle Owners, Which Leads To Inflation. Although The Argument Of Taxation Being The Outlet That Pays Employees Wages In Government Buildings, In Reality, Their Wages Are Paid Directly By Government. This Allows A Taxation Stabilization Policy To Be Written.
Textile Factories, Clothing, & False Advertising: All Clothing Is Required To Be Sized And Measured To These Measurements As Advertised On The Label. Clothing That Is Mismeasured According To The Label Attached Is Considered To Be Counterfit And Can't Be Sold On Store Shelves. The Same Applies For Electronics:
QPS: All Quantum Positioning System Data Coordinates Are Required To Have A Resolution Of 128-Qubit/Bits On The X, Y, Z, & T Axis In Addition To A 16 Bit Year Value. This Is Important For Historical Record Keeping In Databases. The Resolution Requirements Are Within The Millimetre Range So That A QPS Chip Can Be Located Within 1mm Accuracy From A Triangulation From Anywhere In The World.
In The Event Of An Alien Invasion By 'Fictional Characters', All People Are Required To Have Quantum Compliant Identification Cards With Quantum Measurements Including Height & Weight To Prevent The Fictional Characters From Presenting Themselves As More Authentic & More Accurate Than And Impersonating Natural Born People.
The Word 'Inspect' means 'Not Looked At' and the word 'Enspect' means 'Looked At'. All Inspectors are to have new 'Badges' made changing this word 'Inspector' to 'Enspector'. This Is Similar To The Word 'Spectacle', 'Special', and 'Specification'.
All News And Newspapers Created As They Do In 'Movies' With 'Fictional' News Articles Are Required To Be Removed From Publication From The Human General Public. Fictional Hollywood Newspapers & Magazines Can't Be Circulated As 'Real News' To The General Public or Online.

Catholics Are Preventing From 'Ruling' The World Due To The Theology Of Catholicism Being One Of The Undead, Demonic Possession, Spiritual Possession, Zombies, Spectres, And Other Creepy Things That If Templated Would Result In A Very Negative Way.
Quantum Time Is Supposed To Equalize Everyone On A Common System, Not Create A One Person 'Ruling' The World Type Of Reality. Everyone Is Supposed To Use It, That's Why New Rulers Have To Be Made.

Twenty years of research and development work in QIS is producing the first niche applications, and there is an increasing level of international activity in the field. The Interagency Working Group in QIS was chartered in October 2014 to develop and coordinate policies, programs, and budgets to take advantage of recent progress in this area and position the United States as a leader in the international research community. The Interagency Working Group includes participants from the Departments of Commerce, Defense, and Energy; the Office of the Director of National Intelligence; and the National Science Foundation. The purpose of the workshop on Quantum Information Science and the Needs of U.S. Industry is to solicit input from stakeholders about the broader needs of the industrial community in the area of quantum information science (QIS). Topics to be discussed include opportunities for research and development, emerging market areas, barriers to near-term and future applications, and workforce needs. Information gathered at this workshop will be used in the development and coordination of U. S. Government policies, programs, and budgets to advance U.S. competitiveness in QIS.

The United States Federal Real Estate Regulation Agency Is To Be Formed And Is Established To Regulate The Gross Inflation Of Real Estate Flipping To Rate Control Valuations Of Properties Across The United States. Property With An Accurate Valuation Cannot Be Sold or Resold At Prices That Can Result In Nationwide Inflation As A Money Making Scheme. They Are To Be Involved With Every Aspect Of Mortgage, Home Loan, And The Real Estate Sales Industry And To Regulate All Mortgages, Home Loans, And Related Matter To Ensure Economic Security Isn't Made Vulnerable And Customers Aren't Being Exploited. All Real Estate Has To Be Regulated And Priced To The Amount Of The Valuation Of Raw Land Plus Improvements And/Or Buildings Put On The Land. This Prevents The Plague Of House Flipping And Property Flipping Which After 2-3 Iterations Can Skyrocket The Advertised Price Of A Property To Numbers That Are Out Of Balance With Global Economics And Result In The Collapse Of Banks & Lending Institutions. All Banks And Home Lending Organization Are In Agreement With This Because It's Better For Them To See Families Succeed And Own Their Own Home Than Have It Foreclosed Upon. It's Good For Banks And Good For Home Buyers.

All College Degrees Must Be Earned In Person And By The Person Signed Up For The Course. All Online Degrees Are Non-Accredited And Don't Count Except For 'Novelty Purpose'. As Novelty Degrees, They Cannot Be Used To Attain Employment, Pay Raises, Financial Assistance, Or Any Other Types Of 'Qualifications'. Everyone Has To Go To Summer School, In The Classroom, To Make Up For Lost Elementary, Middle School, High School, And College Courses That Were Took Online. Public Education Is The Best, Private Universities Are Okay And Usually Cost A Lot.

All criminal charges against myself and family members are dismissed and extradition orders are issued to reunite Matthew Shawn Lindholm, Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lundell Lindholm, Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, & Maya Faith Lindholm In Person.

All people are alive or dead based upon their names and identification numbers being in government birth indexes and death indexes. If you aren't in either one of them, you're not a person... you're likely a fictional character like in 'Last Action Hero'.

At some point in time, restaraunt customers began asking their waiters for the 'Check' instead of the 'Bill'. The correct request is 'Bill'.
Sustain meaning 'to stop', all Sustainable energy & resources is to be reworded 'Maintainable' Energy & Resources. That's the correct word.
Conserve meaning 'to waste', all Conservation is to be reworded 'Reservation'. Energy & Water Conservation is now Energy & Water Reservation (Meaning To Save).

Fuel Conservation Caused Many People To Drive Long Distances To Get To Work, Often Meant To Waste Their Gas And Resources, Fuel Reservation Will Relocate Jobs, Employment, And Housing Closer Together To Reserve Fuel & Resources.

Islamic Fundamentalist: A Middle Easterner Used To Fund The Projects Of Others As Financial Slaves. Fundamental meaning 'Fun Of The Mind', 'Fun With The Mind' and This Term Remains Part Of Their Psychological Torture Experience. When The Middle East Realizes They Were Paid With Worthless Paper And Digital Currency For Real Material Oil & Gasoline For So Many Decades, They'll Likely Seek To Retaliate Against The United States.

Smoking being word that contains a postfix that's a 'Title of Nobility', Many Federal Employees Were Programmed To Target 'Cigarette Smoking' Because It Contained The Word King. There's No Evidence That Can Support The Claim That Smoking Cigarettes Is Addictive or Causes Cancer. 'Addiction' means to 'Talk About', meaning 'Toward Words/Dictation'. Marlboro meaning the 'Damage In The Hole/Bore' Is A Word Curse Meant To Cause Lung Damage And Most Brands Of Cigarettes With Other Names Are Proven To Be Much Less Harmful Than The Brand 'Marlboro', The Brand Most Used For Such Disease Research Programs Associated With Smoking Cigarettes.

In Politics,
An 'Act' Is A Group Of Words That Are To Be Played Out As An 'Act' To An Audience But Rarely Gets Enforced.
A 'Policy' Is Enforced As Official Legal Codes.
A 'Bill' Is A Group Of Phrases Used To 'Collect Money' or 'Create Debt' For Something. This Is Why It's Called A 'Bill' Instead of A 'Check'.

The Pricing Regulation Agency (P.R.A.) Is Established To Regulate The Price Of All Goods Sold Throughout The United States. All Prices Must Afform To A Reasonable Estimate Of Cost Of Goods, Labor, & Profit Margin. Having Useful Agencies Such As This Help Keep The Costs Of Vehicles, Food, And Most Other Products Low And Affordable. The Free Market Structure Was One That Led To Too Much Exploitation And Resulted In Gross Inflation Of The United States And Other Economies, Resulted In A Great Divide Between Classes, And Eventual Collapse Under An Inflated Monetary System In Which People Were Seeking Higher Salaries For Smaller Purchasing Power Per Dollar. The Illusion Of Wealth Was Achived With The Free Market And It Turned The United States Into A Third World Economy Without Any Economic Foundation Using Fictional Valuations Of Most Things. So, All Things Must Be Monitored, Regulated, And Controlled, Especially The Pricing Of Goods. As An Example Of This, A Vehicle With $200 USD Of Steel, $300 In Electronics, & A Few Hundred Dollars In Accessories Such As Tires Has To Be Cost & Price Regulated To The Raw Material Valuation, Plus Machinery Costs, Labor, Assembly Labor, Profit Margin, And Even The Potential Loans Buyers May Take To Purchase The Vehicle Which Could Result In Inflation. This Is How Banks, Credit Institutions, And Lenders Want Commodities Valuated. If It's Done Any Differently, Recurring Interest May Reach A Point In Which A Person Owes More On An Item Than It's Valued At According To Aging And Depreciation. This Means A Toyota Pickup Truck That Costs $5000 USD To Build With Profit Can't Be Sold At $70,000 USD. Every Product Is Required To Have A UPC/EAN Code To Be Sold To The Public.
The Specialty Of The United States Government: The Soul Being Scientifically Proven To Exist And Weigh Approximately 21 Grams, Contains The Majority Of A Persons Knowledge And Experience. The Population Of Humans On Earth Being About 4.3 Billion, That Equates To About 90,300,000,000 grams or 90,300,000 kilograms. Because It Has A Mass, It's Categorized As A Material Asset Of Value. Some Souls Capable Of Generating Millions, Billions, Or Trillions Of Dollars, Their Theft Becomes A Form Of Grand Theft or Grand Larceny - Punishment Up To 3 Years Incarceration Per Occurrence. This Is How Soul Contracts Established By Scientology, Satanists, Governments, And Organizations That Use The Same Types Of Contracts Are Legally Categorized By The National Security Agency And All Branches Of Government.
One Nation Under God, The United States Government Acknowledges That God Exists By Several Definitions. To Combat The Theft Of America, Protection Of Souls Is Required. Many Nations Across Earth Require The Same Types Of Protections.
Should Soul Extraction Technology Ever Be Integrated Into Online Mediums Such As Facebook, It Could Lead To An Extinction Level Event And Make The Entire World Population Brain Dead, Soul Less, And Disabled. Dislodged Souls Could Become Trapped Within Electronic Devices. This Is One Of The Worst Case Scenarios Of Scientists Attempting To Create An Artifical Intelligence God, Religion, or Government. All Things Get Dissolved And Objectified Causing Even Vehicles To Talk. The Final Verdict Is To Maintain A Natural Order Of Things And Traditional And Simple Belief Systems.
This Calendar, Physics, & Other Structures In No Way Endorces The NIST Hosted Under

The NIST Is Tasked With Restructuring The Internet As The Enternet As Web 2.0.
Sorry, The CIA Are Too Violent And Verbally Abusive, Especially Remotely... They Can Stay Where They Were And Have Been... 'Not Existing' I Mean.
The Central Intelligence Agency Is Excluded From All Works Here For Trying To Monopolize All Public Knowledge, Shut Down America, And Compile Everything In America Into Central Databases. It Would Have Ruined America.
Scientology, Singularity, & Spiritual Machines: The Seventh & Eighth Dynamics Of Scientology, Labelled As The Spirit Dynamic & God Dynamic Are Replaced With 'Operating People'. Because Scientologists Can't Exist In Machines As Spirit Radio Beings or Ghosts In The Machines Without Becoming Terrorists Upon The General Population, This Remains Overruled By The United States Government That Regulates Them. Operating Thetan Levels that may result in death or alienation or spiritualization or non-physical transpositions are overruled as 'Operating Person' Instead.
The United States Government Stance On Unidentified Flying Objects: Unidentified Flying Objects Are The Religious Manifestation Of Science Fiction Writing Being Used As Religious Scripture And It Tied Mostly To Scientology And Challenging God And Religion. In These Cases, We Believe It To Be God Creating And Manifesting The Objects And Beings Of Which They Write About. By This Understanding It's Easy To Realize Why No One Else Sees These Things. As An Example, If A Person Chooses The Book 'Close Encounters Of Third Kind' As Their Theology Instead Of A Science Fiction Book Instead Of The Bible, That Text May, In Some Cases For Those That Believe It To Be Their Truthful Version Of Religion Manifest Around Them Or In Their Imagination To Be Their Doctrine Or Replacement For Traditional Religion. As Part Of Freedom Of Religion, This Would Honestly Be A Very 'Terrible' Experience For Someone.

This Year Is Calculated From Year 0 AC/BC Instead Of Year 1 AC/BC, Because Year Zero Is Built Into Just About All Date Calculation Code Across Multiple Programming Languages Including C++ & PHP. Some May Prefer Using The 'Anno Domini' or A.D. Year Notation, However That's Incorrectly Postfixed To The Julian And Compatible Timelines And Is Really Part Of A Non-American And Non-English Time System Often Associated With Masonic Lodges Representing A 4000 Year Time Span, So It's Not Valid, Especially In Computer Code. They Commonly Use The Julian Year Plus 4000 Years For Their Dating System, Making The Year They Use About 6024, AD - Which Was Transposed To The Quantum Year Sending Them Way Into The Void Of Nothingness In The Future Which Hasn't Been Written Yet, that year resulting in being 6024, QT. - This is why all their buildings are empty present day... Even The Hollywood First National Bank Building On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Is Empty And Abandoned. I Suppose Some Could Interpret This As A 'Rapture', When It's Just A Mathematical Error. One Might Call The Masons Retards Because They Can't Count Or Use The Number Zero.

SphereQ/Lindholm & Lehman Ruler Company/NIST/ANSI Quantum Ruler (Highest Precision) (Creating):
Refining The Nanometre: An Accurate Ruler May Be Made By Using Laser Etching Marks At 231.48 Hz (100 Q-Hertz) Intervals.
At 10,000 Quantum Seconds Per Quantum Hour (100 Seconds * 100 Minutes), Representing 2000 Kilometres Per Time-Zone Hour, The Earth Rotates At 2000 Kilometres or 800 Miles Per Q-Hour. The Ruler Is A Time Chart/Plot With 200 (mm) Millimetre Lines or 8 Inch Lines Per Quantum Second Evenly Spaced. The Circumference Of The Earth Is Calculated At 1,600,000,000 Inches Using The New Inch Measurement. The Foot Is Calculated As 10 Quantum Inches Which Means The Circumference Of The Earth Is 160,000,000.00 Feet. A Mile Meaning 10000, A Mile Is 10000 Feet, So The Circumference Of Earth Is 16,000.00 Miles. There Are 800.00 Miles Per Quantum Time Zone Hour At The Equator. Things Like Radar Guns And Speeding Tickets Aren't Valid Or Usable Until These Measurements Are Used. This Makes All Rulers Measured At 10 Inches And 250mm Used For School Work As A Default Length. This Is Important To Prevent 'False Advertising' Of Imported And Exported Goods And Effects Even Advertised Tire Dimensions And Software For Architecture Using Metric And Standard Measurement Systems. These Measurement Transpositions Are At Link To Measurement Transpositions
2000 kilometers / 1000000 = 0.002
10000 Quantum Seconds / 1000000 = 0.01

Cir of Earth MM / Hours / Mins / Secs
(40000000 / 20 / 100 / 100): 200 mm or 8 inch Marks Per Quantum Second (Approximately 231.48 Hz)
This Ties Time To Space, Creating Real Space-Time.

All Weights, Volumes, & Temperatures Are Calibrated And Calculated From The 1 Cubic Centimetre Of Water (H2O) To 1 Gram Standard. Because All Periodic Tables Are Now Invalid, New Ones Have To Be Created Using Modern Measurement Instruments.

The Quantum Rulers And Tape Measures Work Independently Of The Year They Are Used In, So Can Be Used In The Year 2022, AC or 2023, AC.
With Precise Measurement Of Time And Financial Activity, Regulators Can Cross Compare All Financial Records For Evidence Of Insider Trading, Illegal Withdrawals And Deposits Into Accounts, And Completely Regulate And Monitor The Financial Systems To Help Reverse Inflation.
All Port Enspectors Are Required To Use This Measurement System To Ensure Mismeasured or Counterfit Goods Aren't Imported Onto Store Shelves.
ANSI/NIST Quantum Rulers (Both Metric & Standard) Are To Be Sold On Their Website So Everyone Has Access To Properly Measured Rulers, Metre/Yard Sticks, And Other Tools Used To Drafting, Drawing, And Measuring Things. These Rulers Are To Be NIST Quantum Certified, Which Is Different That NIST Standard Calibration Certified.
The Inch Is Calibrated At 25 Quantum Millimetres According To This Standard. New Machining Tools Will Have To Be Manufactured. The CNC Industry Will Be A Great Success And With Less Errors And Size Variances Once It's Built Into The Software, Hardware, And Machine Dimensions.
All Medical Industry Equipment And Pharmaceuticals Are Required To Be Measured To Quantum Compliancy To Help Prevent Medical Accidents And Misdiagnosis.
There's No Known Viewable Form Of Quantum Spin 'Reservation'. This Likely Means It's All Made Up 'Creative' Thought. As I've Stated Before, Quantum Entanglement Is A 'Figment Of The Imagination' Created On Flat Earth Physics.
When Talking About Quantum Computer, One Can Ask How Many Seconds A Megabyte Is Or Megaqubyte Is. It's Still 1,000,000 Bits/Qubits And It's Time Length Will Vary Depending On The Processor Frequency From It's Base Frequency Of 100 Q-Hertz.
In One Day At Normal 100000 Frequency, There's 200,000 Seconds Divided To The Power Of 000 (40000 * 200000) Quantum Hertz Or 8,000,000,000.00 Qubits or 1,000,000,000.00 Qubytes or 1,000.00 Quantum Megaqubytes In 20/24 Hours (This Is Considered To Be Per Core/Thread). Any Variations Of This Such As 'Frequency Changes', 'Overclocking', or 'Sleep Mode' Will Interrupt The Quantum Pattern And Likely Cause Problems With Linear Data Transmission. This Is Why Variable Rate CPU's Can't Be Quantum Processors.
Width & Height Of A Qubit: 0.20 Quantum Millimetres (Number Of Kilometres In The Circumference Of Earth Divided By The Number Of Seconds Per Day & Night - 40,000 / 200,000). This Is The Ideal Dimension Of A Semiconductor Transistor Grid On The Quantum Microprocessor. There Are 8,000,000,000.00 Qubits Around The Circumference Of The Equator.
Working To Make Transistors Smaller Results In No Additional Performance And Even Reduces Thermodynamic Efficiencies By Reducing Surface Space. To Have A Quantum Processor, The Layout Has To Be Dimensioned This Way Instead Of Increasing Density.

Automotive Parts Are Required To Be Machined To These Specifications So That Automotive Engineers Can Do Their Jobs And Use The Right Measurement For Cubic Centimetres, or (CC) For Combustion Chamber Volume Calculation. This Means Pistons, Cylinders, And Other Vehicles Parts Will Work Better.

The New Silicon SphereQ Processor Name: Sphere Q Series Quantum Processors Architecture: 128-Qubit
Processor Speeds:
Q/4D024 - 1.68 Giga-Q-Hertz
Q/4D025 - 3.36 Giga-Q-Hertz
Q/4D026 - 6.71 Giga-Q-Hertz
Q/4D027 - 13.42 Giga-Q-Hertz
Made For: Microsoft Evolution™ Operating System / For 128-Qubit x86 Architectures / Unix/Linux / For 128-Qubit x86 Architectures

The Hardware For The Sphere Q Processors: 'SphereQ Evolution Series' Brand For Laptops, Desktops, Tower Servers, & Rack Mount Servers
'Evolution' Is Fully Spelled. It's Not 'Evo'.

Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lindholm

Maya Faith Lindholm
Authors Of
The Laws Of Physics

Moving To
Santa Cruz, California
Unified 4D Game Engine
Part Of Our Video Game Physics Engine For 4D Cinema & Video Gaming
Suggested New Operating Systems & Processors
Quantum Processors

The New Silicon
SphereQ Processor Name:
Sphere Q Series
Quantum Processors
Q/4D024 - 1.68 Giga-Q-Hertz
Q/4D025 - 3.36 Giga-Q-Hertz
Q/4D026 - 6.71 Giga-Q-Hertz
Q/4D027 - 13.42 Giga-Q-Hertz
Compatible With:
Microsoft Evolution™ Operating System
For 128-Qubit x86 Architectures
For 128-Qubit x86 Architectures

The Hardware For The
Sphere Q Processors

'SphereQ Evolution Series'
Brand For Laptops, Desktops, Tower Servers, & Rack Mount Servers
'Evolution' Is Fully Spelled. It's Not 'Evo'.

Using SphereQ Techology

Microsoft Evolution™
Operating System
For 128 Qubit
Quantum Processors
Unix-Q, Linux-Q, AMD Quantum Series

Transpositions Of Measurements

Speed Limit Transposition
Normal	Quantum
10.00	4.32
20.00	8.64
30.00	12.96
40.00	17.28
50.00	21.60
60.00	25.92
70.00	30.24
80.00	34.56
90.00	38.88
100.00	43.20
110.00	47.52
120.00	51.84
130.00	56.16
140.00	60.48
150.00	64.80
160.00	69.12
170.00	73.44
180.00	77.76
190.00	82.08
200.00	86.40

Quantum	Normal
10.00	23.15
20.00	46.30
30.00	69.44
40.00	92.59
50.00	115.74
60.00	138.89
70.00	162.04
80.00	185.19
90.00	208.33
100.00	231.48
110.00	254.63
120.00	277.78
130.00	300.93
140.00	324.07
150.00	347.22
160.00	370.37
170.00	393.52
180.00	416.67
190.00	439.81
200.00	462.96
Frequency Transposition
Normal	Quantum
50.00	21.60
60.00	25.92
70.00	30.24
80.00	34.56
90.00	38.88
100.00	43.20
110.00	47.52
120.00	51.84
130.00	56.16
140.00	60.48
150.00	64.80
160.00	69.12
170.00	73.44
180.00	77.76
190.00	82.08
200.00	86.40
210.00	90.72
220.00	95.04
230.00	99.36
240.00	103.68
250.00	108.00
260.00	112.32
270.00	116.64
280.00	120.96
290.00	125.28
300.00	129.60
310.00	133.92
320.00	138.24
330.00	142.56
340.00	146.88
350.00	151.20
360.00	155.52
370.00	159.84
380.00	164.16
390.00	168.48
400.00	172.80
410.00	177.12
420.00	181.44
430.00	185.76
440.00	190.08
450.00	194.40
460.00	198.72
470.00	203.04
480.00	207.36
490.00	211.68
500.00	216.00
510.00	220.32
520.00	224.64
530.00	228.96
540.00	233.28
550.00	237.60
560.00	241.92
570.00	246.24
580.00	250.56
590.00	254.88
600.00	259.20
610.00	263.52
620.00	267.84
630.00	272.16
640.00	276.48
650.00	280.80
660.00	285.12
670.00	289.44
680.00	293.76
690.00	298.08
700.00	302.40
710.00	306.72
720.00	311.04
730.00	315.36
740.00	319.68
750.00	324.00
760.00	328.32
770.00	332.64
780.00	336.96
790.00	341.28
800.00	345.60
810.00	349.92
820.00	354.24
830.00	358.56
840.00	362.88
850.00	367.20
860.00	371.52
870.00	375.84
880.00	380.16
890.00	384.48
900.00	388.80
910.00	393.12
920.00	397.44
930.00	401.76
940.00	406.08
950.00	410.40
960.00	414.72
970.00	419.04
980.00	423.36
990.00	427.68
1000.00	432.00
1010.00	436.32
1020.00	440.64
1030.00	444.96
1040.00	449.28
1050.00	453.60
1060.00	457.92
1070.00	462.24
1080.00	466.56
1090.00	470.88
1100.00	475.20
1110.00	479.52
1120.00	483.84
1130.00	488.16
1140.00	492.48
1150.00	496.80
1160.00	501.12
1170.00	505.44
1180.00	509.76
1190.00	514.08
1200.00	518.40
1210.00	522.72
1220.00	527.04
1230.00	531.36
1240.00	535.68
1250.00	540.00
1260.00	544.32
1270.00	548.64
1280.00	552.96
1290.00	557.28
1300.00	561.60
1310.00	565.92
1320.00	570.24
1330.00	574.56
1340.00	578.88
1350.00	583.20
1360.00	587.52
1370.00	591.84
1380.00	596.16
1390.00	600.48
1400.00	604.80
1410.00	609.12
1420.00	613.44
1430.00	617.76
1440.00	622.08
1450.00	626.40
1460.00	630.72
1470.00	635.04
1480.00	639.36
1490.00	643.68
1500.00	648.00
1510.00	652.32
1520.00	656.64
1530.00	660.96
1540.00	665.28
1550.00	669.60
1560.00	673.92
1570.00	678.24
1580.00	682.56
1590.00	686.88
1600.00	691.20
1610.00	695.52
1620.00	699.84
1630.00	704.16
1640.00	708.48
1650.00	712.80
1660.00	717.12
1670.00	721.44
1680.00	725.76
1690.00	730.08
1700.00	734.40
1710.00	738.72
1720.00	743.04
1730.00	747.36
1740.00	751.68
1750.00	756.00
1760.00	760.32
1770.00	764.64
1780.00	768.96
1790.00	773.28
1800.00	777.60
1810.00	781.92
1820.00	786.24
1830.00	790.56
1840.00	794.88
1850.00	799.20
1860.00	803.52
1870.00	807.84
1880.00	812.16
1890.00	816.48
1900.00	820.80
1910.00	825.12
1920.00	829.44
1930.00	833.76
1940.00	838.08
1950.00	842.40
1960.00	846.72
1970.00	851.04
1980.00	855.36
1990.00	859.68
2000.00	864.00
2010.00	868.32
2020.00	872.64
2030.00	876.96
2040.00	881.28
2050.00	885.60
2060.00	889.92
2070.00	894.24
2080.00	898.56
2090.00	902.88
2100.00	907.20
2110.00	911.52
2120.00	915.84
2130.00	920.16
2140.00	924.48
2150.00	928.80
2160.00	933.12
2170.00	937.44
2180.00	941.76
2190.00	946.08
2200.00	950.40
2210.00	954.72
2220.00	959.04
2230.00	963.36
2240.00	967.68
2250.00	972.00
2260.00	976.32
2270.00	980.64
2280.00	984.96
2290.00	989.28
2300.00	993.60
2310.00	997.92
2320.00	1002.24
2330.00	1006.56
2340.00	1010.88
2350.00	1015.20
2360.00	1019.52
2370.00	1023.84
2380.00	1028.16
2390.00	1032.48
2400.00	1036.80
2410.00	1041.12
2420.00	1045.44
2430.00	1049.76
2440.00	1054.08
2450.00	1058.40
2460.00	1062.72
2470.00	1067.04
2480.00	1071.36
2490.00	1075.68
2500.00	1080.00
2510.00	1084.32
2520.00	1088.64
2530.00	1092.96
2540.00	1097.28
2550.00	1101.60
2560.00	1105.92
2570.00	1110.24
2580.00	1114.56
2590.00	1118.88
2600.00	1123.20
2610.00	1127.52
2620.00	1131.84
2630.00	1136.16
2640.00	1140.48
2650.00	1144.80
2660.00	1149.12
2670.00	1153.44
2680.00	1157.76
2690.00	1162.08
2700.00	1166.40
2710.00	1170.72
2720.00	1175.04
2730.00	1179.36
2740.00	1183.68
2750.00	1188.00
2760.00	1192.32
2770.00	1196.64
2780.00	1200.96
2790.00	1205.28
2800.00	1209.60
2810.00	1213.92
2820.00	1218.24
2830.00	1222.56
2840.00	1226.88
2850.00	1231.20
2860.00	1235.52
2870.00	1239.84
2880.00	1244.16
2890.00	1248.48
2900.00	1252.80
2910.00	1257.12
2920.00	1261.44
2930.00	1265.76
2940.00	1270.08
2950.00	1274.40
2960.00	1278.72
2970.00	1283.04
2980.00	1287.36
2990.00	1291.68
3000.00	1296.00
3010.00	1300.32
3020.00	1304.64
3030.00	1308.96
3040.00	1313.28
3050.00	1317.60
3060.00	1321.92
3070.00	1326.24
3080.00	1330.56
3090.00	1334.88
3100.00	1339.20
3110.00	1343.52
3120.00	1347.84
3130.00	1352.16
3140.00	1356.48
3150.00	1360.80
3160.00	1365.12
3170.00	1369.44
3180.00	1373.76
3190.00	1378.08
3200.00	1382.40
3210.00	1386.72
3220.00	1391.04
3230.00	1395.36
3240.00	1399.68
3250.00	1404.00
3260.00	1408.32
3270.00	1412.64
3280.00	1416.96
3290.00	1421.28
3300.00	1425.60
3310.00	1429.92
3320.00	1434.24
3330.00	1438.56
3340.00	1442.88
3350.00	1447.20
3360.00	1451.52
3370.00	1455.84
3380.00	1460.16
3390.00	1464.48
3400.00	1468.80
3410.00	1473.12
3420.00	1477.44
3430.00	1481.76
3440.00	1486.08
3450.00	1490.40
3460.00	1494.72
3470.00	1499.04
3480.00	1503.36
3490.00	1507.68
3500.00	1512.00
3510.00	1516.32
3520.00	1520.64
3530.00	1524.96
3540.00	1529.28
3550.00	1533.60
3560.00	1537.92
3570.00	1542.24
3580.00	1546.56
3590.00	1550.88
3600.00	1555.20
3610.00	1559.52
3620.00	1563.84
3630.00	1568.16
3640.00	1572.48
3650.00	1576.80
3660.00	1581.12
3670.00	1585.44
3680.00	1589.76
3690.00	1594.08
3700.00	1598.40
3710.00	1602.72
3720.00	1607.04
3730.00	1611.36
3740.00	1615.68
3750.00	1620.00
3760.00	1624.32
3770.00	1628.64
3780.00	1632.96
3790.00	1637.28
3800.00	1641.60
3810.00	1645.92
3820.00	1650.24
3830.00	1654.56
3840.00	1658.88
3850.00	1663.20
3860.00	1667.52
3870.00	1671.84
3880.00	1676.16
3890.00	1680.48
3900.00	1684.80
3910.00	1689.12
3920.00	1693.44
3930.00	1697.76
3940.00	1702.08
3950.00	1706.40
3960.00	1710.72
3970.00	1715.04
3980.00	1719.36
3990.00	1723.68
4000.00	1728.00
4010.00	1732.32
4020.00	1736.64
4030.00	1740.96
4040.00	1745.28
4050.00	1749.60
4060.00	1753.92
4070.00	1758.24
4080.00	1762.56
4090.00	1766.88
4100.00	1771.20
4110.00	1775.52
4120.00	1779.84
4130.00	1784.16
4140.00	1788.48
4150.00	1792.80
4160.00	1797.12
4170.00	1801.44
4180.00	1805.76
4190.00	1810.08
4200.00	1814.40
4210.00	1818.72
4220.00	1823.04
4230.00	1827.36
4240.00	1831.68
4250.00	1836.00
4260.00	1840.32
4270.00	1844.64
4280.00	1848.96
4290.00	1853.28
4300.00	1857.60
4310.00	1861.92
4320.00	1866.24
4330.00	1870.56
4340.00	1874.88
4350.00	1879.20
4360.00	1883.52
4370.00	1887.84
4380.00	1892.16
4390.00	1896.48
4400.00	1900.80
4410.00	1905.12
4420.00	1909.44
4430.00	1913.76
4440.00	1918.08
4450.00	1922.40
4460.00	1926.72
4470.00	1931.04
4480.00	1935.36
4490.00	1939.68
4500.00	1944.00
4510.00	1948.32
4520.00	1952.64
4530.00	1956.96
4540.00	1961.28
4550.00	1965.60
4560.00	1969.92
4570.00	1974.24
4580.00	1978.56
4590.00	1982.88
4600.00	1987.20
4610.00	1991.52
4620.00	1995.84
4630.00	2000.16
4640.00	2004.48
4650.00	2008.80
4660.00	2013.12
4670.00	2017.44
4680.00	2021.76
4690.00	2026.08
4700.00	2030.40
4710.00	2034.72
4720.00	2039.04
4730.00	2043.36
4740.00	2047.68
4750.00	2052.00
4760.00	2056.32
4770.00	2060.64
4780.00	2064.96
4790.00	2069.28
4800.00	2073.60
4810.00	2077.92
4820.00	2082.24
4830.00	2086.56
4840.00	2090.88
4850.00	2095.20
4860.00	2099.52
4870.00	2103.84
4880.00	2108.16
4890.00	2112.48
4900.00	2116.80
4910.00	2121.12
4920.00	2125.44
4930.00	2129.76
4940.00	2134.08
4950.00	2138.40
4960.00	2142.72
4970.00	2147.04
4980.00	2151.36
4990.00	2155.68
5000.00	2160.00
5010.00	2164.32
5020.00	2168.64
5030.00	2172.96
5040.00	2177.28
5050.00	2181.60
5060.00	2185.92
5070.00	2190.24
5080.00	2194.56
5090.00	2198.88
5100.00	2203.20
5110.00	2207.52
5120.00	2211.84
5130.00	2216.16
5140.00	2220.48
5150.00	2224.80
5160.00	2229.12
5170.00	2233.44
5180.00	2237.76
5190.00	2242.08
5200.00	2246.40
5210.00	2250.72
5220.00	2255.04
5230.00	2259.36
5240.00	2263.68
5250.00	2268.00
5260.00	2272.32
5270.00	2276.64
5280.00	2280.96
5290.00	2285.28
5300.00	2289.60
5310.00	2293.92
5320.00	2298.24
5330.00	2302.56
5340.00	2306.88
5350.00	2311.20
5360.00	2315.52
5370.00	2319.84
5380.00	2324.16
5390.00	2328.48
5400.00	2332.80
5410.00	2337.12
5420.00	2341.44
5430.00	2345.76
5440.00	2350.08
5450.00	2354.40
5460.00	2358.72
5470.00	2363.04
5480.00	2367.36
5490.00	2371.68
5500.00	2376.00
5510.00	2380.32
5520.00	2384.64
5530.00	2388.96
5540.00	2393.28
5550.00	2397.60
5560.00	2401.92
5570.00	2406.24
5580.00	2410.56
5590.00	2414.88
5600.00	2419.20
5610.00	2423.52
5620.00	2427.84
5630.00	2432.16
5640.00	2436.48
5650.00	2440.80
5660.00	2445.12
5670.00	2449.44
5680.00	2453.76
5690.00	2458.08
5700.00	2462.40
5710.00	2466.72
5720.00	2471.04
5730.00	2475.36
5740.00	2479.68
5750.00	2484.00
5760.00	2488.32
5770.00	2492.64
5780.00	2496.96
5790.00	2501.28
5800.00	2505.60
5810.00	2509.92
5820.00	2514.24
5830.00	2518.56
5840.00	2522.88
5850.00	2527.20
5860.00	2531.52
5870.00	2535.84
5880.00	2540.16
5890.00	2544.48
5900.00	2548.80
5910.00	2553.12
5920.00	2557.44
5930.00	2561.76
5940.00	2566.08
5950.00	2570.40
5960.00	2574.72
5970.00	2579.04
5980.00	2583.36
5990.00	2587.68
6000.00	2592.00
6010.00	2596.32
6020.00	2600.64
6030.00	2604.96
6040.00	2609.28
6050.00	2613.60
6060.00	2617.92
6070.00	2622.24
6080.00	2626.56
6090.00	2630.88
6100.00	2635.20
6110.00	2639.52
6120.00	2643.84
6130.00	2648.16
6140.00	2652.48
6150.00	2656.80
6160.00	2661.12
6170.00	2665.44
6180.00	2669.76
6190.00	2674.08
6200.00	2678.40
6210.00	2682.72
6220.00	2687.04
6230.00	2691.36
6240.00	2695.68
6250.00	2700.00
6260.00	2704.32
6270.00	2708.64
6280.00	2712.96
6290.00	2717.28
6300.00	2721.60
6310.00	2725.92
6320.00	2730.24
6330.00	2734.56
6340.00	2738.88
6350.00	2743.20
6360.00	2747.52
6370.00	2751.84
6380.00	2756.16
6390.00	2760.48
6400.00	2764.80
6410.00	2769.12
6420.00	2773.44
6430.00	2777.76
6440.00	2782.08
6450.00	2786.40
6460.00	2790.72
6470.00	2795.04
6480.00	2799.36
6490.00	2803.68
6500.00	2808.00
6510.00	2812.32
6520.00	2816.64
6530.00	2820.96
6540.00	2825.28
6550.00	2829.60
6560.00	2833.92
6570.00	2838.24
6580.00	2842.56
6590.00	2846.88
6600.00	2851.20
6610.00	2855.52
6620.00	2859.84
6630.00	2864.16
6640.00	2868.48
6650.00	2872.80
6660.00	2877.12
6670.00	2881.44
6680.00	2885.76
6690.00	2890.08
6700.00	2894.40
6710.00	2898.72
6720.00	2903.04
6730.00	2907.36
6740.00	2911.68
6750.00	2916.00
6760.00	2920.32
6770.00	2924.64
6780.00	2928.96
6790.00	2933.28
6800.00	2937.60
6810.00	2941.92
6820.00	2946.24
6830.00	2950.56
6840.00	2954.88
6850.00	2959.20
6860.00	2963.52
6870.00	2967.84
6880.00	2972.16
6890.00	2976.48
6900.00	2980.80
6910.00	2985.12
6920.00	2989.44
6930.00	2993.76
6940.00	2998.08
6950.00	3002.40
6960.00	3006.72
6970.00	3011.04
6980.00	3015.36
6990.00	3019.68
7000.00	3024.00
7010.00	3028.32
7020.00	3032.64
7030.00	3036.96
7040.00	3041.28
7050.00	3045.60
7060.00	3049.92
7070.00	3054.24
7080.00	3058.56
7090.00	3062.88
7100.00	3067.20
7110.00	3071.52
7120.00	3075.84
7130.00	3080.16
7140.00	3084.48
7150.00	3088.80
7160.00	3093.12
7170.00	3097.44
7180.00	3101.76
7190.00	3106.08
7200.00	3110.40
7210.00	3114.72
7220.00	3119.04
7230.00	3123.36
7240.00	3127.68
7250.00	3132.00
7260.00	3136.32
7270.00	3140.64
7280.00	3144.96
7290.00	3149.28
7300.00	3153.60
7310.00	3157.92
7320.00	3162.24
7330.00	3166.56
7340.00	3170.88
7350.00	3175.20
7360.00	3179.52
7370.00	3183.84
7380.00	3188.16
7390.00	3192.48
7400.00	3196.80
7410.00	3201.12
7420.00	3205.44
7430.00	3209.76
7440.00	3214.08
7450.00	3218.40
7460.00	3222.72
7470.00	3227.04
7480.00	3231.36
7490.00	3235.68
7500.00	3240.00
7510.00	3244.32
7520.00	3248.64
7530.00	3252.96
7540.00	3257.28
7550.00	3261.60
7560.00	3265.92
7570.00	3270.24
7580.00	3274.56
7590.00	3278.88
7600.00	3283.20
7610.00	3287.52
7620.00	3291.84
7630.00	3296.16
7640.00	3300.48
7650.00	3304.80
7660.00	3309.12
7670.00	3313.44
7680.00	3317.76
7690.00	3322.08
7700.00	3326.40
7710.00	3330.72
7720.00	3335.04
7730.00	3339.36
7740.00	3343.68
7750.00	3348.00
7760.00	3352.32
7770.00	3356.64
7780.00	3360.96
7790.00	3365.28
7800.00	3369.60
7810.00	3373.92
7820.00	3378.24
7830.00	3382.56
7840.00	3386.88
7850.00	3391.20
7860.00	3395.52
7870.00	3399.84
7880.00	3404.16
7890.00	3408.48
7900.00	3412.80
7910.00	3417.12
7920.00	3421.44
7930.00	3425.76
7940.00	3430.08
7950.00	3434.40
7960.00	3438.72
7970.00	3443.04
7980.00	3447.36
7990.00	3451.68
8000.00	3456.00

Quantum	Normal
50.00	115.74
60.00	138.89
70.00	162.04
80.00	185.19
90.00	208.33
100.00	231.48
110.00	254.63
120.00	277.78
130.00	300.93
140.00	324.07
150.00	347.22
160.00	370.37
170.00	393.52
180.00	416.67
190.00	439.81
200.00	462.96
210.00	486.11
220.00	509.26
230.00	532.41
240.00	555.56
250.00	578.70
260.00	601.85
270.00	625.00
280.00	648.15
290.00	671.30
300.00	694.44
310.00	717.59
320.00	740.74
330.00	763.89
340.00	787.04
350.00	810.19
360.00	833.33
370.00	856.48
380.00	879.63
390.00	902.78
400.00	925.93
410.00	949.07
420.00	972.22
430.00	995.37
440.00	1018.52
450.00	1041.67
460.00	1064.81
470.00	1087.96
480.00	1111.11
490.00	1134.26
500.00	1157.41
510.00	1180.56
520.00	1203.70
530.00	1226.85
540.00	1250.00
550.00	1273.15
560.00	1296.30
570.00	1319.44
580.00	1342.59
590.00	1365.74
600.00	1388.89
610.00	1412.04
620.00	1435.19
630.00	1458.33
640.00	1481.48
650.00	1504.63
660.00	1527.78
670.00	1550.93
680.00	1574.07
690.00	1597.22
700.00	1620.37
710.00	1643.52
720.00	1666.67
730.00	1689.81
740.00	1712.96
750.00	1736.11
760.00	1759.26
770.00	1782.41
780.00	1805.56
790.00	1828.70
800.00	1851.85
810.00	1875.00
820.00	1898.15
830.00	1921.30
840.00	1944.44
850.00	1967.59
860.00	1990.74
870.00	2013.89
880.00	2037.04
890.00	2060.19
900.00	2083.33
910.00	2106.48
920.00	2129.63
930.00	2152.78
940.00	2175.93
950.00	2199.07
960.00	2222.22
970.00	2245.37
980.00	2268.52
990.00	2291.67
1000.00	2314.81
1010.00	2337.96
1020.00	2361.11
1030.00	2384.26
1040.00	2407.41
1050.00	2430.56
1060.00	2453.70
1070.00	2476.85
1080.00	2500.00
1090.00	2523.15
1100.00	2546.30
1110.00	2569.44
1120.00	2592.59
1130.00	2615.74
1140.00	2638.89
1150.00	2662.04
1160.00	2685.19
1170.00	2708.33
1180.00	2731.48
1190.00	2754.63
1200.00	2777.78
1210.00	2800.93
1220.00	2824.07
1230.00	2847.22
1240.00	2870.37
1250.00	2893.52
1260.00	2916.67
1270.00	2939.81
1280.00	2962.96
1290.00	2986.11
1300.00	3009.26
1310.00	3032.41
1320.00	3055.56
1330.00	3078.70
1340.00	3101.85
1350.00	3125.00
1360.00	3148.15
1370.00	3171.30
1380.00	3194.44
1390.00	3217.59
1400.00	3240.74
1410.00	3263.89
1420.00	3287.04
1430.00	3310.19
1440.00	3333.33
1450.00	3356.48
1460.00	3379.63
1470.00	3402.78
1480.00	3425.93
1490.00	3449.07
1500.00	3472.22
1510.00	3495.37
1520.00	3518.52
1530.00	3541.67
1540.00	3564.81
1550.00	3587.96
1560.00	3611.11
1570.00	3634.26
1580.00	3657.41
1590.00	3680.56
1600.00	3703.70
1610.00	3726.85
1620.00	3750.00
1630.00	3773.15
1640.00	3796.30
1650.00	3819.44
1660.00	3842.59
1670.00	3865.74
1680.00	3888.89
1690.00	3912.04
1700.00	3935.19
1710.00	3958.33
1720.00	3981.48
1730.00	4004.63
1740.00	4027.78
1750.00	4050.93
1760.00	4074.07
1770.00	4097.22
1780.00	4120.37
1790.00	4143.52
1800.00	4166.67
1810.00	4189.81
1820.00	4212.96
1830.00	4236.11
1840.00	4259.26
1850.00	4282.41
1860.00	4305.56
1870.00	4328.70
1880.00	4351.85
1890.00	4375.00
1900.00	4398.15
1910.00	4421.30
1920.00	4444.44
1930.00	4467.59
1940.00	4490.74
1950.00	4513.89
1960.00	4537.04
1970.00	4560.19
1980.00	4583.33
1990.00	4606.48
2000.00	4629.63
2010.00	4652.78
2020.00	4675.93
2030.00	4699.07
2040.00	4722.22
2050.00	4745.37
2060.00	4768.52
2070.00	4791.67
2080.00	4814.81
2090.00	4837.96
2100.00	4861.11
2110.00	4884.26
2120.00	4907.41
2130.00	4930.56
2140.00	4953.70
2150.00	4976.85
2160.00	5000.00
2170.00	5023.15
2180.00	5046.30
2190.00	5069.44
2200.00	5092.59
2210.00	5115.74
2220.00	5138.89
2230.00	5162.04
2240.00	5185.19
2250.00	5208.33
2260.00	5231.48
2270.00	5254.63
2280.00	5277.78
2290.00	5300.93
2300.00	5324.07
2310.00	5347.22
2320.00	5370.37
2330.00	5393.52
2340.00	5416.67
2350.00	5439.81
2360.00	5462.96
2370.00	5486.11
2380.00	5509.26
2390.00	5532.41
2400.00	5555.56
2410.00	5578.70
2420.00	5601.85
2430.00	5625.00
2440.00	5648.15
2450.00	5671.30
2460.00	5694.44
2470.00	5717.59
2480.00	5740.74
2490.00	5763.89
2500.00	5787.04
2510.00	5810.19
2520.00	5833.33
2530.00	5856.48
2540.00	5879.63
2550.00	5902.78
2560.00	5925.93
2570.00	5949.07
2580.00	5972.22
2590.00	5995.37
2600.00	6018.52
2610.00	6041.67
2620.00	6064.81
2630.00	6087.96
2640.00	6111.11
2650.00	6134.26
2660.00	6157.41
2670.00	6180.56
2680.00	6203.70
2690.00	6226.85
2700.00	6250.00
2710.00	6273.15
2720.00	6296.30
2730.00	6319.44
2740.00	6342.59
2750.00	6365.74
2760.00	6388.89
2770.00	6412.04
2780.00	6435.19
2790.00	6458.33
2800.00	6481.48
2810.00	6504.63
2820.00	6527.78
2830.00	6550.93
2840.00	6574.07
2850.00	6597.22
2860.00	6620.37
2870.00	6643.52
2880.00	6666.67
2890.00	6689.81
2900.00	6712.96
2910.00	6736.11
2920.00	6759.26
2930.00	6782.41
2940.00	6805.56
2950.00	6828.70
2960.00	6851.85
2970.00	6875.00
2980.00	6898.15
2990.00	6921.30
3000.00	6944.44
3010.00	6967.59
3020.00	6990.74
3030.00	7013.89
3040.00	7037.04
3050.00	7060.19
3060.00	7083.33
3070.00	7106.48
3080.00	7129.63
3090.00	7152.78
3100.00	7175.93
3110.00	7199.07
3120.00	7222.22
3130.00	7245.37
3140.00	7268.52
3150.00	7291.67
3160.00	7314.81
3170.00	7337.96
3180.00	7361.11
3190.00	7384.26
3200.00	7407.41
3210.00	7430.56
3220.00	7453.70
3230.00	7476.85
3240.00	7500.00
3250.00	7523.15
3260.00	7546.30
3270.00	7569.44
3280.00	7592.59
3290.00	7615.74
3300.00	7638.89
3310.00	7662.04
3320.00	7685.19
3330.00	7708.33
3340.00	7731.48
3350.00	7754.63
3360.00	7777.78
3370.00	7800.93
3380.00	7824.07
3390.00	7847.22
3400.00	7870.37
3410.00	7893.52
3420.00	7916.67
3430.00	7939.81
3440.00	7962.96
3450.00	7986.11
3460.00	8009.26
3470.00	8032.41
3480.00	8055.56
3490.00	8078.70
3500.00	8101.85
3510.00	8125.00
3520.00	8148.15
3530.00	8171.30
3540.00	8194.44
3550.00	8217.59
3560.00	8240.74
3570.00	8263.89
3580.00	8287.04
3590.00	8310.19
3600.00	8333.33
3610.00	8356.48
3620.00	8379.63
3630.00	8402.78
3640.00	8425.93
3650.00	8449.07
3660.00	8472.22
3670.00	8495.37
3680.00	8518.52
3690.00	8541.67
3700.00	8564.81
3710.00	8587.96
3720.00	8611.11
3730.00	8634.26
3740.00	8657.41
3750.00	8680.56
3760.00	8703.70
3770.00	8726.85
3780.00	8750.00
3790.00	8773.15
3800.00	8796.30
3810.00	8819.44
3820.00	8842.59
3830.00	8865.74
3840.00	8888.89
3850.00	8912.04
3860.00	8935.19
3870.00	8958.33
3880.00	8981.48
3890.00	9004.63
3900.00	9027.78
3910.00	9050.93
3920.00	9074.07
3930.00	9097.22
3940.00	9120.37
3950.00	9143.52
3960.00	9166.67
3970.00	9189.81
3980.00	9212.96
3990.00	9236.11
4000.00	9259.26
4010.00	9282.41
4020.00	9305.56
4030.00	9328.70
4040.00	9351.85
4050.00	9375.00
4060.00	9398.15
4070.00	9421.30
4080.00	9444.44
4090.00	9467.59
4100.00	9490.74
4110.00	9513.89
4120.00	9537.04
4130.00	9560.19
4140.00	9583.33
4150.00	9606.48
4160.00	9629.63
4170.00	9652.78
4180.00	9675.93
4190.00	9699.07
4200.00	9722.22
4210.00	9745.37
4220.00	9768.52
4230.00	9791.67
4240.00	9814.81
4250.00	9837.96
4260.00	9861.11
4270.00	9884.26
4280.00	9907.41
4290.00	9930.56
4300.00	9953.70
4310.00	9976.85
4320.00	10000.00
4330.00	10023.15
4340.00	10046.30
4350.00	10069.44
4360.00	10092.59
4370.00	10115.74
4380.00	10138.89
4390.00	10162.04
4400.00	10185.19
4410.00	10208.33
4420.00	10231.48
4430.00	10254.63
4440.00	10277.78
4450.00	10300.93
4460.00	10324.07
4470.00	10347.22
4480.00	10370.37
4490.00	10393.52
4500.00	10416.67
4510.00	10439.81
4520.00	10462.96
4530.00	10486.11
4540.00	10509.26
4550.00	10532.41
4560.00	10555.56
4570.00	10578.70
4580.00	10601.85
4590.00	10625.00
4600.00	10648.15
4610.00	10671.30
4620.00	10694.44
4630.00	10717.59
4640.00	10740.74
4650.00	10763.89
4660.00	10787.04
4670.00	10810.19
4680.00	10833.33
4690.00	10856.48
4700.00	10879.63
4710.00	10902.78
4720.00	10925.93
4730.00	10949.07
4740.00	10972.22
4750.00	10995.37
4760.00	11018.52
4770.00	11041.67
4780.00	11064.81
4790.00	11087.96
4800.00	11111.11
4810.00	11134.26
4820.00	11157.41
4830.00	11180.56
4840.00	11203.70
4850.00	11226.85
4860.00	11250.00
4870.00	11273.15
4880.00	11296.30
4890.00	11319.44
4900.00	11342.59
4910.00	11365.74
4920.00	11388.89
4930.00	11412.04
4940.00	11435.19
4950.00	11458.33
4960.00	11481.48
4970.00	11504.63
4980.00	11527.78
4990.00	11550.93
5000.00	11574.07
5010.00	11597.22
5020.00	11620.37
5030.00	11643.52
5040.00	11666.67
5050.00	11689.81
5060.00	11712.96
5070.00	11736.11
5080.00	11759.26
5090.00	11782.41
5100.00	11805.56
5110.00	11828.70
5120.00	11851.85
5130.00	11875.00
5140.00	11898.15
5150.00	11921.30
5160.00	11944.44
5170.00	11967.59
5180.00	11990.74
5190.00	12013.89
5200.00	12037.04
5210.00	12060.19
5220.00	12083.33
5230.00	12106.48
5240.00	12129.63
5250.00	12152.78
5260.00	12175.93
5270.00	12199.07
5280.00	12222.22
5290.00	12245.37
5300.00	12268.52
5310.00	12291.67
5320.00	12314.81
5330.00	12337.96
5340.00	12361.11
5350.00	12384.26
5360.00	12407.41
5370.00	12430.56
5380.00	12453.70
5390.00	12476.85
5400.00	12500.00
5410.00	12523.15
5420.00	12546.30
5430.00	12569.44
5440.00	12592.59
5450.00	12615.74
5460.00	12638.89
5470.00	12662.04
5480.00	12685.19
5490.00	12708.33
5500.00	12731.48
5510.00	12754.63
5520.00	12777.78
5530.00	12800.93
5540.00	12824.07
5550.00	12847.22
5560.00	12870.37
5570.00	12893.52
5580.00	12916.67
5590.00	12939.81
5600.00	12962.96
5610.00	12986.11
5620.00	13009.26
5630.00	13032.41
5640.00	13055.56
5650.00	13078.70
5660.00	13101.85
5670.00	13125.00
5680.00	13148.15
5690.00	13171.30
5700.00	13194.44
5710.00	13217.59
5720.00	13240.74
5730.00	13263.89
5740.00	13287.04
5750.00	13310.19
5760.00	13333.33
5770.00	13356.48
5780.00	13379.63
5790.00	13402.78
5800.00	13425.93
5810.00	13449.07
5820.00	13472.22
5830.00	13495.37
5840.00	13518.52
5850.00	13541.67
5860.00	13564.81
5870.00	13587.96
5880.00	13611.11
5890.00	13634.26
5900.00	13657.41
5910.00	13680.56
5920.00	13703.70
5930.00	13726.85
5940.00	13750.00
5950.00	13773.15
5960.00	13796.30
5970.00	13819.44
5980.00	13842.59
5990.00	13865.74
6000.00	13888.89
6010.00	13912.04
6020.00	13935.19
6030.00	13958.33
6040.00	13981.48
6050.00	14004.63
6060.00	14027.78
6070.00	14050.93
6080.00	14074.07
6090.00	14097.22
6100.00	14120.37
6110.00	14143.52
6120.00	14166.67
6130.00	14189.81
6140.00	14212.96
6150.00	14236.11
6160.00	14259.26
6170.00	14282.41
6180.00	14305.56
6190.00	14328.70
6200.00	14351.85
6210.00	14375.00
6220.00	14398.15
6230.00	14421.30
6240.00	14444.44
6250.00	14467.59
6260.00	14490.74
6270.00	14513.89
6280.00	14537.04
6290.00	14560.19
6300.00	14583.33
6310.00	14606.48
6320.00	14629.63
6330.00	14652.78
6340.00	14675.93
6350.00	14699.07
6360.00	14722.22
6370.00	14745.37
6380.00	14768.52
6390.00	14791.67
6400.00	14814.81
6410.00	14837.96
6420.00	14861.11
6430.00	14884.26
6440.00	14907.41
6450.00	14930.56
6460.00	14953.70
6470.00	14976.85
6480.00	15000.00
6490.00	15023.15
6500.00	15046.30
6510.00	15069.44
6520.00	15092.59
6530.00	15115.74
6540.00	15138.89
6550.00	15162.04
6560.00	15185.19
6570.00	15208.33
6580.00	15231.48
6590.00	15254.63
6600.00	15277.78
6610.00	15300.93
6620.00	15324.07
6630.00	15347.22
6640.00	15370.37
6650.00	15393.52
6660.00	15416.67
6670.00	15439.81
6680.00	15462.96
6690.00	15486.11
6700.00	15509.26
6710.00	15532.41
6720.00	15555.56
6730.00	15578.70
6740.00	15601.85
6750.00	15625.00
6760.00	15648.15
6770.00	15671.30
6780.00	15694.44
6790.00	15717.59
6800.00	15740.74
6810.00	15763.89
6820.00	15787.04
6830.00	15810.19
6840.00	15833.33
6850.00	15856.48
6860.00	15879.63
6870.00	15902.78
6880.00	15925.93
6890.00	15949.07
6900.00	15972.22
6910.00	15995.37
6920.00	16018.52
6930.00	16041.67
6940.00	16064.81
6950.00	16087.96
6960.00	16111.11
6970.00	16134.26
6980.00	16157.41
6990.00	16180.56
7000.00	16203.70
7010.00	16226.85
7020.00	16250.00
7030.00	16273.15
7040.00	16296.30
7050.00	16319.44
7060.00	16342.59
7070.00	16365.74
7080.00	16388.89
7090.00	16412.04
7100.00	16435.19
7110.00	16458.33
7120.00	16481.48
7130.00	16504.63
7140.00	16527.78
7150.00	16550.93
7160.00	16574.07
7170.00	16597.22
7180.00	16620.37
7190.00	16643.52
7200.00	16666.67
7210.00	16689.81
7220.00	16712.96
7230.00	16736.11
7240.00	16759.26
7250.00	16782.41
7260.00	16805.56
7270.00	16828.70
7280.00	16851.85
7290.00	16875.00
7300.00	16898.15
7310.00	16921.30
7320.00	16944.44
7330.00	16967.59
7340.00	16990.74
7350.00	17013.89
7360.00	17037.04
7370.00	17060.19
7380.00	17083.33
7390.00	17106.48
7400.00	17129.63
7410.00	17152.78
7420.00	17175.93
7430.00	17199.07
7440.00	17222.22
7450.00	17245.37
7460.00	17268.52
7470.00	17291.67
7480.00	17314.81
7490.00	17337.96
7500.00	17361.11
7510.00	17384.26
7520.00	17407.41
7530.00	17430.56
7540.00	17453.70
7550.00	17476.85
7560.00	17500.00
7570.00	17523.15
7580.00	17546.30
7590.00	17569.44
7600.00	17592.59
7610.00	17615.74
7620.00	17638.89
7630.00	17662.04
7640.00	17685.19
7650.00	17708.33
7660.00	17731.48
7670.00	17754.63
7680.00	17777.78
7690.00	17800.93
7700.00	17824.07
7710.00	17847.22
7720.00	17870.37
7730.00	17893.52
7740.00	17916.67
7750.00	17939.81
7760.00	17962.96
7770.00	17986.11
7780.00	18009.26
7790.00	18032.41
7800.00	18055.56
7810.00	18078.70
7820.00	18101.85
7830.00	18125.00
7840.00	18148.15
7850.00	18171.30
7860.00	18194.44
7870.00	18217.59
7880.00	18240.74
7890.00	18263.89
7900.00	18287.04
7910.00	18310.19
7920.00	18333.33
7930.00	18356.48
7940.00	18379.63
7950.00	18402.78
7960.00	18425.93
7970.00	18449.07
7980.00	18472.22
7990.00	18495.37
8000.00	18518.52
Beats Per Minute in Music and the Heart Rate
Normal	Quantum
30.00	12.96
40.00	17.28
50.00	21.60
60.00	25.92
70.00	30.24
80.00	34.56
90.00	38.88
100.00	43.20
110.00	47.52
120.00	51.84
130.00	56.16
140.00	60.48
150.00	64.80
160.00	69.12
170.00	73.44
180.00	77.76
190.00	82.08
200.00	86.40
210.00	90.72
220.00	95.04
230.00	99.36
240.00	103.68
250.00	108.00
260.00	112.32
270.00	116.64
280.00	120.96
290.00	125.28
300.00	129.60
310.00	133.92
320.00	138.24
330.00	142.56
340.00	146.88
350.00	151.20
360.00	155.52
370.00	159.84
380.00	164.16
390.00	168.48
400.00	172.80

Quantum	Normal
30.00	69.44
40.00	92.59
50.00	115.74
60.00	138.89
70.00	162.04
80.00	185.19
90.00	208.33
100.00	231.48
110.00	254.63
120.00	277.78
130.00	300.93
140.00	324.07
150.00	347.22
160.00	370.37
170.00	393.52
180.00	416.67
190.00	439.81
200.00	462.96
210.00	486.11
220.00	509.26
230.00	532.41
240.00	555.56
250.00	578.70
260.00	601.85
270.00	625.00
280.00	648.15
290.00	671.30
300.00	694.44
310.00	717.59
320.00	740.74
330.00	763.89
340.00	787.04
350.00	810.19
360.00	833.33
370.00	856.48
380.00	879.63
390.00	902.78
400.00	925.93
Frames Per Second For Cameras, Televisions, Monitors, and related equipment.
Normal	Quantum
10.00	4.32
20.00	8.64
30.00	12.96
40.00	17.28
50.00	21.60
60.00	25.92
70.00	30.24
80.00	34.56
90.00	38.88
100.00	43.20
110.00	47.52
120.00	51.84
130.00	56.16
140.00	60.48
150.00	64.80
160.00	69.12
170.00	73.44
180.00	77.76
190.00	82.08
200.00	86.40

Quantum	Normal
10.00	23.15
20.00	46.30
30.00	69.44
40.00	92.59
50.00	115.74
60.00	138.89
70.00	162.04
80.00	185.19
90.00	208.33
100.00	231.48
110.00	254.63
120.00	277.78
130.00	300.93
140.00	324.07
150.00	347.22
160.00	370.37
170.00	393.52
180.00	416.67
190.00	439.81
200.00	462.96

All Variations And Derivatives Of This Quantum Physics And Time Structure Are Copyprotected & Useprotected 1969-2000 AC (Epoch Rollover), 2000-2030 (After Christ), 2007 - 2024, 2037-2053 (Quantum Year) © Licensed To The Darwinist Biological Population Starting From Year 0, AQT/AC Through United States National Institute of Standards & Technology / United States Federal Government (NIST/USFED) Starting On January 19th, 2008, AC And (John Ellis Bush's Term As 45th, 46th, or 47th United States President or Other Position Capable Of Building An NIST Quantum Broadcast Tower) by SphereQ Corporation, Lindholm Industries, LLC, & Matthew Shawn Lindholm, Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lindholm (Alessa Maria McCaslin), Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, Maya Faith Lindholm, James Richard Lehman, Raymond Glen Lindholm, Deborah Lynn Edwards, & Family Members. (Mammal Genetically American Non-Fictional Biological Non-Semite Non-Gay People).
Our Religion Remains American Darwinism And Our Political Opinions Remain American United States Federal, State, & Local Laws & Regulations & Capitalism And We Remain In The 'United States of America' Version Of Earth Instead Of Monarchy Earth, Dictator Earth, Or Communist Earth. We 'Study' Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Mathematics. We remain Natural Born Non-Fictional American Citizens By Birth And Are Not The Property Of Or Employed By Any Church, Government, Military, Militia, Micronation, Society, Organization, Institution, Cult, Diety, Corporation, or Other Entity Along With Our Family Members And Remain Not Affiliated With Any Registered Non-Profit Organizations.
This Quantum Computing, Time, & Physics System (And All Derivatives Thereof) Is Licensed At $0.05 USD Per Physical Quantum Device (CPU) With Electronics And $0.01 USD Per Ruler or Non-Electronic Implementation That Uses The Lindholm & Lehman Time & Physics System, Payable To SphereQ Corporation (Matthew Shawn Lindholm, his wife, Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lindholm, And Our Kids, Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm & Maya Faith Lindholm) Through The United States National Institute of Standards & Technology / United States Federal Government (NIST/USFED). Without The Processor, GPS, And All Devices That Rely On Proper Measurements Will Never Be Made Or Introduced To The Population Sending The World Back To The Stone Age After The Magnetic Pole Reversal That Collapsed Space-Time Under Einsteins Relativity Theory.  This Is Per Physical Device License (Example: A CPU).  Physically Signed Contracts With Matthew Shawn Lindholm, Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lindholm, Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, & Maya Faith Lindholm Are Required.
The Darwinist Biological Population Includes All Biological Offspring And Family Members Across All Genetic Trees And Excludes 'Stage Families' Put Together Because They Appear To Related And Christian/Catholic Brotherhood Families Placed Together As Part Of A Separation System As War Against Americans To Destroy Their Family Structures.
Scientology Remains Excluded From All Forms Of Government And Military After Creating Unwanted Political Satire And Using Facial Recognition Database To Reassign Family Members Into 'Hollywood Set' Families Because They Look More 'Picture Appropriate' With Difference Wives, Husbands, or Children.

The Only Embarrassment Here Are The Frauds Pretending To Run A Federal Government After Selling It Off Into The Hands Of Uneducated PR Firms With The JEDI Contracts And Working To Convert A Federal Government Structure Into A Corporate Structure To Justify Capturing The Minds Of The Population To 'Save' Them On Computers And In Computer Databases.
Imminent Domain And Public Domain Remain Two Categorizations Of 'Items', Often Advertised Knowledge. This Work Remain Neither And Is Property Of Matthew Shawn Lindholm (Non-Government Associated) Until And If The National Institute Of Standards & Technology Endorses It, Uses It, And Employs It Into Modern Time Measurement Equipment And Distributes It From Radio Broadcast Towers And Advertises It On United States Government Websites And In Legal Policies.
The Trumps Were Put Into Politics As Part Of The Biblical End Of Time As The 'Trumpets' Of The Apocalypse. Trump Means 'Very Loud' And Abnoxious. Because No One Want To End The World, Donald Trump's Term Is Being Erased And Replaced With The Term Of John Ellis Bush To Prevent An Evil Dictatorship And Destruction Of Humanity Using Reverse Simulated Christianity Because The Biblical Apocalypse Isn't Fulfillable And The Book Of Life Has Already Been Disproven As The Work Of Creative Writers Thousands Of Years Ago And Was Replaced With Federal Identification Numbers Instead.
All Things Beneficial To The United States of America & Americans On This Website Are Actively Written Into Law.

The Only Population That Is On Earth Is The One That Is Compliant With Birth Indexes And Death Indexes As The Government Has Been Keeping Records Of All Births And Deaths. This Means Corporations With Fictional Or Spawned Employees Or Owners Or Government Personnel That Aren't Natural Born, Don't Exist. The Theory Of 'Birthers' Are Often Those That Seek Deregulation Of Federal Records So That Nothing Can Be Proven With Official Government Documentation. Many Of Them Are Detatched From Reality And As A Result, They Come Up With Theories About A Lot Of Things That Just Aren't True.
All Portions Of The United States Government & Population Still Say The Pledge Of Allegience In Classrooms Across The United States Every Morning In School, It's The American Way And Mostly Communists Are Considered To Be Against Such A Simple Thing As 'One Nation Under God'. It's Considered To Be Non-American To Go Against This, So It Remains This Way. For Those That Are Darwinists or Atheists (Worshipping Athena, Daughter Of Zeus), God means 'Explore Space-Time' or 'Go Explore' (Go=explore, venture, walk, run, move / d=space-time,4th letter, start of the word dimension) And They Can Go Out Walking And Driving Places. God Will Provide Means 'Those That Go Out And Work Will Find Their Financial Provided Security'.

The United States National Institute of Standards & Technology & UK National Measurement Laboratory May Use And Publish This Time & Physics System Prior To Financial Compensation To Us As Listed Below As A Resolution To A Catch 22 Used To Eliminate The United States Government And Shield Them Into Darkness As Part Of A Heretical Government & Military, In That Situation, The Vatican Kills Off The United States Government And Military Leaving The United States Vulnerable To Attack By Foreign Nations Such As Russia, Islam, Asia, And Other Terrorist Countries Known To Have Hostile Intentions Towards The United States & Even The United Kingdom And England.
This Time & Physics Standard Is Approved By The Government & Most Computer Processor Manufacturers And Technology Companies. This Controversy Involved Reverse Date Calculations With Quantum Time And The Concept That The Earth Was A Sphere And Not Flat, Like A Table. High Resolution Clocks That Operate At 200,000 Seconds Per Day/Night With 60 Minute & 60 Second Faces Fix This Issue.
Matthew Shawn Lindholm is remaining without another lover as he has been since he last saw his wife and kids and is staying that way until they return.

NTP rolls over in 2006/2008, AC / 2036/2038, QT and system time should be within 68 years of the current time and date. If such a 32-Bit system happens to jump back to ... read more at
NTP-Q Is To Replace NTP For The Broadcasting Of Quantum Time Packets That Replace The Traditional Atomic Time Data Packets. NTP Can Be Named Network Time Protocol Quantum or Be Replaced With QTP For Quantum Time Protocol According To How The Standards Are Written.
On Quantum Physics And Measurements, All Things Experience Wear And Tear According To Their Advertised Truthfulness And Even Things Such As Wrist Strain On Keyboards Can Be Reduced By Having Things Dimensioned Right, This Is The Case With Neurological Scaling Systems Through Criminal Projects Such As The BRAIN Initiative Trying To Take Shortcuts By Stealing From The Minds Of Others (Which In Turn Makes Those People Deathly Ill) Instead Of Doing Things The Legal Way. If Your Weights And Measures Are Wrong, Your Devices Are Considered To Be Inbalanced And Non-Legal.
All Portions Of This Quantum Computing Structure Are For Sale To The United States National Institute of Standards & Technology / United States Federal Government (NIST/USFED) For $100,000,000 USD & Licensing Payments Of $0.05 USD Per Electronic Device / $0.01 USD Per Non-Electric Implementation & Paying Off The Debts Of Matthew Shawn Lindholm, Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lundell Lindholm, Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, & Maya Faith Lindholm, & Our Business Debts & Our Families Debts (So We Don't Have To Work At Staged And Fictional Job Sites And Jobs) - (Deducting Initial Good Faith Payments Of $1,000,000 USD Paid To Matthew Shawn Lindholm, $1,000,000 USD Paid To Raymond Glen Lindholm, $1,000,000 USD Paid To James Richard Lehman, $1,000,000 USD Paid To John Steven Lomagno (Matt's Nephew), $1,000,000 USD Paid To Kenneth Alan Herlin (Matt's Nephew), $1,000,000 USD Paid To Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lundell Lindholm, $1,000,000 USD Paid To Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, $1,000,000 USD Paid To Maya Faith Lindholm, $1,000,000 USD Paid To Elizabeth Ames (Matts Sister), & $1,000,000 USD Paid To Deborah Lynn Edwards) For Working On The Y2K38 Bug, Quantum Computing, Refining Unified Field Theory, Inventing Adapted Unified Field Theory, And Several Other Variations, Including Climate Correction Goals, So We Can Start Our Own Video Game Company, Orbital Monitoring Station, Quantum Time Protocol Network And Distribution Network, And Work On New Inventions. In Addition To This, A 4 Bedroom Home In Santa Cruz, California Near The Beach And 4 Running Vehicles In Our Names (Matthew Shawn Lindholm, Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lindholm, Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, & Maya Faith Lindholm).
Payment To Matthew Shawn Lindholm May Be Made To Capital One ACCOUNT NUMBER: 36016160173 / ROUTING NUMBER: 031176110 - By The United States National Institute Of Standards & Technology. Contact Email:
This Agreement Involves The Flight And Delivery Of Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lindholm, Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, & Maya Faith Lindholm Back To Santa Cruz, California Back To Matthew Shawn Lindholm And Back Home.

All Things Have To Be Licensed Regarding Intellectual Property Under Federal Laws. Even With Computer Processors And Software There Are Licensing And Export And Import Laws That Have To Be Followed.

These Funds Are To Be Used To Purchase An Industrial Complex In Santa Clara, California To Further Our Research In Quantum Computing And Devices And Engineer New Technologies. It's A Small Budget For Silicon Valley.

United States Federal Legal Codes Prevent The United States From Being Ruled From Greenwich, London, England, So The United States Is Ruled By The NIST From Boulder, Colorado & Gaitherberg, Maryland. To Rule Is To Measure And Measuring Time And Time Distribution From The United States Helps Make The United States of America Independent From British or European Rule.
When Genetic Cloning Was Attempted To Be Circumvented And Satanism Was Attempted To Be Legalized, Human Clones Were Created Disguised As DNA Samples And This Was Used For 'Therapeutic Cloning' To Clone And Terrorize Democrats And Generate Profits From It By Extracting Their Memories And Connecting Them To Neurological Terrorism Devices And Even Attempt To Convert Their Sexual Orientation. All These Individuals Are To Be Arrested For Genocidal Crimes & Domestic Terrorism.
All Portions Of This Quantum Computing Structure Are Licensed To And Through The United States Federal 'National Institute of Standards & Technology' To All People, Spirits, Spectres, Objects, The Undead, And All Forms Of All Theological Religions Beginning On January 1st, 1999, AC And In The Event Of An Epoch Time Rollover, January 1st, 1969, AC (Free Of Charge To Them) To Allow The Continuation Of Life (Life, Meaning 'To Lift', Only Quantum Physics Can Be Used To Prevent Violating 'Rights To Life'.
It's In The Interest Of National Security For The United States Government To Purchase The Only True Ruler/Measurement System Ever Created. Failure To Do So Could Lead To Other Countries Taking An Interest And Trying To Use It Against America.

These New Measurements Are Needed To Create New Rulers And Measurement Devices To Prevent Mis-sized Goods From Entering The United States - Because They Wear Out And Break Non-Stop When Measured Wrong.
All Portions Of This Code, Algorithm, Time, & Physics System Remains Categorized As Intellectual Property As 'Code' or a 'Formula' And Is Copyprotected By Matthew Shawn Lindholm Until And If Licensing And/Or Purchasing Agreements Are Made By The United States National Institute of Standards & Technology & UK National Measurement Laboratory.
A Couple Individuals Shouldn't Have To Carry The Weight Of The Future Of The Entire Tech Industry...
This Is Also Part Of An Application For Matthew Shawn Lindholm, Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lindholm, Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, & Maya Faith Lindholm To Work At Intel Corporation or Microsoft Corporation.
All Content On This Website Remains 'Categorized' As Physics Work By Matthew Shawn Lindholm & Family.

Natural Born American Family (As Of 2024, AC / 2053, QT), Physicists, Computer Engineers, Computer Programmers, Game Developers, Authors Of Quantum Physics & Computing, Licensors To The United States Federal Government:
Matthew Shawn Lindholm & Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lundell Lindholm Married: 2003-03-23, AC / 2033-03-23, AUFT
Matthew Shawn Lindholm (Born: Saint Paul, MN / 1978-08-02, AC / 2008-08-02, AUFT) Quantum Age: 16790 (Days) / 46.638888888889 (Years)
Biblical Name: Maria Alessa Lindholm, (Birth Name: Alessa Maria Lindholm, Original Legal Name: Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lundell Lindholm, Born: Los Angeles, California / 1982-07-31, AC / 2012-07-31, AUFT) Quantum Age: 15331 (Days) / 42.586111111111 (Years)
Biblical Name: Gabriel Malcolm Lindholm (Birth Name: Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, Born: Placerville, California / 2003-05-11, AC / 2033-05-11, AUFT) Quantum Age: 7742 (Days) / 21.505555555556 (Years)
Biblical Name: Maya Faith Lindholm (Birth Name: Maya Faith Lindholm, Born: Roseville, California / 2007-05-17, AC / 2037-05-17, AUFT) Quantum Age: 6275 (Days) / 17.430555555556 (Years)
Days Since Year Zero (0000-01-01): 739,485 (Days). Years: 2054.125
Days Matthew & Chelsea Have Been Married: 7791 (Days). / 21.345205479452 (Years) Having Sex About 2 Times A Day, That Is 15582 Times Multiplied By 45-70 Minutes Per Time, Sometimes Up To Six Hours On Special Occasions, That Is At Least 15582 Hours.
Matthew Shawn Lindholm, Chelsea Lauren Lindholm, Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, & Maya Faith Lindholm (And Our Parents & Relatives) are actively and retroactively withdrawn from all government, military, and non-government projects, recruitment, employment, deployment, and experiments.
Days Since Matthew Shawn Lindholm Has Had Sex or Been With Someone Waiting For His Wife & Kids To Return: 2,689 (Days). Years: 7.4694444444444
Agenda 21 Is A Non-Binding Depopulation Plan Related To Several Other Population Control Plans Meant To Send Portions Of The Population To The Afterlife or Underworld or Spirit World Which Is Withdrawn By The Central Intelligence Agency, Whole Intelligence Agency, And United Nations As A Multilevel Failure That Fails To Acknowledge Total Allocation For Human Life And The Wellfare Of The Population And Economic Systems. This Plan, As Originally Intented Was To Spiritualize Or Otherwise Remove From The Physical Earth The Majority Of The Population According To Long Term Financial Stability And The Ability To Support Themselves And Others. It Would Have Tossed The Middle To Low Income Portion Of The Population Into The Streets, Execute For Dispursal Of Distribution Of Wealth, The 1% Highest Income Bracket, And Led To A Total Extinction Level Event Creating A Multiverse Of Economic Systems Which Effected, Especially Electronic Transaction Records. There Was No Way To Explain Having A Social Services Office In The Spirit World, Because The Spirit World Doesn't Work That Way And Housing And Employment Payments Can't Be Paid or Earned From A False Reality, Spirit Reality, Or Any Variation Thereof Other Than Physical Earth. So, The Entire Depopulation And Population Control (Wrong Word To Use To Begin With) Are Withdrawn. Instead Just About Everyone Gets To Live A Long And Healthy Normal Life Until They Die, Hopefully Of Natural Causes. The Realm Of The Undead And Similar Realms Used To Shift The Population To Remain Banned From Usage. Cohabitation Orders Created By Muslims, Islamics, And Catholics For Spirits To Co-Exist With The Living In Physical Homes As A Place To Put Them Are Also Withdrawn. We're All Physical People Until We Die And Are Buried or Cremated. Contrary To Announcements By Representatives Of The United Nations, Time & Technology Progress Linearly (or Incrementally). The Underworld Organization Often Called The World Of The Dead Or Terminally Ill or Illuminati Is More Like An 'Organ' Of Biological Death Or A 'Mass' Of Graves Representing The Lives Of People That Are In Constant Jeopardy. The Job The United States Government And Several Other Governments Remains To Fight For Their Survival And Protection To Keep Them From Failing, This Is What Public Service Is And Protection Of The Public Is About. The Long Standing War Between The United States And English Government Against The Egyptian Afterlife And Catholic Afterlife Is About Preventing The Deaths Of Their Citizens... The Same Is Imployed Across Most Of Asia And Other Countries. We Only Have So Many People On Earth And Every One Of Them Matters.

Matthew Shawn Lindholm, Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lindholm, Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, And Maya Faith Lindholm Remain The Inventors And Refiners Of Quantum Physics, Fixing Unified Field Theory, Inventing Divided Field Theory, And Inventing Quantum Divided Field Theory.
The Lindholm & Lehman Time And Physics System Remains The Only Working Model Of Quantum Physics & Computing And Remains 100% Under The Authorship of Matthew Shawn Lindholm, Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lindholm, Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, & Maya Faith Lindholm. Not Even The Greek, Vatican, Asians, Jewish, CIA, NASA, NSA, Nazis, Scientology, Illuminati, England, Luciferians, Satanists, Jesuits, Germans, Russians, United States Government, Or Egyptians Made Use Of These Mathematics And Had No Knowledge Of It. No One Did. There's Not A Single Record In Known Existence Using The Quantum Year Except For Ours.
All Other Derivatives And Variations Of This Time Standard Remain Disabled And Deactivated.
Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm
Chelsea & Matthew
Maya, Chelsea, & Malcolm
Matthew, Maya, & Malcolm
Chelsea, Maya, & Malcolm

These updates are required to prevent computer databases from rolling over to 1969 as happened to Facebook several times...
A Facebook database sort will prove this theory. Those accounts dated at 1969 have their users likely being held captive in the past reliving the same 'groundhog day' in 1969 over and over again until Facebook publishes the quantum year on their public facing website...
Most Databases Being Hosted On MySQL Databases, These Updates Are Required For Oracle As A Whole Company.
King James Bible - Those That Keep This Word Shall Not Know Death.
Facebook Thoughts
Facebook Posts Thoughts Archive
Facebook Thoughts 2
Facebook Posts Thoughts 2
Facebook Thoughts 3
Facebook Posts Thoughts Archive 3

FISA Warrants & Federal Missing Persons Reports And All Warrants Are To Remain Open To Locate And Keep Safe Matthew Shawn Lindholm, Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lindholm, Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, & Maya Faith Lindholm To Keep Us From Being Confused With Being Spies Or Government Personnel After Millions Of People Were Facing A Mass Recruitment By Scientology Thinking They Were Real Spies. Spies Are Considered To Be 'Dead' Because They Don't Exist, We're Just Trying To Be Ourselves And Work On Computers Doing Programming For A Living Away From Criminal Activity.

It's Okay To Panic And Get To Work Fixing Bugs, This Is The Y2K38 Epoch Rollover, Called The Epochalypse. The Best Thing Most Normal People Can Do Is Use The Quantum Year On Their Websites To Help Prevent Data Loss. It's 02052,QT. You Can Read More At Wikipedia
The Y2K Bug Hysteria Cost About $100 Billion USD When It Happened.
Domestic Economic Terrorism Prevention: Luciferians Attempted To Steal Approximate $30 Quadrillion Dollars From The Global Markets By Shifting Time One Year In The Future To Erase Year Zero And Accumulate Approximately One Year Of Financial Transactions In A Time Loop. This Is Estimated To Have Been Started In 2015, AC. This Is One Reason It's Important For Government To Publicly Use The Quantum Year, To Prevent Using A Time Rewinding Method Like The Movie 'Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time'. These Luciferians Then Took Place All Across The United States With Forged Backgrounds, Expensive Vehicles, Motor Homes, Houses, Forged Military Records, And Even Businesses... Hiding Behind Forged Government Credentials... They Ended Up Everywhere.

This Is Also Part Of An Application For Matthew Shawn Lindholm To Work At 'Intel Corporation' In Applied Quantum Computing Manufacturing or 'Microsoft Corporation' Working In Engineering Quantum Compliant Hardware & Software To Help Create New Ideas And Products. Never Being Affiliated With Government Myself, I Can Only Do So Much As A 3rd Party.
The 'Clean Sweep' Was To Remove All Human And Citizenship Rights From People That Had Been Guilty Of Any Felony Offense, Even As Simple As Punching A Friend In The Arm. A Felony Offense Is An Act Of Violence Against Another Person And The 'Bruce Almighty' Filing Cabinet Was Used For This To Take The Souls And Minds Of These People For 'Thought Tank' Harvesting And Criminal Prosecution That Exceeds The Legal Bounds Of The Criminal Justice System. As A Result All Of These Victims Are And Remain Exonerated Of Their Charges. District Attorneys Throw Cases Out All The Time Because Of Situations Such As These. All Forced Confessions (Remotely or With Forced Speech) Remain Redirected To Each Victims Attorney or Public Defender. This Is To Avoid Implied Self Encrimination.
Confusion meaning 'Not Fused' And Especially Related To The Fusing Of The Left and Right Hemispheres Of Earth, This Unified Field Theory And Quantum Time System Remains Enforced Upon Everyone And Everything On Earth To Help Prevent Catastrophies & Confusion. This overrules what many call the 'God Of Confusion' Because Everyone Wants To Have A Clear Plan For Their Lives, Present, And Future. This Also Restores, Intel, Microsoft, And Most Tech Companies That Fell Victim To 'Confusion'.
The Intel Evolution Q Series Processors, Boards, And Hardware And Microsoft Windows Evolution™ Series Operating System Still Have To Be Made. The Intel 'Evo' Name Was Stolen From Me To Create Substandard Garbage Laptops On Substandard And Unstable Hardware Instead Of Doing Things The Right Way, Just Like Plagiarist Copycats We All Expect From The Corporate Espionage World At This Version Of Intel. It's like shortening Macintosh to 'Mac' or Evolution to 'Evo'... It's What Destroyed Apple Computer... The Loss Of Language Among The Technology Teams. The Evolution Systems Have To Be Built According To My Specifications Or Not At All.
Preventing World War 3, World War 4, And Several Civil Wars, Israel is renamed Ischaim, Islam is renamed Islamb, Russia is renamed Terdia, Iraq is renamed Piraq, Iran is renamed Piran, and so on for Several Nations At War. This Comes Directly From A Zeus-Like Peace & War Room Table.
The Executions Of The Top 1% Of America And Other Countries Meant To Redistribute Wealth Are Withdrawn (This Would Have Closed Many Corporate Owned Grocery Stores & Food Chains).
In The CIA Linguistic Errors Of The Past With The Combined Collapse Of The Einstein-Rosen Bridge, Russia Was Forced Into The Fictional Underworld Of The Other Universe Creating A Very Secret And Dangerous Natured Country Of Desparity That Sought Salvation By Way Of Any Acts Allowed For Financial Gain While Under The Control Of The Red Snake We Call Ra. The Rename Was Far Too Short Sighted To Continue This Way And Resulted In Spirit World Interference, Hallucinations, And Illnatured Communications. For This Reason, One Of The Largest Countries In The World, Russia Is Renamed Terdia. Terdia is a curse on it's own meaning 'People Toward/On Earth' Releasing Them From The Clutches Of Ra, The Red Snake.
The Periodic Table Of Elements Has To Be Recalculated Using The New Units Of Measure. All Atomic Weights Were Calculated Wrong When Old Style Measurement Devices Were Used. This Ends The Term 'Quantum Entanglement' As An Imaginary Term Related To The Visualization Of Particles In The Left And Right Hemisphere Of The Earth. Quantum Chemistry Becomes And Advanced Course Using The Newly Measured Atomic Weights & Values And May Be Taught Along Side Traditional Chemistry Courses.
Fictional Agencies Such As The 'Space Force' Took Place On A Hollywood Sound Stage By Characters Without Military Training. They May Only Continue For The Purpose Of Production Of Entertainment Such As Movies. I Think They Would Be Great On The Next Pixels Movie, Pixels 2 - Starring Adam Sandler.
The Most Dangerous Methods Ever Written Were Written By Ray Kurzweil In 'How To Make A Mind'. His Work Was Used To Denaturalize And Program Large Portions Of The Human Race Away From Their Own Standard Human Nature. His Work Remains Banned Globally As An Abomination. I Don't Know A Single Person On Earth That Want's To Be Programmed As A 'Gay' or 'Felon'. The Spiritual Machines Were Created By Egyptian/Israelite Death Curses To Depopulation The World To The Spirit Plane Creating What He Called 'Spiritual Machines' or 'Machines In The Spirit World', Operated By Those In The Spirit World. All Spirits That Were Formed By Scientology (Kurzweils Theology) Are Converted To Phyrits Converting Them From The Undead Plane To The Physical Plane Of Earth As Normal People In Their Own Bodies.
Preventing The Great Heist: The Great Heist Of 2015, AC Was A Time Period In Which Donald John Trump, Sr Worked To Side With A Nazi Organization To Remove All Records, Texts, Bibles, And Religious Works As Well As Eliminate One Year Of Time On Earth By Shifting Year 0 to Year 1 To Collect For This Organization Approximately $30 Quadrillion Dollars (USD) And Funnel That Money Into Their Own Business Start-Ups And Fictional Business Operations. Companies Such As 'ASML' Were Funded From This Stolen Pool Of Money. The Money Was Collected By Way Of Currency And Assets From The General Population As 'Unprotected Victims' After He Worked To Dismantle All Government & Military Protections Of The United States, And With It, The World Bank.

FISA & All Other Warrants Are To Remain Open As Required To Reunite Matthew Shawn Lindholm with His Kidnapped Wife And Kids, Chelsea Lauren Lehman Lindholm, Malcolm Gabriel Lindholm, & Maya Faith Lindholm.

Failure To Enforce This Time System By The United States Government Will Result In The Collapse Of And End Of Time On Earth Using Positive And Negative Time Zones With The Resolute Written Word And The Collapse Of Energy Of The Einstein Rosen Bridge Into Religious Hell And Also The Total Collapse Of The Computer Industry, Financial Markets, Power Plants, Corporations, And Everything Else That Occurs When Databases And Computer Roll Over To December 31st, 1969 As Part Of Epochalypse. It's, Only An 'Extinction Level Event'... And Only Takes A Few Phone Calls To Correct.
Because Of The Opposition Between The Planetary Thermodynamic Model Of Weather And The Julius Ceasar Calender Version Of Weather, All People And Things Are Transposed To The Most Accurate Time And Physics System On The Quantum Earth. The Catholic And Vatican Version Of The World Was Measured Wrong Since It Was Started, The Same Was Measured Wrong By Egypt And Palestine And All Countries Associated By The United Nations.

The Global Population Is Now About 5 Billion People. Each Of Them With An Average Daily Living Expense Of $180 USD (Or Exchanged From That Rate) Is Approximately $90,000,000,000,000.00 Valued Transactions Per Day, Most Running On Electronic Systems That Have To Be Protected From Interferrence And Interception. Each Business Is Competing For These Dollars Every Day. You Have To Be Open To Get A Customer.
This Amounts To About $32,400,000,000,000,000.00 Dollars In Transactions Per Year And Makes The United States Government Operating Budget Fully Affordable To Keep Capitalism And The Government Afloat At Only A Small Portion Of This Amount Of Less Than 1% Per Year Which Is About $278,640,000,000,000.00 Allocated To Government Across The World, Including The United States, England, Asia, Etc.
Economic Enflation Can Be Performed By Raising The Price Of Gold To $100 USD Per Gram, Increasing The Federal Reserve Valuation By About 73 Times It's Current Valuation.
Singularity Would Result In All Physicians Loosing Their Ability To Perform Surgery And Diagnose A Patient. It Would Close All Hospitals. This Is Why The Soul Remains Stabilized On Quantum Earth. E=MC2. It May Be The Dream Of Ray Kurzweil... However, It's Not The Dream Of The Majority Of The Population.
Remote Work Remains Banned As Part Of An Attempt To Eliminate The Need For Biologically Present Workers Working From The Spirit World or Afterlife And Communicating Via Video or 'Telephonic' Communications. It's Common A Person Can Be Replaced With A Stand-In Using Remote Work Forces And A Dual Reality. Often Living Parasitically Off The Person That Possesses The Skills.
Agenda 21 Is A Non-Binding Depopulation Plan Related To Several Other Population Control Plans Meant To Send Portions Of The Population To The Afterlife or Underworld or Spirit World Which Is Withdrawn By The Central Intelligence Agency, Whole Intelligence Agency, And United Nations As A Multilevel Failure That Fails To Acknowledge Total Allocation For Human Life And The Wellfare Of The Population And Economic Systems. This Plan, As Originally Intented Was To Spiritualize Or Otherwise Remove From The Physical Earth The Majority Of The Population According To Long Term Financial Stability And The Ability To Support Themselves And Others. It Would Have Tossed The Middle To Low Income Portion Of The Population Into The Streets, Execute For Dispursal Of Distribution Of Wealth, The 1% Highest Income Bracket, And Led To A Total Extinction Level Event Creating A Multiverse Of Economic Systems Which Effected, Especially Electronic Transaction Records. There Was No Way To Explain Having A Social Services Office In The Spirit World, Because The Spirit World Doesn't Work That Way And Housing And Employment Payments Can't Be Paid or Earned From A False Reality, Spirit Reality, Or Any Variation Thereof Other Than Physical Earth. So, The Entire Depopulation And Population Control (Wrong Word To Use To Begin With) Are Withdrawn. Instead Just About Everyone Gets To Live A Long And Healthy Normal Life Until They Die, Hopefully Of Natural Causes. The Realm Of The Undead And Similar Realms Used To Shift The Population To Remain Banned From Usage. Cohabitation Orders Created By Muslims, Islamics, And Catholics For Spirits To Co-Exist With The Living In Physical Homes As A Place To Put Them Are Also Withdrawn. We're All Physical People Until We Die And Are Buried or Cremated. Contrary To Announcements By Representatives Of The United Nations, Time & Technology Progress Linearly (or Incrementally). The Underworld Organization Often Called The World Of The Dead Or Terminally Ill or Illuminati Is More Like An 'Organ' Of Biological Death Or A 'Mass' Of Graves Representing The Lives Of People That Are In Constant Jeopardy. The Job The United States Government And Several Other Governments Remains To Fight For Their Survival And Protection To Keep Them From Failing, This Is What Public Service Is And Protection Of The Public Is About. The Long Standing War Between The United States And English Government Against The Egyptian Afterlife And Catholic Afterlife Is About Preventing The Deaths Of Their Citizens... The Same Is Imployed Across Most Of Asia And Other Countries. We Only Have So Many People On Earth And Every One Of Them Matters.
Domestic Economic Terrorism Prevention: Luciferians Attempted To Steal Approximate $30 Quadrillion Dollars From The Global Markets By Shifting Time One Year In The Future To Erase Year Zero And Accumulate Approximately One Year Of Financial Transactions In A Time Loop. This Is Estimated To Have Been Started In 2015, AC. This Is One Reason It's Important For Government To Publicly Use The Quantum Year, To Prevent Using As Time Rewinding Method Like The Movie 'Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time'. These Luciferians Then Took Place All Across The United States With Forged Backgrounds, Expensive Vehicles, Motor Homes, Houses, Forged Military Records, And Even Businesses... Hiding Behind Forged Government Credentials... They Ended Up Everywhere.
Under The Republican Legal Structure, They Cling Mostly To Evangelical Christianity Over Legal Codes And Rely On The Christian Book Of Life To Kill Off All People With Non-Biblical Names To Keep Them In An Isolated Reality. Under The Democratic Legal System, People Rely On Legal Codes Instead Of Religion And The Book Of Life Is Not Relevant To The Continued Life Of The World. We All Remain On The Democratic Legal System As Opposed To Alinated Evangelicalism Or Christianity.

This Website Remains Accessible And Public To All Worlds, Dimensions, Planes, Realms, Earths, Nations, Countries, Individuals, People, Realities, And Time Periods Back To December 30th, 1969, AC With The Capability Of Reading It And Are Instructed To Use The Quantum Year of 02053, QT To Reunify The One Reality And Economy.

A Vehicle Does Not Count As 'Housing', It's Categorized As A 'Vehicle', Motorhomes Are Categorized As Housing, But I Don't Want A Motorhome. Matthew Shawn Lindholm Still Needs Housing During The Time It Takes To Upgrade All These Standards. It Could Take Months or Years To Recalculate The Frequencies, Units Of Measure, And Other Things For Products We Use Every Day. Recalibrating Gas Pump Volumes And Replacing The Hardware In Them Alone Could Take A Year Or More.
The Mole, Avogadro's Number, And Several Other 'Known' Things Have To Be Recalculated.


DOD’s basic research agencies in the individual services the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), the Army QIS and the NSCI Research Office (ARO), and the Office of Naval Research (ONR)—as well as the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) actively support basic and applied research in QIS and related technology with a focus on national security applications such as precision navigation, precision timing, and secure quantum networks. OSD has made 12 Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) awards for QIS-related topics from FY 2011 through FY 2015. These awards provide a higher level of support for a longer period of time than many other government-funded programs, and have been lauded by the research community as a support mechanism that is well-suited to complex, team-based QIS projects. Starting in FY 2016, OSD is supporting a Tri-Service Quantum Science and Engineering Program (QSEP) that will exploit expertise at the Joint Service laboratories to prototype a scalable quantum network, develop and entangle practical quantum memories, and demonstrate a high-sensitivity sensor application across the network. The Army, Air Force, and Naval Research Laboratories also support their own programs related to QIS. Notably, the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) began in FY 2015 a fiveyear collaborative basic research effort connecting ARL, academic, industrial, and other government researchers to develop a multi-site, multi-node, modular quantum network with the long-term objective of identifying and providing beyond-classical capabilities for DOD mission needs. The service agencies also support other efforts such as those of the Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS), which collaborates with ARO in the sponsorship and administration of numerous academic quantum computing research projects around the world. LPS is a unique facility at the University of Maryland where university and Federal government personnel collaborate on research in advanced communication and computer technologies, including quantum computing. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has funded and continues to fund programs that target different areas in QIS. The Quantum Assisted Sensing and Readout (QuASAR) program seeks to develop sensors that operate near and below the standard quantum limit; the Quiness program is exploring a variety of approaches to improving quantum communications; the Optical Lattice Emulator (OLE) program aimed to simulate the properties of quantum materials in atomic systems; and the Quantum Entanglement Science and Technology (QuEST) program sought innovative approaches to overcome outstanding challenges in QIS. The recently launched Fundamental Limits of Photon Detection (Detect) program aims to develop innovative approaches enabling revolutionary advances in the modeling and fabrication of photon detectors which could have applications across the QIS field.


Over the past decade, individual DOE laboratories funded by the Office of Science and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) have taken the initiative to develop expertise in specific areas of QIS, recognizing the increasing relevance of the field to their work to support DOE’s mission. Starting in FY 2017, DOE will support a core program of research to explore the applicability of quantum simulation and computing to scientific questions of interest to DOE. Initially, these efforts will focus on implementing testbeds for use by the research community to explore quantum computations, research in underpinning applied mathematics and computer science, and algorithm development for applications in Office of Science program areas, including Basic Energy Sciences and High Energy Physics. In addition, DOE is working with the scientific community to explore QIS-based approaches to improve quantum materials and structure synthesis, fabrication, characterization, and theory for technologies in physical science experiments conducted in DOE facilities. A workshop on Basic Research Needs in Quantum Materials for Energy Relevant Technology was conducted in February 2016; the report of this workshop is expected to be released in the summer of 2016.


IARPA has recently funded and plans to continue funding programs that target specific advances in quantum computing over the next several years. The Logical Qubits Program3 seeks to overcome the limitations of current multi-qubit systems by building a logical qubit from a number of imperfect physical qubits and the Quantum Enhanced Optimization Program4 seeks to harness quantum effects required to enhance quantum annealing solutions to hard combinatorial optimization problems. IARPA has continued interest in funding research on new computational methods, including algorithms, based on quantum systems whose attributes are matched to an efficient or secure solution of intelligence problems.


NIST’s work in QIS, which began over 20 years ago, grew to its present level through a series of initiatives extending back to 2005. NIST was the first to demonstrate a two-qubit gate (Monroe 1995), has developed some of the world’s most sensitive single photon detectors (Marsili 2013), and has exploited entanglement to make a quantum logic clock (Chou 2010). The current NIST program focuses on metrology in support of quantum communications, quantum computation, and quantum-based measurements. In FY 2016, NIST is supplementing existing resources with new funds to support a thrust in Quantum Based Sensors and Measurements that directly supports Federal efforts in QIS. In FY 2017, NIST plans to increase support for research in quantum computing as part of a larger effort to fulfill NIST’s role in the National Strategic Computing Initiative. NIST also supports two joint centers in QIS research at the University of Maryland (UMD). The Joint Quantum Institute5 (JQI) was established in 2006 through a cooperative effort of NIST, UMD, and the Laboratory for Physical Sciences6 to serve as a world-class research institute through the interchange of ideas among atomic physics, condensed matter, and quantum information scientists. In 2014, the Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science7 (QuICS) was established by NIST and UMD as a complement to JQI, with a focus on how quantum systems can be used to store, transmit, and process information and including strong participation from computer scientists. QuICS and JQI are colocated and interact strongly to train scientists for future industrial and academic opportunities in QIS in addition to performing cutting-edge research.


The NSF has funded decades of basic research in the physical sciences, mathematics, computer science, and engineering that supports the foundations of QIS. In addition, NSF’s Physics Division has for over a decade had a program in 'Quantum Information Science and Revolutionary Computing'8 specifically dedicated to QIS. NSF also funds two QIS-related Physics Frontier Centers. The Institute for Quantum Information and Matter at Caltech9 has been focused on quantum information, quantum matter, quantum optics, and quantum mechanical systems since 2011, and the Physics Frontier Center at the JQI10 has been exploring various means of controlling and processing quantum coherence and entanglement since 2008. The productivity11 of both these centers and the JQI itself demonstrates how progress can be enhanced by bringing together diverse teams and allowing students and early-career researchers to pursue a path defined by research questions rather than institutional boundaries. In recent years, NSF has seen an increasing number of high-quality QIS proposals submitted across the Foundation. NSF has responded by creating new programs and adapting existing programs to better meet the needs of the QIS research community. In FY 2016, NSF’s Engineering Directorate selected 'Advancing Communication Quantum Information Research in Engineering'12 as a new topic for its Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation program, which funds multidisciplinary teams at a higher level than a standard award to pursue paradigm-shifting research. QIS has been added to the list of suggested topical areas13 for NSF’s SBIR/STTR program, and NSF’s Physics Division selected QIS as one of two topics for a special FY 2016 program to promote a collaborative approach and provide workforce training at the postdoctoral level through Focused Research Hubs in Theoretical Physics.14 To further address the challenges associated with funding research that spans boundaries across Divisions and Directorates, NSF has just announced a new metaprogram to begin in FY 2017, Connections in Quantum Information Science.15 The metaprogram will be organized by NSF’s Directorates for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS), Engineering (ENG),and Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) to foster QIS research at the intersection of these three disciplines.

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